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Working Group Co-Chairs

Kara Douglas
Contra Costa County

James Pappas
California Housing Partnership Corporation

Carlos Romero
Urban Ecology
(650) 328-4363

The Housing the Workforce Initiative promotes affordable housing production and preservation, as well as neighborhood stabilization throughout the Bay Area. If successful, it will help ensure that housing built near transit is affordable to households with a range of incomes and does not displace low income residents, as new investments raise property values.

To achieve these goals, the Housing Working Group (HWG) will offer sub-grants to eligible applicants to support local and regional policies, tools and best practices. The HWG will collaborate with local and regional stakeholders, underserved communities and program partners, as well as the Economic Prosperity Working Group and the Equity Collaborative in awarding these sub-grants.

The key objectives of the grant program are to:

The following activities are eligible for funding through the housing sub-grants:

  1. Quantify the funding need for creating and preserving affordable housing as envisioned under FOCUS and Plan Bay Area
  2. Review existing funding sources to determine the gaps
  3. Identify and begin to establish new funding sources for land acquisition, pre-development financing and construction financing
  4. Implement new funding and incentive strategies in two to four pilot communities.
  1. GreenTRIPS Tool – Work with two to four pilot communities to create and demonstrate a credible, flexible tool to estimate parking demand and trip generation in TOD areas and/or areas of concern. The tool should address the information gap that currently exists between community members, city staff and developers regarding parking demand and trip generation.
  2. Housing Elements – Update housing elements in two to four cities to ensure consistency with FOCUS and Plan Bay Area and to support affordable housing development and preservation.