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Open House Q&A

Agency staff were unable to answer every question on the spot at the nine spring 2013 open house/public meetings. We have been posting answers and will add to this list, as needed.

Winter 2012 Public Engagement

The agencies conducted nine public workshops, one in each Bay Area county. MTC also selected 14 non-profit Community-based organizations (CBOs) to help engage low-income communities and communities of color. Outreach also included a statistically valid telephone survey and a companion set of four focus groups.

Spring 2011 Public Engagement

The agencies conducted 10 workshops to solicit public comment on priorities for future land development, housing growth, transportation investment options and potential policy initiatives. We also conducted a telephone survey and contracted with 14 community-based organizations to involve residents in those communities in the dialogue.

A wide aray of Plan Bay Area outreach activities created the opportunity for members of the public to ask questions and learn about the draft plan.

Following the March 22, 2013 release of the Draft Plan Bay Area, The third and fianl round of public outreach consisted of: nine open houses/public hearings in April/early May, focus groups hosted by 12 community-based organizations, an online town hall, and a public opinion survey. An additional public hearing was held on Thursday, July 18, 2013 prior to the plan's final adoption by MTC and ABAG Executive Boards.

(The agencies also held three public hearings on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Draft Plan. Transcripts of speakers’ oral comments as recorded by court reporters are posted on the Plan Bay Area EIR page.)

Here we've summarized what we heard throuch various public outreach efforts:

July 18 Public Hearing

Summary of Comments and Preliminary Recommendations

Public Opinion Survey

Correspondence Submitted by Letters and Email

Plan Bay Area Town Hall

Plan Bay Area Open Houses/Public Hearings (results by county)