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Remaking Howard Street

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-27-2017

Mill Valley townhouse project resurfaces, so does opposition

Marin Independent Journal, 2-27-2017

Clash in Sacramento over state versus local control for housing development

San Francisco Examiner, 2-27-2017

Oakland OKs tiny homes, homeless youth housing plans

East Bay Times, 2-24-2017

How the San Francisco Bay Area Is Balancing New Development and Water

News Deeply, 2-24-2017

Apartments to replace Walnut Creek strip mall?

East Bay Times, 2-23-2017

Bernal Heights warehouse tenants face eviction after Ghost Ship fire

San Francisco Examiner, 2-23-2017

Harbor District weighs Oyster Point development: Officials consider massive office, housing project proposed near marina

San Mateo Daily Journal, 2-23-2017

Apple Park: Employees to move into long-awaited campus starting in April

Mercury News, 2-22-2017

‘Granny flats’ get zoning code OK in Fairfield

Fairfield Daily Republic, 2-22-2017

Local governments can create blueprint for more housing

Sacramento Bee, 2-22-2017

Planned Napa apartment development sold for $34 million

Napa Valley Register, 2-21-2017

Future of Richmond District up for discussion this weekend

San Francisco Examiner, 2-21-2017

County prepares for major housing boom

Mountain View Voice, 2-20-2017

Popular Mid-Market housing proposals wait years for OK

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-18-2017

Judge says Richmond rent control can remain in effect, for now

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-16-2017

Proposal over affordable housing requirements expected at end of month

San Francisco Examiner, 2-15-2017

Another try for a local version of density bonus housing law

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-14-2017

Fairfax faces referendum threat over senior housing plan

Marin Independent Journal, 2-13-2017

The average rent in Berkeley is $3,800 — what does that get you?

Berkeleyside, 2-13-2017

Rejuvenating SF Civic Center Plaza — a challenge beyond design

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-10-2017

Can someone gentrify the neighborhood where they grew up?

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-10-2017

New road tax may flow to Trancas, Trower fixes in Napa

Napa Valley Register, 2-10-2017

Mill Valley traffic improving; school bus program successful

Marin Independent Journal, 2-10-2017

County juggling housing, history at Old Sonoma Road site

Napa Valley Register, 2-10-2017

Pittsburg Section 8, county public housing applications open

East Bay Times, 2-10-2017

In 'State of the City,' Scharff calls for unity, civility, housing

Palo Alto Online, 2-9-2017

Antioch community forum to focus on large housing project

Mercury News, 2-9-2017

Solano seeks MTC funds for Mankas, Rockville projects

Fairfield Daily Republic, 2-9-2017

Consultant: Heart of Fairfield plan would cost $49.1M to put in place

Fairfield Daily Republic, 2-9-2017

Fake soil tests delay SF Shipyard project

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-8-2017

Lilypad gets grant to help Marin homeowners create in-law units

Marin Independent Journal, 2-8-2017

Housing plan at former Santa Rosa hospital site moves ahead

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 2-8-2017

Napa County home prices hit 10-year high

Napa Valley Register, 2-7-2017

Santa Clara County considers making landlords take Section 8

Mercury News, 2-7-2017

Will Concord renters get some relief?

East Bay Times, 2-7-2017

Kim, Farrell get into it over affordable housing project

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-7-2017

Sonoma County’s Chanate Road ex-hospital site could become 800-unit housing development

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 2-6-2017

Will San Francisco renege on middle-income housing for Van Ness-Market hub?

San Francisco Examiner, 2-6-2017

Yountville to host meeting series on town's future direction

Napa Valley Register, 2-6-2017

Greenbelt Alliance has praise and warnings for Napa County

Napa Valley Register, 2-6-2017

UC identifies 9 potential sites for student housing in Berkeley

Berkeleyside, 2-3-2017

Council Sets Goals to Increase Housing, Public Outreach

Santa Clara Weekly, 2-3-2017

Sunnyvale neighborhood on U.S. hot list, home buyers’ survey says

East Bay Times, 2-3-2017

Long-delayed Railroad Square housing project advances

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 2-3-2017

Palo Alto: California Avenue neighborhoods get permit parking

Mercury News, 2-2-2017

SF controller’s affordable-housing compromise gets mixed response

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-2-2017

Richmond rent control awaits court decision

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-2-2017

Board unanimously approves legislation limiting SRO room rentals to tourists

San Francisco Examiner, 2-1-2017

SF school leaders dive into details of building teacher housing

San Francisco Examiner, 2-1-2017

Marin median price down 5 percent, to $982,500

Marin Independent Journal, 2-1-2017

San Jose City Council approves critical change to rent control policy

Mercury News, 2-1-2017


Storms could offer preview of Marin ocean-rise damage

Marin Independent Journal, 1-31-2017

‘Greenbelt’ report urges Marin to protect open space

Marin Independent Journal, 1-31-2017

Bay Area open space under threat by sprawl, study warns

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-31-2017

Potrero Hill’s biggest housing project starts with plenty of hope

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-30-2017

Marin land trust preserves 326-acre ranch in $1.66M deal

Marin Independent Journal, 1-30-2017

On a 3-2 vote, St. Helena Council approves McCorkle housing project

Napa Valley Register, 1-30-2017

Campbell: 3-story commercial, office building proposed for downtown

Mercury News, 1-30-2017

New San Rafael bridge from Canal neighborhood set to be built this year

Marin Independent Journal, 1-27-2017

Chinatown elderly suffer during building’s conversion, suit says

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-27-2017

Richmond rent control law has landlord seeing red

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-27-2017

Lake Berryessa resorts, affordable housing on Napa County's wish list

Napa Valley Register, 1-27-2017

Creative financing helps American Canyon affordable housing project

Napa Valley Register, 1-26-2017

Palo Alto residents wary of traffic, housing shortage as Stanford grows

Mercury News, 1-26-2017

Vallejo one of worst places for families in the U.S., Pleasanton among the best, study says

East Bay Times, 1-26-2017

Napa council’s latest goals: traffic safety, affordable housing, improved parks

Napa Valley Register, 1-26-2017

Gas tax losses mean fewer Solano roads to be fixed

Fairfield Daily Republic, 1-26-2017

El Cerrito mayor describes city’s development boom

East Bay Times, 1-25-2017

Napa looks at ways to improve express bus service out of town

Napa Valley Register, 1-25-2017

Bay Area renters need a game-changer, or we all lose

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-25-2017

‘No Mall on the Waterfront’ campaign takes on Pier 29 proposal

San Francisco Examiner, 1-24-2017

‘Ghost Ship’ fire adds urgency to Marin arts nonprofit’s upgrades

Marin Independent Journal, 1-24-2017

Oakland raises fees for those evicted from illicit residences

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-24-2017

San Jose is the most 'unaffordable' major housing market in U.S., survey says

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-24-2017

Editorial: Milpitas Post Editorial: Rent control for Milpitas may have aided mayor’s win

Mercury News, 1-23-2017

Yountville cottage may become rare asset: affordable rental housing

Napa Valley Register, 1-23-2017

Alameda Point’s Main Street plan up for consideration

East Bay Times, 1-23-2017

Menlo Park woman scrambles to shield cinema from developers

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-23-2017

Strawberry seminary EIR postponed, appeal still on

Marin Independent Journal, 1-20-2017

Large swath of Napa County land near Calistoga protected

Napa Valley Register, 1-20-2017

SF’s shrinking population of children raises concern for city planners

San Francisco Examiner, 1-20-2017

Developer hopes to build tiny prefab homes for the homeless, in Berkeley and beyond

Berkeleyside, 1-20-2017

Sonoma County makes top 10 list of tightest housing markets

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 1-19-2017

Berkeley mayor talks development issues at meeting of neighborhood groups

East Bay Times, 1-19-2017

San Jose neighbors oppose hotel or housing at Cambrian Park Plaza

East Bay Times, 1-19-2017

‘We’ve had enough,’ Bertani says of homeless problems

Fairfield Daily Republic, 1-18-2017

Napa council spurns renewal of red-light traffic camera program

Napa Valley Register, 1-18-2017

SF housing shortage leaves little room for families

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-17-2017

Oakland: Airbnb issue highlights city’s gentrification fears

East Bay Times, 1-17-2017

Marin speeds clocked on open space trails

Marin Independent Journal, 1-16-2017

Story poles go up, critics oppose commercial project along Highway 9

Mercury News, 1-15-2017

Fremont: Ohlone College seeks to lease frontage property for development

East Bay Times, 1-15-2017

Sunnyvale: 1,076 housing units proposed for AMD site

Mercury News, 1-15-2017

Editorial: One advocate’s take on Bay Area housing crunch: There’s progress being made

East Bay Times, 1-14-2017

Church looks to create more housing at north Napa parcel

Napa Valley Register, 1-14-2017

VTA may trim, alter Palo Alto bus routes

Mercury News, 1-13-2017

East Oakland church paves way with 59-unit apartment project

East Bay Times, 1-13-2017

Plan to build apartments on Berkeley’s Holy Hill dies due to ‘changes in local political landscape’

Berkeleyside, 1-13-2017

No settlement reached in SF’s Prop. B waterfront height limit lawsuit

San Francisco Examiner, 1-12-2017

American Canyon luxury apartments provoke concerns

Napa Valley Register, 1-12-2017

Oakland Mayor Schaaf moves to protect tenants

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-12-2017

Novato finalizes $2.2 million loan agreement for downtown SMART station

Marin Independent Journal, 1-12-2017

SF orders 3 warehouses to vacate following ‘Ghost Ship’ fire

San Francisco Examiner, 1-12-2017

Port Commission to vote on lease renewal for SF Bay Railroad yard

San Francisco Examiner, 1-11-2017

Napa's flood control bypass does its job

Napa Valley Register, 1-11-2017

Marin approves parking ordinance for recreational vehicles

Marin Independent Journal, 1-11-2017

Concord fee will raise funds to build affordable housing

East Bay Times, 1-10-2017

Bad news for Bay Area mega-commuters: Sacramento now leads the nation in rent growth

Mercury News, 1-10-2017

New Bay, Vine trails will connect American Canyon to Vallejo

Napa Valley Register, 1-10-2017

San Jose downtown homeless housing expected to win city council’s approval

Mercury News, 1-9-2017

California Lawmakers Look To Strike Transportation, Affordable Housing Deals (Again)

Capital Public Radio, 1-9-2017

SMART to offer free rides and reduced-cost monthly passes as incentives to ride trains

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 1-6-2017

Menlo Park: Housing, transportation ‘front and center’ in 2017

Mercury News, 1-5-2017

More affordable housing on the way for Sonoma County

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 1-4-2017

Former redevelopment areas vital in SF’s affordable housing goals

San Francisco Examiner, 1-3-2017

Self-driving shuttle loops around Santa Clara University campus

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-3-2017