Plan Bay Area 2050 Public Engagement Round 2 - Draft Blueprint Comments (Summer 2020)

Below are results from the various outreach activities for the Plan Bay Area 2050 Draft Blueprint Public Engagement period in Summer 2020.

Focus Groups with Community-Based Organizations

Review the feedback from the spring-summer focus groups hosted by community-based organizations.

Online Survey

View the results from our online survey.

Digital County-Focused Workshops

Review the poll results and feedback provided in each of the county-focused workshops:

Telephone Town Halls

Review the poll results and feedback provided in the Telephone Town Hall meetings.

Digital Stakeholder Workshops

Review the feedback summary from the Stakeholder workshops.

Office Hours

Review the feedback summary from the Office Hours meetings.

Digital Tribal Summit

Review the notes from the Tribal Summit.

Statistically Valid Poll

View the results of our statistically-valid poll.


Below is the correspondence that we have received as of August 21, 2020, via mail and email on the Draft Blueprint.

Click on a link below to review the correspondence by category.

Public comments on the Draft Blueprint were due by August 10, 2020, to MTC via email at or via U.S. mail to MTC, 375 Beale Street, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA  94105.