Plan Bay Area

Adopted on July 18, 2013

Plan Bay Area is our current regional transportation plan, charting a course for transportation investment and land-use priorities for the next 25 years.

Adopted in 2013, Plan Bay Area is our first regional plan to incorporate a state-mandated Sustainable Communities Strategy.

State and federal law require us to update the regional transportation plan at least every four years to reflect new funding forecasts and adjust to new growth issues. The next update, called Plan Bay Area 2040, is now underway and scheduled for adoption in 2017.

State Law & Charting Our Course

California’s landmark Senate Bill 375 (2008) requires metro areas to meet targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light trucks.

The Bay Area is expected to grow by 2 million people over the next 25 years. Plan Bay Area provides a roadmap for meeting 80 percent of the region's future housing needs in areas identified by local governments as Priority Development Areas, or PDAs.

The plan also specifies how nearly $292 billion in anticipated federal, state and local funds will be spent through 2040.

Plan Bay Area is a cooperative effort between MTC and the Association of Bay Area Governments – or ABAG. The adopted Plan included a companion Environmental Impact Report and related supplementary documents. Read more about the 2013 Plan.

An amendment to the adopted 2013 Plan Bay Area was proposed in June 2015 to add a project – access improvements to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Read more here.

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The final version of Plan Bay Area is available online; a limited quantity of printed copies are available from the MTC/ABAG Library.

Plan Bay Area: Digital Edition

Final Plan Bay Area (PDF 125 MB)


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    To save costs and paper, MTC encourages you to view the Plan Bay Area documents online.