MTC Invites Bay Area Residents to Shape Strategy for Expanding Public Involvement

John Goodwin, 415-778-5262

How can we get more people involved in transportation policies and investment choices? What are the best ways to encourage Bay Area residents to participate in planning for the region’s future? The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has released an online survey to get input from the public, partner agencies and others as the Commission prepares its next Public Participation Plan (PPP). The survey is available now through Feb. 23. Take the survey. 

MTC updates its PPP approximately every four years. State and federal laws require MTC and other metropolitan planning organizations to adopt participation plans to give more people opportunities to be involved in the transportation planning process. MTC’s current PPP was adopted in 2015 and informs interested residents about how to engage in the wide range of MTC’s planning and funding activities. Appendix A to the Public Participation Plan highlights planning and decision milestones, and public engagement opportunities, for Plan Bay Area 2040 — the region’s current long-range transportation and land-use blueprint. Review the 2015-adopted PPP.

An updated PPP — to be released in draft form for public comment this spring — will highlight planning and decision milestones, along with public engagement opportunities, for the next update to Plan Bay Area 2040 — the region’s long-range transportation and land-use blueprint that MTC adopts with the Association of Bay Area Governments. The Commission is slated to adopt an updated PPP in June 2018.

MTC is the regional transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.