Partner Engagement

Strong collaboration with our partners is essential to developing the Draft Blueprint

MTC-ABAG staff is hosting several activities to engage staff from partner agencies and organizations on the Draft Blueprint. 

Office Hours

Local jurisdiction staff and other partner organizations are invited to set up an office hours appointment in September or October to discuss specific questions about the Draft Blueprint in greater detail. Appointments for focused discussions on each of the four plan elements are available, or you can book an appointment for more general Plan Bay Area 2050+ discussions. View availability and book your appointment:

The Transportation Element office hours will focus on the plan’s non-transit strategies. To discuss the transit strategies that will be updated as part of Transit 2050+, book Transit 2050+ office hours here.

Appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis through late October. Please email with questions about office hours.

Strategy Refinements Technical Workshops

Given Plan Bay Area 2050’s solid foundation of 35 strategies, the Draft Blueprint phase for Plan Bay Area 2050+ will focus on making targeted refinements to select plan strategies.

Staff hosted two technical workshops to solicit input from partners and other stakeholders on the proposed refinements to the 35 strategies. The workshops also provided an overview of the Plan Bay Area 2050+ timeline and process.

The workshops were held on August 30 and September 7, 2023. The goal of these workshops was to hear how the last three years have shaped the “new normal” for participant's organizations; how partner organization's priorities and concerns may have shifted; and to solicit feedback on anticipated Draft Blueprint strategic refinements.

Planning Assumptions Webinar

Staff provided an update on the planning assumptions that will inform the development of the Draft Blueprint. The webinar included presentations on key external forces, draft regional growth forecast and drafts needs and revenue forecasts, along with opportunities for Q&A.

The webinar was held on October 19, 2023.