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JULY 2015

JUNE 2015

Popular elsewhere, high-speed rail remains elusive in United States

Los Angeles Daily News, 6-30-2015

Consumer Reports finds some newer cars burn too much oil

San Jose Mercury News, 6-30-2015

California scores nearly 2,000 clean energy jobs

San Francisco Business Times, 6-30-2015

Roadshow: Explaining California driving habits to tourists

San Jose Mercury News, 6-30-2015

Consumer group alleges gas price manipulation by California refiners

Los Angeles Times, 6-30-2015

Gov. Brown faces rough road in quest to repair state freeways

Los Angeles Times, 6-30-2015

County awards $1.1 million Greenwood Avenue contract

Napa Valley Register, 6-30-2015

DMV expands documents accepted for immigrant driver license

Napa Valley Register, 6-30-2015

SMART secures $11 million grant to purchase three more rail cars

Press Democrat, 6-30-2015

Legislators clear plan to rename Marin tunnel for Robin Williams

CBS SF Bay Area, 6-30-2015

California greenhouse gas emissions fall — but not by much

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-30-2015

Free CHP driving program for seniors

Daily Republic, 6-29-2015

Roadshow: Road-diet tirades roll on

San Jose Mercury News, 6-29-2015

Golden Gate Bridge toll going up Wednesday

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-29-2015

Pleasanton braces for July 4 traffic

Inside Bay Area, 6-29-2015

California lawmakers to tackle health care, road funding

Union Democrat, 6-29-2015

Muni fares set to go up Wednesday

San Francisco Examiner, 6-29-2015

Google app to warn drivers about railroad crossings

Los Angeles Times, 6-29-2015

Golden Gate Bridge tolls tick upward Wednesday

Marin Independent Journal, 6-28-2015

High-speed rail board seeks private-sector ideas, interest on financing, development

Fresno Bee, 6-28-2015

Roadshow: The Prius debate turns to name calling (again)

San Jose Mercury News, 6-28-2015

Website Explains Bay Area Economic Trends

KGO 810, 6-27-2015

Bay Area commuters say they’d pay to improve public transit

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-26-2015

Budget and tax: What’s next for Obamacare, highway funding and appropriations?

Washington Post, 6-26-2015

Google's new self-driving cars cruising Silicon Valley roads

Inside Bay Area, 6-26-2015

Roadshow: 15,000 more cars can get green carpool stickers

San Jose Mercury News, 6-26-2015

Uber argues to state against calls for fingerprint criminal checks

San Francisco Examiner, 6-26-2015

French president rails against Uber amid taxi tensions

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-26-2015

Roadshow: Is a higher mpg requirement a bad thing?

San Jose Mercury News, 6-25-2015

Fremont establishes Irvington BART Station study area

Contra Costa Times, 6-25-2015

MTC Announces Plans to Add Pedestrian Path to Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

KGO 810, 6-25-2015

Bay Area housing crisis may cause NIMBY attitudes to wane

Inside Bay Area, 6-25-2015

2015 Bay Area Team Bike Challenge Tops All Records

Virtual Press Office, 6-25-2015

Orinda road repair plan under scrutiny

Contra Costa Times, 6-25-2015

Uber, Lyft, others won’t solve San Francisco’s transit problem

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-24-2015

Roadshow: Golden Gate Bridge tolls to increase July 1

San Jose Mercury News, 6-24-2015

San Jose City Council gives green light to Uber and ride-hailing services

San Jose Mercury News, 6-24-2015

Major BART closures announced for August, September

San Francisco Examiner, 6-24-2015

Hwy 85 cities review toll-lane alternatives

Los Altos Town Crier, 6-24-2015

Additional Commuter Lane, Bike Path On Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Could Be In Place By 2017

CBS SF Bay Area, 6-24-2015

Interactive Website Takes Pulse Of The San Francisco Bay Area Economy

PR Newswire, 6-24-2015

S.F. Bay Ferry fares going up

Contra Costa Times, 6-24-2015

SF supes committee, mayor reach budget deal

San Francisco Examiner, 6-24-2015

National park ferry service to Fort Baker worries Sausalito

Marin Independent Journal, 6-24-2015

Drummond: Investor purchases of foreclosures intensify housing crisis?

Inside Bay Area, 6-24-2015

Roadshow: Changes coming to 'horrendous' Highway 237 express lane

San Jose Mercury News, 6-23-2015

Avoiding future freeway congestion will cost

Daily Democrat, 6-23-2015

Opinion: Reforming CEQA still vital work

Sacramento Bee, 6-23-2015

Muni Challenge ends, Mayor Lee rides only twice in one month

San Francisco Examiner, 6-23-2015

Justin Fox: Uber drivers are neither employees nor contractors

Contra Costa Times, 6-23-2015

Editorial: Opinion: Will California use congestion to coerce motorists?

Sacramento Bee, 6-22-2015

Marin transit budget includes extra grants for bus fleet

Marin Independent Journal, 6-22-2015

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge commuter lane, bike-pedestrian path moving forward

Contra Costa Times, 6-22-2015

Road closures to squeeze traffic to, from Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-22-2015

Roadshow: Cottle Road development worries Highway 85 drivers

San Jose Mercury News, 6-22-2015

Brown gets cranking on highways and healthcare

Los Angeles Times, 6-21-2015

Roadshow: Is California nuts to legalize lane-splitting?

San Jose Mercury News, 6-21-2015

State thwarts ‘freeway jumpers’ on eastbound I-580 at San Quentin exit

Marin Independent Journal, 6-21-2015

Sausalito’s new senior ride program could serve as pioneer for programs in Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 6-21-2015

Traffic concerns complicate AmCan's Watson Ranch plan

Napa Valley Register, 6-20-2015

Editorial: Mercury News editorial: Santa Clara County's next transportation tax measure?

San Jose Mercury News, 6-19-2015

Alameda County supes to weigh opposition to controversial Carnegie off-highway expansion

Contra Costa Times, 6-19-2015

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Access Improvement Project Seeks Inclusion into Plan Bay Area and Transportation Improvement Program

Gnomes National News Service, 6-19-2015

Roadshow: Metering lights 'would significantly help,' some drivers say

San Jose Mercury News, 6-19-2015

Roadshow: Heading to L.A. may require a urinal

San Jose Mercury News, 6-18-2015

New transportation sales tax could get two-thirds support in Santa Clara County

San Jose Mercury News, 6-18-2015

Officials studying toll lanes: Auxiliary, carpool lanes also proposed for Highway 101

Daily Journal, 6-18-2015

Special session: Fixing the potholes

Capitol Weekly, 6-18-2015

Editorial: Opinion: Our roads are just shameful

Sacramento Bee, 6-18-2015

Federal scientists say 2015 on pace to be globe’s warmest

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-18-2015

Golden Gate Bridge Round House revs up for food service

Marin Independent Journal, 6-18-2015

Red Light, Green Light

Lamorinda Weekly, 6-17-2015

Alameda: $500 million waterfront project approved

Contra Costa Times, 6-17-2015

Ways Californians might be taxed under transportation plan

Sacramento Business Journal, 6-17-2015

Lower State Gas Tax Forecast Affects Local Transportation Departments

Capital Public Radio, 6-17-2015

Orinda Roads Plan Discussed

Lamorinda Weekly, 6-17-2015

Roadshow: Why no fourth northbound lane on Golden Gate Bridge?

San Jose Mercury News, 6-17-2015

Menlo Park: City panel chief pushes bike-lane experiment

San Jose Mercury News, 6-17-2015

Uber driver an employee, California Labor Commission rules

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-17-2015

Jim Beall, California State Senator and Chair of Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, to address challenges of transportation infrastructure funding at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club, Friday, June 26

ABC News, 6-16-2015

Lawmakers moves to ease reporting requirements on high-speed rail

Sacramento Bee, 6-16-2015

Three charging stations installed at Transit Center

Napa Valley Register, 6-16-2015

Bay Area BART parking charge going up

Contra Costa Times, 6-16-2015

Market Street will strictly limit vehicles, despite Uber outcry

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-16-2015

Summer’s Here And The Bay Bridge Morning Traffic Is Gone — Where Did It Go?

CBS SF Bay Area, 6-16-2015

Roadshow: San Tomas drivers save a mother duck and her ducklings

San Jose Mercury News, 6-16-2015

280-880 interchange project near Valley Fair shopping center almost done

San Jose Mercury News, 6-16-2015

Revised 5th and Mission plan adds affordable housing, open space

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-15-2015

Roadshow: Going to L.A. over July 4? Hit the road early

San Jose Mercury News, 6-15-2015

Traffic surprise! Highway 87 most jammed freeway in South Bay

San Jose Mercury News, 6-15-2015

Roads In 3 North Bay Towns Tied For Worst In Bay Area On MTC List

CBS SF Bay Area, 6-15-2015

Sonoma County supervisors debate how to pay for road repairs

Press Democrat, 6-15-2015

Court: Developers can be required to provide affordable housing

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-15-2015

Build your own hyperloop! SpaceX announces pod competition

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-15-2015

San Francisco's Intractable Housing Dilemma

Planetizen, 6-14-2015

Doyle Drive to Golden Gate Bridge closed July 9 to July 13

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-12-2015

BART OKs more trains soon in new budget

Contra Costa Times, 6-12-2015

Roadshow: Is this Highway 101 change supposed to be an improvement?

San Jose Mercury News, 6-12-2015

MV won't join suit against Hwy. 85 express lanes

Mountain View Voice, 6-12-2015

Editorial: Highway 85 toll lanes: The plan will tarnish Silicon Valley's innovation image

San Jose Mercury News, 6-12-2015

Roadshow: Why can't the CHP ticket the Kardashians?

San Jose Mercury News, 6-11-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Sausalito tries parking charge to fix bike mess

Marin Independent Journal, 6-11-2015

In safety move, turns onto Market Street to be limited

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-11-2015

Startup’s big idea: Free EV charging at Whole Foods, other stores

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-11-2015

Millions of Californians Struggle With Financial Burden of Suspended Driver’s Licenses

KQED News, 6-11-2015

Partisan divide stalls ideas for boosting California road-repair funding

Sacramento Business Journal, 6-11-2015

Chief critic of California high-speed rail continues his quest

Sacramento Bee, 6-11-2015

More bicycle racks coming to Napa

Napa Valley Register, 6-11-2015

BART trains to get longer under $1.6 billion budget plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-11-2015

STA board puts off action on rail plan update

Daily Republic, 6-11-2015

Appeals court tosses suits challenging climate change plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-10-2015

Roadshow: Paper license plates cost state $15 million a year in lost revenue

San Jose Mercury News, 6-10-2015

House spending bill could put some bullet train funds at risk

Los Angeles Times, 6-10-2015

Park district establishing Suscol Headwaters Preserve

Napa Valley Register, 6-10-2015

Bill filed to eliminate the gas tax

The Hill, 6-10-2015

Five Key Lessons From Europe’s Vision Zero Success

Streetsblog USA, 6-10-2015

HomePeninsulaStory Menlo Park becomes sponsor of Highway 101-Willow Road interchange project

San Jose Mercury News, 6-10-2015

Alameda Point redevelopment plan up for approval

Contra Costa Times, 6-10-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: County planners vote for workforce housing

Marin Independent Journal, 6-10-2015

Giveaway to artists of steel from old Bay Bridge will cost toll payers

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-9-2015

Roadshow: 'Diabolical' signal timing on Stevens Creek

San Jose Mercury News, 6-9-2015

Roadshow: Light-rail riders complain of spotty Wi-Fi

San Jose Mercury News, 6-8-2015

More money for Millbrae offers opportunities

Daily Journal, 6-8-2015

BART Needs To Shut Transbay Tube For 5 Days, Likely Over Labor Day Weekend

CBS SF Bay Area, 6-8-2015

First phase of bullet train is cut due to Bakersfield, Shafter disputes

Los Angeles Times, 6-8-2015

BART to halt S.F.-East Bay service for 5 days of track upgrades

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-8-2015

L.A. County communities protest planned bullet train route

Los Angeles Times, 6-8-2015

Editorial: Marin Voice: Trolleys can be Marin’s answer to climate change

Marin Independent Journal, 6-8-2015

A gift from the old Bay Bridge to the new

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-8-2015

BART Transbay Tube closure planned

Contra Costa Times, 6-8-2015

BART’s Transbay Tube to close for repairs

KRON 4, 6-8-2015

Donna Gerber and Dan Richard: BART and Contra Costa County: We gave our word

Contra Costa Times, 6-7-2015

Roadshow: Gasp! A bicyclist stops at a stop sign

San Jose Mercury News, 6-7-2015

SF plans nearly $40M in transit improvements ahead of proposed Warriors arena in Mission Bay

San Francisco Examiner, 6-7-2015

California keeps talking climate change, but who’s listening?

Sacramento Bee, 6-7-2015

Opinion: Even after good job news, California’s economic recovery is a mixed bag

Sacramento Bee, 6-6-2015

Caltrain approves $330M budget

Daily Journal, 6-6-2015

Planned path under Highway 29 for bicyclists, pedestrians

Napa Valley Register, 6-6-2015

In Marin, new campaign promotes safe trails

Marin Independent Journal, 6-6-2015

Editorial: Marin Voice: Plan Bay Area follows Marin’s land-use model

Marin Independent Journal, 6-6-2015

Sonoma County supervisors faced with spending decisions after tax measure’s defeat

Press Democrat, 6-6-2015

Editorial: City budget proposal will negatively affect at-risk groups

The Daily Californian, 6-5-2015

Roadshow: Frustrated Fremont driver blasts irrational stoplights

San Jose Mercury News, 6-5-2015

Corrosive salty water threatens 120 Bay Bridge anchor rods

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-5-2015

$500,000 Panel Of Experts Assembled To Design Testing Plan For For Bay Bridge Bolts, Rods

CBS SF Bay Area, 6-5-2015

Jerry Brown, lawmakers pull cap-and-trade out of budget talks

Sacramento Bee, 6-5-2015

Bay fill may be defense as sea levels rise, many concede

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-5-2015

Uber wins uber allies

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-5-2015

Should the new car of the future be a smartphone on wheels?

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-5-2015

Time for the fair

Daily Journal, 6-5-2015

In the age of cellphones, how much do we need highway call boxes?

The Orange County Register, 6-4-2015

Roadshow: Cigarette tosser in the Range Rover, you know who you are

San Jose Mercury News, 6-4-2015

Golden Gate Bridge tolls broadside tourists who rent cars

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-4-2015

Failed Bay Bridge rod was stripped, not broken, Caltrans says

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-4-2015

One Iconoclast’s Blunt Message on Transportation Funding

Governing, 6-4-2015

Editorial: Golden Gate walk should remain free

Sacramento Bee, 6-4-2015

Bay Bridge seismic safety high-level review planned

Inside Bay Area, 6-4-2015

Uber’s Travis Kalanick predicts future where it cuts car use

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-4-2015

Why a Housing Moratorium Won’t Bring Rents Down — and What to Do Instead

SPUR, 6-4-2015

Roadshow: How much gas tax money goes to California roads?

San Jose Mercury News, 6-3-2015

San Jose City Council puts off vote on allowing Uber, Lyft at airport

San Jose Mercury News, 6-3-2015

Democrats steer toward highway funding cliff

Politico, 6-3-2015

Computer Glitch Delaying Doyle Drive Project Fixed, Completion Date Still Uncertain

CBS SF Bay Area, 6-3-2015

Steel from old Bay Bridge to become art

San Francisco Examiner, 6-3-2015

San Francisco Bay Bridge steel to become public art

Napa Valley Register, 6-3-2015

Legalizing motorcycle 'lane-splitting' makes some California motorists uneasy

San Jose Mercury News, 6-3-2015

State lawmakers pass bills combatting climate change

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-3-2015

AC Transit seeks public ideas for new leader

Contra Costa Times, 6-3-2015

What a steel! Parts of the old Bay Bridge will go to artists

Inside Bay Area, 6-2-2015

Bay Bridge Nocturne

San Francisco Bay Crossings, 6-2-2015

Roadshow: Warriors game delays Lincoln Avenue road diet meeting

San Jose Mercury News, 6-2-2015

Mid-Market BART stations’ portals to get glassy makeoverp

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-2-2015

Route 10: Riding the VINE Upvalley

Napa Valley Register, 6-2-2015

Old Bay Bridge Steel Will Soon Be On Its Way to Artists

NBC Bay Area, 6-2-2015

Bill bars Golden Gate and other state bridges from charging sidewalk tolls

Marin Independent Journal, 6-2-2015

Artists, step right up and get pieces of Bay Bridge steel

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-2-2015

S.F. vision: Catch speeders on camera, but there’s a catch

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-1-2015

S.F. police, Muni get boosts in Lee’s budget plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-1-2015

Roadshow: Roadkill photographer tells how to do it safely

San Jose Mercury News, 6-1-2015

S.F. supervisors take Muni challenge seriously: ride it daily

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-1-2015