Website Correspondence

Name: Stephen Bingham

Date: 05/16/2017

County: Marin

Topic: Transit

Subject: Golden Gate Transit buses


I commuted for nearly 20 years to SF on GGT ferries and buses, relaxed and working, not wasting time behind the wheel. Every day I was mystified by the huge number of single drivers driving into the City. The 2040 Plan MUST find a way to make these drivers pay for unnecessarily clogging 101, leading to reductions in bus service as more and more riders abandoned the bus.  It's absolutely anti-social behavior.  Think of the absurdity: every day  two neighbors in Mill Valley who work in the same building in SF drive to work separately, enjoying the perk of free parking in the basement of their downtown office building.  That's outrageous.  All the new infrastructure built will only encourage even more people to do the same thing.  Enough already!   What's the solution?  If 20% of single drivers took the bus, the freeway would clear, the buses would move quickly on the HOV land and everyone would be happier.  I suggest using travel data from Fasttrack to tax these drivers an extra $10-20/trip during rush hours (6-10 a.m.) who cross the GG Bridge toll more than twice a week.  There could be a simple appeal process for the very small percentage of drivers who must use a car for their work.