Recap: Plan Bay Area 2040 Spring Open Houses

Thank you to everyone who participated in this spring's Plan Bay Area 2040 Open Houses. The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), along with local agencies and your local elected officials, value your ideas.

Public comments like those collected during this round of open houses will help inform staff recommendations and, ultimately, the final decisions about Plan Bay Area 2040 made by members of MTC and ABAG. MTC and ABAG staff summarized public comments heard from a series on open houses and online engagement for at a joint meeting of MTC’s Planning and ABAG’s Administrative committees on Friday, July 8. The outreach focused on alternative planning scenarios for future Bay Area housing and job growth, as well as associated transportation needs. Public comments will inform the update to the region’s long-range housing and transportation roadmap known as Plan Bay Area 2040.