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Bay Bridge light sculpture hits fundraising goal to shine on

The world's largest LED light sculpture is destined to be on permanent display on the Bay Bridge after a fundraising campaign hit its $4 million goal.

Contra Costa Times

Three affordable housing projects in Mountain View to get $38 million city subsidy if built

The Mountain View City Council on Tuesday night agreed to spend about $38 million to subsidize three proposed developments that together will provide more than 200 affordable housing units over the next several years if approved.

San Jose Mercury News

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Photos from @mercnews assessing the damage from yesterday's #BayAreaStorm. #slowdown

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MTC’s Draft 2015 Public Participation Plan

November 7, 2014

MTC on November 7 released a Draft 2015 Public Participation Plan for public review. Comments are due by 4 p.m. on Monday, January 12, 2015. Comments can be emailed to or sent to Public Information, MTC, MetroCenter, 101 Eighth Street, Oakland, CA 94607. Hard-copy comments must be received by the deadline above.

State and federal statutes require metropolitan planning organizations such as MTC to adopt participation plans to provide the public with opportunities to be involved in the transportation planning process. MTC’s current PPP was adopted in 2010. This document informs interested residents on how to engage in the range of MTC’s planning work and funding allocations, and includes as a primary focus public engagement opportunities for Plan Bay Area — the region’s long-range transportation and land use blueprint. Specific information about the 2017 Plan Bay Area update is included as Appendix A to the Draft 2015 Public Participation Plan.

Approach to the 2015 Update
MTC held a public meeting on October 8 to hear comments and suggestions for improving public engagement. Likewise staff has sought ideas from MTC’s Policy Advisory Council, the Regional Advisory Working Group, and Congestion Management Agency Planning Directors. We also launched an online survey and comment forum, and surveyed the public at numerous community events. A compilation of comments and suggestions can be viewed here.

What’s Different?
Based on comments heard, Appendix A of the Draft PPP has been retooled to focus on the Plan Bay Area 2017 update. Many expressed a need to explain the technical and decision-making process. In response, we have added information to specify:

Draft Public Participation Plan Schedule
Dates have been extended since initially presented to provide additional time for public comment. Key dates leading up to adoption of the Draft 2015 PPP include:


Release Draft PPP for public comment period


Legislation Committee: presentation and discussion on Draft PPP


Close of public comment period


Legislation Committee: Present summary of comments and any recommended changes (if there are significant changes, release for a second comment period)


Final Commission Action on Draft PPP (or April 2015 if second comment period is needed)