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Secretary Foxx Sends Six-Year Transportation Bill to Congress

Over the past year, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has visited more than 100 communities and heard one common story – shared by all – about crumbling infrastructure and dwindling resources to fix it with.

Mass Transit Magazine

Traffic surges on I-580 and Highway 101 'gateways' into Bay Area

For more than two decades, Interstate 80 and Highway 17 have ranked as two of the most-traveled roads for bringing commuters from outside the Bay Area to jobs in the region.

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#Population, #housing, #jobs and #greenfield dev: new #BayAreaVitalSigns metrics out today:

30 Mar at 10:59 am

MTC jobs: Got skills in travel modeling, project mgmt or PR? We're recruiting!

27 Mar at 6:10 pm

RT @MTCBATA: MTC jobs: Got skills in travel modeling, project mgmt or PR? We're recruiting!

27 Mar at 5:27 pm

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Capturing Communities: Describing Your City or Town

March 20, 2015

How do you describe your Bay Area community to others? If you could only offer three adjectives to describe what you like about your town or city, what would they be? We want to hear from you! Add your adjectives and join the discussion on our online Plan Bay Area Open Forum.