Plan Bay Area 2013

The final version of Plan Bay Area is available online; a limited quantity of printed copies are available from the MTC/ABAG Library.

Plan Bay Area: Digital Edition

Entire Plan Bay Area (PDF 125 MB)

Chapters (PDF):

Introduction: Strategy for a Sustainable Region (17 MB)

1. Setting Our Sights (3 MB)

2. The Bay Area in 2040 (4 MB)

3. Where We Live, Where We Work (49 MB)

4. Investments (15 MB)

5. Performance (7 MB)

6. A Plan to Build On (10 MB)

Appendices (35 MB)

Supplementary Reports & Additional Resources

Related Documents:

Draft 2013 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Draft Plan Bay Area Presentation (PDF)

To save costs and paper, MTC encourages you to view the draft Plan Bay Area documents online.

Final EIR Chapters to Plan Bay Area, adopted July 18, 2013

0.0  Table of Contents

1.0  Chapter 1 – Introduction

2.0  Chapter 2 –  Revisions to the Draft EIR

3.0  Chapter 3 – Comments and Responses on the Draft EIR (Update)

3.1  Master Responses

3.2  Agency Comments

3.3  Agency Responses

3.4  Organization Comments (Update)

3.5  Organization Responses (Update)

3.6  Individual Comments Part 1

3.6  Individual Comments Part 2

3.6  Individual Comments Part 3

3.7  Individual Responses (Update)

3.8  EIR Hearings Oral Comments

3.9  EIR Hearings Responses

3.10 Plan Hearings Comments on the EIR

3.11 Plan Hearings Responses

3.12 Written Comments Submitted at Plan Hearings on the EIR

3.13 Written Comments Submitted at Plan Hearings Responses

Appendix A Glossary

Appendix B Supplemental Technical Information

Appendix C Attachments from Agency Comments

Appendix D Attachments from Organization Comments

Appendix E Attachments from Individual Comments part 1

Appendix E Attachments from Individual Comments part 2

Appendix E Attachments from Individual Comments part 3



Draft Environmental Impact Report (Full report, 179 MB)

As the long-range regional transportation and land-use blueprint, Plan Bay Area is updated every four years – the current update effort that started in Spring 2015 is called Plan Bay Area 2040. The existing Plan Bay Area was adopted jointly by ABAG and MTC in July 2013. The adopted Plan included a companion Environmental Impact Report and related supplementary documents. Read more about the 2013 Plan here.

An amendment to the adopted 2013 Plan Bay Area was proposed in June 2015 to add a project – access improvements to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Read more here.