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Working Group Co-Chairs

Christina Canaveral
Coleman Advocates

Margot Prado
City of Oakland

The Economic Prosperity Strategy aims to expand economic opportunities for low- and moderate-income residents in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Economic Prosperity Working Group (EPWG) is charged with achieving this goal by collaborating with local and regional stakeholders, underserved communities and program partners, as well as the Housing Working Group and the Equity Collaborative to develop the Regional Economic Development Strategy (Strategy).

The Strategy will identify “industries of opportunity” and “places of opportunity” that can provide quality jobs to target populations. Industries of opportunity include sectors and businesses that can provide jobs with living wages and clearly defined career pathways for low- and moderate-income workers, and can be located close to transit or low-income communities. Places of opportunity are neighborhoods or districts that are well-positioned to benefit from expanded job opportunities, location of new businesses, and support for businesses that locate in or are already located in underserved communities.

The Strategy will address the following key objectives:

Once the Strategy has been finalized, the EPWG will issue more than $1 million in grants on a competitive basis to implement four to six pilot projects. These pilot projects will inform any refinements or updates to the Strategy after spring 2015.