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Highway 101 projects get OK: San Mateo County Transportation Authority allocates $108M in local sales tax money

With congestion along Highway 101 tightening alongside the burgeoning Bay Area economy, the San Mateo County Transportation Authority is allocating $108 million in local sales tax dollars toward projects aimed at alleviating commuters’ woes

Daily Journal

New EPA smog rules will help you breathe easier but at a price

In a major decision that will reduce air pollution across California for years to come but cost billions of dollars to implement, the Obama administration on Thursday rolled out tougher new health standards for ground level ozone, the main component of smog.

San Jose Mercury News

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What We Heard: Your Comments From the Spring Open Houses

June 29, 2015

"What concerns you about the future of your community?" this board asks. (Photo by Karl Nielsen)

Photo: Karl Nielsen/MTC

Some 600 individuals participated in one of the nine Plan Bay Area 2040 open houses held throughout the region, or in the virtual open house on this website's Open Forum. Additional comments were received via email and mail. Read all of it on the "Your Comments" page!