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JULY 2015

BART and its riders prepare for weekend Transbay Tube shutdown

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-31-2015

$2.2M approved for 12 Bay Area hydrogen refueling stations

San Jose Mercury News, 7-31-2015

Roadshow: 880-Marina widening and 680 metering work nearing an end

San Jose Mercury News, 7-31-2015

Roadshow: Motorcycle lane-splitting bill on hold until 2016.

San Jose Mercury News, 7-31-2015

Editorial: California should proceed cautiously on 2024 Olympics

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-30-2015

Roadshow: Dirty cars a reason to be proud

San Jose Mercury News, 7-30-2015

Budget and tax: Congress decides to go home and fight about highways in September, and corporate inversions investigated

Washington Post, 7-30-2015

Commuters prepare for BART Transbay Tube closure

ABC News, 7-30-2015

San Rafael’s $1.6 million bike, pedestrian path nearly finished

Marin Independent Journal, 7-30-2015

Agency lays out roadway master plan

Napa Valley Register, 7-30-2015

Earthquake early-warning system gets a $4 million boost

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-30-2015

Air district board approves $20M for Caltrain electrification project

San Jose Mercury News, 7-30-2015

Editorial: Oakland Tribune editorial: Boxer-McConnell transportation bill worth pursuing

Ins, 7-30-2015

BART's Tube shutdown weekend arrives

Inside Bay Area, 7-30-2015

Oakland uses parking to drill deeper into residents’ wallets

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-30-2015

Roadshow: That I-280 backup? Blame it on Joe

San Jose Mercury News, 7-29-2015

Richmond: Council slowed by bickering over new rent control ordinance

Contra Costa Times, 7-29-2015

Supervisors approve changes to Pleasant Hill BART apartments

Contra Costa Times, 7-29-2015

Budget and tax: heading toward a three-month highway bill; first bits of international tax reform to be released; Ex-Im’s not dead yet

Washington Post, 7-29-2015

Cupertino: City hosting a forum on alternative transportation

San Jose Mercury News, 7-29-2015

House passes three-month highway funding bill

Washington Post, 7-29-2015

Most Californians back global warming policies

Sacramento Bee, 7-29-2015

Rent control stalls in Richmond, at least for now

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-29-2015

Bay Area Traffic Worsens as Too Many People Use Carpool Lanes

KGO 810, 7-29-2015

House prepares to vote on stopgap highway bill

Washington Post, 7-28-2015

Park district to consider naming Hayward segment of Bay Trail after Bill Lockyer

Contra Costa Times, 7-28-2015

Roadshow: Highway 101 has turned into commute from hell

San Jose Mercury News, 7-28-2015

Spare the Air Alert in effect on Wednesday

ABC News, 7-28-2015

State Agencies Discuss Making Freight More Sustainable

Capital Public Radio, 7-28-2015

Sign of the times: Cyclist group wants S.F. to shift gears, update policy on when to stop

San Francisco Examiner, 7-28-2015

Is Caltrans wasting millions on idle staff?

Sacramento Bee, 7-28-2015

Jaxon Vanderbeken on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge

KALW Local Public Radio, 7-28-2015

L.A., Bay Area look into possible joint bid for 2024 Olympics

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-28-2015

More Than Half of Bay Area Carpool Lanes Run Slow: Federal Study

NBC Bay Area, 7-27-2015

Contentious issue of rent control on Richmond council agenda

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-27-2015

Hot weather triggers summer’s first “Spare the Air Day”

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-27-2015

Roadshow: Should you get out of a car stranded on the highway?

San Jose Mercury News, 7-26-2015

Warriors’ proposed arena could clog downtown S.F.

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-26-2015

Clogged diamond lanes mean carpoolers get little relief

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-26-2015

Bay Area affordable housing projects get $47 million state funding

San Jose Mercury News, 7-25-2015

Golden Gate Transit going to hybrid buses

Marin Independent Journal, 7-24-2015

California’s gas tax drops to fourth highest in U.S.

Sacramento Bee, 7-24-2015

Sorry Bay Area: Study says our roads are the nation's worst

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-24-2015

Roadshow: No plans for Bay Bridge carpool lanes on weekends

San Jose Mercury News, 7-24-2015

Roadshow: These meters are '2 cars per green,' and Caltrans wants you to take note

San Jose Mercury News, 7-23-2015

Budget and tax: Preparing for a weekend of highway votes

Washington Post, 7-23-2015

California can't stop global warming alone, but it can fix its highways

Los Angeles Times, 7-23-2015

Report: Santa Rosa-area roads among worst in US for midsized communities

Press Democrat, 7-23-2015

Going to the Concord Pavilion? Consider carpooling or taking BART

Contra Costa Times, 7-23-2015

Commuters face $50 monthly fee to park at transportation center

Daily Republic, 7-23-2015

BART’s message on Transbay Tube shutdown: Stay home if you can

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-22-2015

Richmond becomes first city in Contra Costa to approve rent control

Contra Costa Times, 7-22-2015

Roadshow: Is it legal to drive wearing flip-flops?

San Jose Mercury News, 7-22-2015

Budget and tax: The Senate tries again on Highways, and the House is still stuck on spending

Washington Post, 7-22-2015

City proposing new housing development fee to expand transit

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-22-2015

Santa Clara's Lawrence Station Development Plan Takes Shape

Santa Clara Weekly, 7-22-2015

Muni subway to be closed at night starting July 31 for six months

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-22-2015

East Oakland residents organize to demand cleaner streets, road repairs

Inside Bay Area, 7-22-2015

Menlo Park: Council OKs plan to boost affordable housing

San Jose Mercury News, 7-22-2015

Republicans open to new road fees -- with strings attached

Sacramento Business Journal, 7-22-2015

BART Transbay Tube closure plan to affect thousands

San Francisco Examiner, 7-21-2015

BART Applying Lessons From 2013 Strike to Upcoming Transbay Closures

KQED News, 7-21-2015

Legislation to ban Golden Gate Bridge sidewalk toll moving slowly

Marin Independent Journal, 7-21-2015

Roadshow: Speeders a big worry on Highway 9, Highway 17

San Jose Mercury News, 7-20-2015

Editorial: EDITORIAL: Importance of infrastructure

Press Enterprise, 7-20-2015

Report: Silicon Valley's housing affordability crisis worsens

Contra Costa Times, 7-20-2015

Rohnert Park becomes hub for construction of new homes

Press Democrat, 7-20-2015

San Francisco Bay Trail: Mare Island ships, Vallejo beer

Contra Costa Times, 7-20-2015

California can’t wait any longer to fix roads, bridges

Sacramento Bee, 7-20-2015

Let’s add rent-controlled units in S.F.

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-19-2015

Editorial: Contra Costa Times editorial: Electric cars must help with highway costs

Contra Costa Times, 7-19-2015

Roadshow: Readers respond to Jerry the Trucker

San Jose Mercury News, 7-19-2015

Transit village plan derails as Oakland nonprofit spends $400,000

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-18-2015

Marin County plans $3 million in road repairs next month

Marin Independent Journal, 7-18-2015

Roadshow: Following too close, and other driving peeves

San Jose Mercury News, 7-17-2015

Study: Public Transit Provides Significant and Diverse Benefits

Planetizen, 7-17-2015

Editorial: Greg Becker and Carl Guardino: Industry is ready for a transportation tax campaign

San Jose Mercury News, 7-17-2015

Lyft, other ride-share companies in compliance with state regulations

Los Angeles Times, 7-17-2015

AC Transit nearer to major service changes in Alameda County

San Jose Mercury News, 7-17-2015

Saratoga gets a look at VTA's long-range transportation plan

San Jose Mercury News, 7-16-2015

California has nation's highest gas prices

Contra Costa Times, 7-16-2015

Sausalito ferry dock issue remains unsolved

Marin Independent Journal, 7-16-2015

Clamping down on cyclists: Police and bike riders clash over new enforcement near Panhandle

San Francisco Examiner, 7-16-2015

Google self-driving car involved in first injury accident

Union Democrat, 7-16-2015

Roadshow: Forget the Prius; try a bike

San Jose Mercury News, 7-16-2015

Work continues on I-680 project

Daily Republic, 7-15-2015

Roadshow: Why California gas is so expensive

San Jose Mercury News, 7-15-2015

Public invited to weigh in on Lombard Street project

San Francisco Examiner, 7-15-2015

Muni set to roll out long-planned waterfront streetcar, the E-line

San Francisco Examiner, 7-15-2015

The new Jameson Canyon: Wider and faster

Napa Valley Register, 7-15-2015

Lane closures scheduled on Highway 101 in Petaluma

Press Democrat, 7-15-2015

AC Transit will buy double-decker buses for crossbay runs

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-15-2015

Wolk ag-based climate bill clears Assembly committee

Daily Republic, 7-14-2015

Roadshow: From DMV to VTA to San Jose police, kudos to all

San Jose Mercury News, 7-14-2015

Study: California drivers using cellphones more often

Sacramento Bee, 7-14-2015

Gas prices continue to surge in L.A. but barely budge in S.F.

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-14-2015

California gas prices to soar this week

San Jose Mercury News, 7-13-2015

New route to Golden Gate Bridge reopens after 3-day closure

Press Democrat, 7-13-2015

Roadshow: Jerry the Trucker keeps rolling on

San Jose Mercury News, 7-13-2015

Road Tax Approach Similar to Prop 30 Strategy

Fox & Hounds, 7-13-2015

Uber, Lyft carpooling bill pulled ahead of key committee vote

Sacramento Bee, 7-13-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ editorial: Suicide-net solution needed

Marin Independent Journal, 7-13-2015

Marin traffic relief expected Monday as Doyle Drive reopens according to plan

Marin Independent Journal, 7-12-2015

Would California motorcycle lane-splitting rules be hard to enforce?

Sacramento Bee, 7-12-2015

What kind of car is the most green, fuel efficient and budget friendly?

Los Angeles Times, 7-12-2015

Voucher program helps you trade in your gas guzzler for an electric car

Los Angeles Daily News, 7-12-2015

Poll: Tax increase unlikely: Belmont residents seem unsupportive of ballot measure to address infrastructure

Daily Journal, 7-11-2015

Climate change: Controversial 'cloud brightening' project proposed for Moss Landing

San Jose Mercury News, 7-11-2015

El Cerrito Del Norte BART riders get a look at station modernization plans

Contra Costa Times, 7-10-2015

Special session on road repairs takes on $59 billion problem

89.3 KPCC, 7-10-2015

GG Bridge flowed despite Doyle Drive closure — Bay Bridge a mess

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-10-2015

Roadshow: FasTrak not a reason for privacy worries, say bridge officials

San Jose Mercury News, 7-10-2015

Solano transit board approves $20M budget

Daily Republic, 7-10-2015

Morning SF commute smooth but crunch could loom this evening

Marin Independent Journal, 7-10-2015

STA approves 2015 Solano Rail Facilities Plan

Daily Republic, 7-9-2015

Bay Area mobile bike repair set for Fairfield return

Daily Republic, 7-9-2015

New HUD rules aim to ease segregation in housing

Los Angeles Times, 7-9-2015

Golden Gate Bridge a rough drive this weekend

Inside Bay Area, 7-9-2015

Roadshow: Two deaths raise plea to avoid standing on freeway

San Jose Mercury News, 7-9-2015

New contract approved for Bay Bridge lights

KRON 4, 7-9-2015

$3 billion BART bond discussed amid system failure

San Francisco Examiner, 7-9-2015

BART woes build day after day

Contra Costa Times, 7-9-2015

Doyle Drive closure opens golden era of Presidio Parkway

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-8-2015

Roadshow: Stats belie driver's fears about red-light runners

San Jose Mercury News, 7-8-2015

Transit manager moving on after reviving the VINE

Napa Valley Register, 7-8-2015

Maintenance Contract Approved For Permanent Return Of Bay Lights

CBS SF Bay Area, 7-8-2015

$1.8 million road project underway in Tam Valley

Marin Independent Journal, 7-8-2015

Gov. Brown says climate change creates Titanic-like scenario for world

Los Angeles Times, 7-7-2015

BART to rebuild half mile of tracks

San Francisco Examiner, 7-7-2015

Palo Alto: Lane, ramp closures planned for 101

San Jose Mercury News, 7-7-2015

Alameda: Plan for homes, businesses at former Navy base approved

Inside Bay Area, 7-7-2015

Roadshow: Do's and don'ts of driving in parking lots

San Jose Mercury News, 7-7-2015

AC Transit double-deck buses get 'buy' recommendation

Inside Bay Area, 7-7-2015

Roadshow: El Camino-101 'smart highway' project almost ready

San Jose Mercury News, 7-6-2015

Editorial: Opinion: Road deal won’t be easy ride for California

Sacramento Bee, 7-6-2015

Why is California gasoline so expensive?

Los Angeles Times, 7-6-2015

Bill would use electronic sign system to curb California's deadly hit-and-run 'epidemic', 7-6-2015

Lawmaker puts brakes on motorcycle lane-splitting bill

Sacramento Bee, 7-6-2015

STA to consider rail plan, budget revision, added freeway metering lights

Daily Republic, 7-6-2015

Napa sheriff won’t give up search for French Laundry wine thief

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-5-2015

San Rafael to get free shuttle service to Larkspur ferry

Marin Independent Journal, 7-5-2015

Roadshow: Husband loses Roadshow wager

San Jose Mercury News, 7-5-2015

FasTrak Flex: Get ready for the Bay Area's next set of express lanes

San Jose Mercury News, 7-5-2015

Roadshow: 'San Jose should be ashamed' of this alleged street

San Jose Mercury News, 7-3-2015

News Briefs: 'Aging by Design' seniors symposium Aug. 1

Contra Costa Times, 7-3-2015

Legislators Tackle Transportation, Health Care Funding in Special Sessions

KQED News, 7-3-2015

Crashes on Highway 17 at highest level in a decade

San Jose Mercury News, 7-2-2015

Roadshow: It's OK to be a Prius nerd

San Jose Mercury News, 7-2-2015

Bay Area tunnel to be renamed after late actor Robin Williams

Los Angeles Times, 7-2-2015

State Approves $47 Million in Affordable Housing Grants for 11 Bay Area Projects

PR Newswire, 7-1-2015

Ride-Share Drivers Face New Insurance Requirements

Capital Public Radio, 7-1-2015

Uber, Lyft argue new regulations will stifle business models

San Francisco Examiner, 7-1-2015

How Will Business Approach Road Taxes in Special Session?

Fox & Hounds, 7-1-2015

Roadshow: Confederate flags and the red-light runner in San Jose

San Jose Mercury News, 7-1-2015

Frazier appointed Assembly Transportation Committee chairman

Daily Republic, 7-1-2015