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Roadshow: Lessons have been learned from the toll express lanes

San Jose Mercury News, 11-25-2015

Roadshow: Tales of trouble with the yellow sidewalk bumps

San Jose Mercury News, 11-24-2015

Caltrans finishes Upvalley bridge work a year ahead of schedule

Napa Valley Register, 11-24-2015

$6.8M bicycle, pedestrian corridor construction to begin at McLaren Park

San Francisco Examiner, 11-24-2015

Time to rethink I-980, spur that cuts through heart of Oakland

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-24-2015

It's not just you: Bay Area traffic has gotten much, much worse

Silicon Valley Business Journal, 11-24-2015

BART adds long-term parking spaces for holiday travelers

Inside Bay Area, 11-23-2015

Editorial: Barnidge: Wish list long for proposed Contra Costa transportation tax

Contra Costa Times, 11-23-2015

Roadshow: How would you fix Highway 17?

San Jose Mercury News, 11-23-2015

Bay Area commute’s ‘awful’ ride now stretches to before 5 a.m.

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-23-2015

Report: East, west Bay Bridge approaches rank among worst bottlenecks in both directions

KRON 4, 11-23-2015

Study: San Francisco, Oakland among worst traffic bottlenecks in US

ABC News, 11-23-2015

Livermore unveils plans for neighborhood next to future BART station

San Jose Mercury News, 11-23-2015

Marin assemblyman’s bill to eliminate transportation agency scorned by board members

Marin Independent Journal, 11-22-2015

Ed Lee extends S.F.’s reach over new Transbay Transit Center

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-22-2015

Rapid bus project in East San Jose becomes an endless big dig

San Jose Mercury News, 11-21-2015

New Larkspur ferry parking eases crunch

Marin Independent Journal, 11-21-2015

Editorial: PD Editorial: Ready for regional government?

Press Democrat, 11-21-2015

Free rides this weekend

Napa Valley Register, 11-20-2015

Emissions reductions targets to have major impact on transport

ITS International, 11-20-2015

Roadshow: Spraying windshield ticks off drivers behind you

San Jose Mercury News, 11-20-2015

Editorial: Diana Diamond: Do we really want 2 million more people to move into the Bay Area?

mer, 11-20-2015

Mr. Roadshow's bet: Gasoline under $2.50 by Dec. 15

San Jose Mercury News, 11-20-2015

Sound Off: What role do commute times play in the Bay Area housing market?

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-20-2015

White House economist: Excessive zoning creates inequality, bubbles, environmental damage

Washington Examiner, 11-20-2015

BART to discontinue late-night buses to East Contra Costa

KRON 4, 11-20-2015

Roadshow: To beat Thanksgiving traffic, use QuickMap, Waze

San Jose Mercury News, 11-19-2015

Central Subway project walking tour shows light at end of tunnel

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-19-2015

CO2: Earth Passes Into ‘Uncharted Territory’

KQED News, 11-19-2015

California emissions rules charge debate over all-electric cars vs. hybrids

Los Angeles Times, 11-19-2015

Roadshow: Why 'The 405' is called 'The 405'

San Jose Mercury News, 11-18-2015

Richmond Ferry Service to San Francisco Inches Closer to Reality

KQED News, 11-18-2015

SMART moves forward with commuter rail extension to Larkspur

Marin Independent Journal, 11-18-2015

State PUC orders Santa Rosa, SMART to block risky rail crossings at Jennings Avenue

Press Democrat, 11-18-2015

Final rules should ease the path for Google buses

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-18-2015

Proposed Sebastopol General Plan seeks to add housing

Press Democrat, 11-18-2015

Highway bill gets another punt; Senate Republicans could skip another Planned Parenthood vote and the Confederate flag fight

Washington Post, 11-17-2015

Corporate buses, symbol of changing San Francisco, gain approval

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-17-2015

Longtime Oakland politician and former county supervisor Mary V. King has died

Inside Bay Area, 11-17-2015

Roadshow: Tully Road signals go bonkers

San Jose Mercury News, 11-17-2015

Muni testing fare app with hopes of cutting down cash purchases

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-16-2015

Uber drivers can now fill seats on their commutes

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-16-2015

Roadshow: Yellow sidewalk bumps arouse strong opinions

San Jose Mercury News, 11-16-2015

Google antsy as California slow on self-driving car rules

Associated Press, 11-16-2015

Fate of ‘Google Buses’ to be debated by transit board

San Francisco Examiner, 11-16-2015

Issue of access across SMART tracks spurs conflict with landowners

Press Democrat, 11-16-2015

Terra Linda shuttle to Larkspur ferry given more time to attract riders

Marin Independent Journal, 11-16-2015

Faster, cheaper, better ways to move: by bike

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-16-2015

Glover makes it to eBART Pittsburg Center Station event

Contra Costa Times, 11-16-2015

Berkeley: Few prospects for affordable housing, panel says

Contra Costa Times, 11-16-2015

Roadshow: Seat belts on school buses finally becomes nationwide law

San Jose Mercury News, 11-15-2015

Oakland moving in right direction with idea to replace I-980

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-14-2015

Rash of hurt pedestrians leaves S.F.’s Vision Zero out of focus

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-14-2015

Caltrans implodes Bay Bridge pier

San Jose Mercury News, 11-14-2015

Solano Safe Routes to School program gets $3M boost

Daily Republic, 11-13-2015

First in series of Caltrain bridges replaced: Engineers strategize to reduce impacts to commuters

Daily Journal, 11-13-2015

Roadshow: Caltrans freeway angels active on Dumbarton Bridge

San Jose Mercury News, 11-13-2015

We should mourn the passing of the Bay Bridge’s east span

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-13-2015

Bye, bye Bay Bridge

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-13-2015

Roadshow: Increased collisions worry Highway 17 drivers

San Jose Mercury News, 11-12-2015

Feds OK $5.2 million grant for Muir Woods Road improvement project

Marin Independent Journal, 11-12-2015

Unfair shots at new Bay Bridge span

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-12-2015

Self-driving Google car pulled over in Mountain View

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-12-2015

No cops needed: S.F. pushes bid for automated speed cameras

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-12-2015

Bay Area must fight runaway housing costs

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-12-2015

Electric vehicles beat gasoline cars in cradle-to-grave emissions study

San Jose Mercury News, 11-12-2015

Roadshow: I-280 drivers beg for new lane markers before the rains hit

San Jose Mercury News, 11-11-2015

Need an EV battery fill-up? At many charging stations, get in line

San Jose Mercury News, 11-11-2015

Sunken Hallidie Plaza was a deeply wrong design idea

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-11-2015

SMART smooths tracks in anticipation of service in 2016

Marin Independent Journal, 11-10-2015

Editorial: Quinn: The housing crisis ahead of us

San Jose Mercury News, 11-10-2015

Law expanding HOV access to plug-in cars drives higher sales, UCLA study says

Los Angeles Times, 11-10-2015

Roadshow: Longer hours considered for Bay Area metering lights

San Jose Mercury News, 11-10-2015

Editorial: Mercury News editorial: San Jose rideshares, taxis can share airport business

San Jose Mercury News, 11-9-2015

Bay Area group’s housing solution: Punish cities that don’t build

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-9-2015

Here's what California can expect from Congress' highway bill

Los Angeles Times, 11-9-2015

Napa Valley gets its first green bike lanes

Napa Valley Register, 11-9-2015

Forum set for $13 million plan to ease traffic on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard

Marin Independent Journal, 11-9-2015

BART to raise parking fees at 4 stations in December

Napa Valley Register, 11-9-2015

Roadshow: Rising cost of high-speed rail (while potholes go unfilled) rankles many

San Jose Mercury News, 11-9-2015

Roadshow: Valley Fair parking garage to open on Black Friday

San Jose Mercury News, 11-8-2015

Marin coastal neighborhoods could face calamity from rising seas, planning report says

Marin Independent Journal, 11-8-2015

BART’s Powell Street Station, long an eyesore, gets fix-up plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-8-2015

Editorial: Guest commentary: Connecting BART to ACE train must become priority item

Inside Bay Area, 11-7-2015

Berkeley assesses greenhouse emission reduction efforts

San Jose Mercury News, 11-7-2015

Roadshow: Are they going to do anything about the 880-to-280 curve?

San Jose Mercury News, 11-6-2015

With the Bay Area economy booming, where will workers live?

San Jose Mercury News, 11-6-2015

Livermore: Workshop to discuss neighborhood near proposed BART Station

Contra Costa Times, 11-6-2015

Bay Area needs powerful regional government, study says

Contra Costa Times, 11-6-2015

S.F. explores housing density ‘bonus’ if affordable units added

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-6-2015

FHWA Says Nation's Vehicle Mileage Continues Historic Climb for 18th Month

AASHTO Journal, 11-6-2015

Iteris Awarded $8.9 Million 511 Traveler Information Contract by the San Francisco Bay Area MTC

Business Wire, 11-5-2015

Roadshow: Why are Zanker drivers making this odd maneuver?

San Jose Mercury News, 11-5-2015

Alameda: City Council imposes moratorium on some rent increases

Inside Bay Area, 11-5-2015

Editorial: Guest commentary: Regional agencies need to focus on the Bay Area's future

San Jose Mercury News, 11-5-2015

Oakland Tribune editorial: Give California voters the facts on high-speed rail

Inside Bay Area, 11-5-2015

California needs to build German-style high-speed rail

San Francisco Examiner, 11-5-2015

Highway bill passes House, but funding shortfall remains

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-5-2015

Berkeley Plaza housing needed, but meets with resistance

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-5-2015

House plows through highway bill amendments; selecting a new Ways and Means Chairman; and McConnell preps a defense spending bill

Washington Post, 11-4-2015

At lawmakers' urging, agency reveals report on growing bullet train costs

Los Angeles Times, 11-4-2015

Spering to talk about proposed Solano tax increase

Daily Republic, 11-4-2015

Roadshow: I-280 lane shift surprises commuters

San Jose Mercury News, 11-4-2015

City moves into 2nd phase of Adeline Corridor planning project

The Daily Californian, 11-4-2015

How Uber’s Autonomous Cars Will Destroy 10 Million Jobs and Reshape the Economy by 2025

Zack Kanter, 11-4-2015

Steady answers on housing

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-4-2015

Contra Costa Interstate 80 commute ride share offered

Contra Costa Times, 11-4-2015

Danville: 150-unit proposed apartment complex called too urban

Contra Costa Times, 11-4-2015

Santa Rosa seeks public input on redesigning bus routes

Press Democrat, 11-4-2015

Mill Valley seeks way to ease traffic impact of development

Marin Independent Journal, 11-4-2015

Vine Trail gets $6.1 million boost for Upvalley segment

Napa Valley Register, 11-3-2015

Oakland council votes to drop daily parking passes to $5

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-3-2015

Roadshow: What to do when metering lights aren't working

San Jose Mercury News, 11-3-2015

Bay Bridge bike path delay has cyclists spinning wheels

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-2-2015

Mr. Roadshow's miracles: How readers' wishes get met

San Jose Mercury News, 11-2-2015

Winter ‘Spare the Air’ period begins Sunday

Marin Independent Journal, 11-2-2015

Budget bill taps victims fund; Boehner defends the deal and a Highway Trust Fund conference looms

Washington Post, 11-2-2015

Billions in road fixes will emphasize transit, not private cars

San Francisco Chronicle, 11-2-2015

More East Bay transit agencies to begin accepting Clipper cards

KRON 4, 11-1-2015

Shrinking Napa farmland raises questions for Farm Bureau

Napa Valley Register, 11-1-2015

Roadshow: Hefty landfill fees may contribute to illegal dumping on our roadways

San Jose Mercury News, 11-1-2015


Vine Trail gets $6.1 million boost for Upvalley segment

Napa Valley Register, 10-31-2015

Winter ‘Spare the Air’ period begins Sunday

Marin Independent Journal, 10-31-2015

Residents alarmed by program encouraging density in residential developments

San Francisco Examiner, 10-30-2015

Roadshow: Kudos for the Benicia Bridge, 101 metering lights

Contra Costa Times, 10-30-2015

Contra Costa transit agencies join Clipper card service

Contra Costa Times, 10-30-2015

Roadshow: 'I thought the metering lights would be a nightmare, but no'

San Jose Mercury News, 10-30-2015

Editorial: Daniel Borenstein: Much at stake for Bay Area in regional planning merger talks

Inside Bay Area, 10-30-2015

Transit project changes: What it means for your Bay Area commute

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-30-2015

Streamlined regional planning agency considered

San Mateo Daily Journal, 10-29-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Focusing on protecting Marin’s affordable housing

Marin Independent Journal, 10-29-2015

Roadshow: Tips for staying safe on Halloween

San Jose Mercury News, 10-29-2015

Tri-Valley leaders unified on regional issues

Pleasanton Weekly, 10-28-2015

Roadshow: Are these the all-time road failures in the Bay Area?

San Jose Mercury News, 10-28-2015

SF lays blueprint for future subways

SF Bay, 10-28-2015

How our housing choices make adult friendships more difficult

VOX, 10-28-2015

How to beat Uber’s surge pricing in S.F. this weekend

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-28-2015

Report says Uber surge pricing has a twist: some drivers flee

SF Gate, 10-28-2015

BART to test new train cars with third door

SF Gate, 10-28-2015

Bay Area regional planning agencies to merge

Contra Costa Times, 10-28-2015

Bay Area Lawmakers Talk About Raising Bridge Tolls

CBS SF Bay Area, 10-28-2015

Bay Area's transit and housing overlords move to cooperate with 'miracle' merger

Silicon Valley Business Journal, 10-28-2015

Green housing package sails through Berkeley council

Berkeleyside, 10-28-2015

Roadshow: Santa Teresa in South San Jose is one rough ride

San Jose Mercury News, 10-27-2015

Roadshow: Caltrain parking woes add to freeway delays

San Jose Mercury News, 10-27-2015

Google, Tesla, others wait for DMV's self-driving rules

San Jose Mercury News, 10-27-2015

Falling highways: California roads crumble as tax fight wears on

Contra Costa Times, 10-27-2015

Restored wetlands and the floods in our future

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-27-2015

Roadshow: The debate on highway names roars on

San Jose Mercury News, 10-27-2015

Editorial: Egon Terplan: Bay area needs a single regional agency for planning and funding

San Jose Mercury News, 10-27-2015

Caltrans to implode underwater pier beneath old Bay Bridge

KTVU 2, 10-27-2015

Oakland's Sweeping Plan for Parking

East Bay Express, 10-27-2015

Lafayette mulls electric charging stations

Contra Costa Times, 10-27-2015

Poll: S.F. voters may back higher taxes for transportation fixes

SF Gate, 10-27-2015

Contrasting concepts for shaping future shoreline

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-27-2015

Ridesharing systems could cut greenhouse gases, study says

Metro Magazine, 10-27-2015

Berkeley City Council to hear update on street repaving, green infrastructure

Daily Californian, 10-27-2015

Fears of failure grow for rods on Bay Bridge eastern span

SF Gate, 10-26-2015

Report: $68B bullet train project likely to overshoot budget

Napa Valley Register, 10-26-2015

Sonoma County activists lobby for rent control

Press Democrat, 10-26-2015

Editorial: Don’t give PG&E a monopoly on electric vehicle charging stations

Sacramento Bee, 10-26-2015

Transit planners to look into the past to plan subways of the future

San Francisco Examiner, 10-26-2015

The Ryan power dynamic; Lew issues another debt limit warning; Highway Trust Fund running out, again

Washington Post, 10-26-2015

Choppy path to road upgrade: Belmont denied county TA grant, staged implementation plan in works

San Mateo Daily Journal, 10-26-2015

NCTPA asks: What's in a name?

Napa Valley Register, 10-25-2015

Golden Gate continues to look at Tiburon Ferry operation

Marin Independent Journal, 10-25-2015

$60 million for transportation in latest Warriors arena plan

SF Gate, 10-24-2015

Editorial: Guest commentary: Deceptive initiative would harm local infrastructure projects

Contra Costa Times, 10-24-2015

WATCH: Shoddy roads star in California transportation coalition video

Sacramento Bee, 10-24-2015

Brentwood BART dream may start with a bus center

Inside Bay Area, 10-23-2015

Warm Springs BART station opening delayed in Fremont

Inside Bay Area, 10-23-2015

Capitol Avenue extension completes first phase in Fremont

Inside Bay Area, 10-23-2015

Roadshow: How do I get updates on roads closed by storms?

San Jose Mercury News, 10-23-2015

Golden Gate continues to look at Tiburon Ferry operation

Marin Independent Journal, 10-23-2015

Golden Gate Bridge looks at financial future

Marin Independent Journal, 10-23-2015

BART refurbishing aging train cars

San Francisco Examiner, 10-23-2015

Roadshow: $1 billion price tag for San Jose's 101-880 interchange

San Jose Mercury News, 10-22-2015

Oakland approves funding for wage and tenant protection laws

Contra Costa Times, 10-22-2015

$1.4 million grant propels downtown Novato bus stop project

Marin Independent Journal, 10-22-2015

SMART begins testing trains in Novato

Marin Independent Journal, 10-22-2015

Solano agency wants input on route changes for transit system

Daily Republic, 10-22-2015

Check Out the Modern Museum of Clipper Cards

Bold Italic, 10-22-2015

Video: Investigation continues on fallen Interstate 880 guardrail in Oakland, funding could have been issue

KRON 4, 10-22-2015

Deferred maintenance led to 880 guard rail failure

KTVU 2, 10-22-2015

Uber asks Pool users to push employers to subsidize commutes

SF Gate, 10-21-2015

Bay housing market has best September since 2009

Inside Bay Area, 10-21-2015

Contra Costa supervisors greenlight transportation tax, hold off on public safety tax

Contra Costa Times, 10-21-2015

Bay Area, California transportation needs, money topic of forum

Contra Costa Times, 10-21-2015

Roadshow's latest traffic headache: Waits of up to an hour for bridge painting

San Jose Mercury News, 10-21-2015

Editorial: Railroads engage in brinkmanship over safety and freight shutdown

Sacrameno Bee, 10-21-2015

City flush with public art: Art installations coming to downtown Redwood City, on Bay Trail

San Mateo Daily Journal, 10-21-2015

Roadshow: Highway 92-El Camino Real improvements get a green light

San Jose Mercury News, 10-20-2015

New shuttle from San Rafael Transit Center to Larkspur Ferry Terminal off to sluggish start

Marin Independent Journal, 10-20-2015

Debate persists as development transit fee advances to Board of Supervisors

San Francisco Examiner, 10-20-2015

Oakland, Richmond to Receive $15 Million for Bike And Pedestrian Projects

East Bay Express, 10-20-2015

Attention Bay Area drivers: Transportation agencies seek your input on highway and street conditions at forum, Thursday

Antioch Herald, 10-20-2015

Dynamic Ridesharing Services Can Make A Big Environmental Impact

Sys-con Media, 10-20-2015

Planners try to keep pace with prosperity

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-20-2015

Roadshow: Could Akron's roads be worse than the Bay Area's?

San Jose Mercury News, 10-19-2015

Editorial: Guest commentary: Bay Area must restructure way it manages transportation needs

Contra Costa Times, 10-19-2015

SMART rail will have top cop when service begins in 2016

Marin Independent Journal, 10-19-2015

Loss of Bay wetlands leaves huge risk of sea-level rise

Inside Bay Area, 10-19-2015

Dense development is suburbia’s best bet at old racetrack site

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-19-2015

Private firms question California high-speed rail funding

AP, 10-18-2015

County's high traffic accident injury rate falling

Napa Valley Register, 10-18-2015

Roadshow: California gas prices, and how San Jose compares to other cities

San Jose Mercury News, 10-18-2015

AM Alert: Transportation funding special session revs up

Sacrameno Bee, 10-17-2015

Attention Bay Area Drivers: Transportation Agencies Seek Your Views on Highway and Street Conditions

ABC News 4, 10-17-2015

Business coalition pitches toll road proposal for Highway 37 upgrade

Press Democrat, 10-17-2015

Proposed plan would tighten rules on Google bus and shuttles

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-17-2015

The self-driving Tesla has arrived

SF Gate, 10-17-2015

Palo Alto: High-speed rail coming sooner than expected

San Jose Mercury News, 10-17-2015

Bay Area Commuters Angered Over Mismanagement Of Bridge Project

NPR, 10-16-2015

Roadshow: The day I-80 collapsed in the East Bay

San Jose Mercury News, 10-14-2015

Transit ideas worth big bucks

San Francisco Examiner, 10-14-2015

New posters remind Marin bus and ferry riders about etiquette

Marin Independent Journal, 10-13-2015

Roadshow: Why is Lawrence Expressway suddenly so gray and dusty?

San Jose Mercury News, 10-13-2015

Gov. Brown gives green light to motorized skateboards and scooters

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-13-2015

The cables used by ‘cable cars’ are fraying, prompting car ban on Powell

San Francisco Examiner, 10-12-2015

Revolutionary new pedestrian traffic signal being tested in San Jose

San Jose Mercury News, 10-12-2015

Roadshow: Highway 101 metering lights will start operating next week

San Jose Mercury News, 10-12-2015

This is how rising seas will reshape the face of the United States

Washington Post, 10-12-2015

Marin County officials: Rent control among strategies to preserve affordable housing

Marin Independent Journal, 10-11-2015

Golden Gate Transit modifies service across Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

Marin Independent Journal, 10-11-2015

Roadshow: Roads in other states put California to shame

San Jose Mercury News, 10-10-2015

Roadshow: Are roundabouts right for California?

San Jose Mercury News, 10-9-2015

Roadshow: Braking with left foot is favored by some senior drivers

San Jose Mercury News, 10-8-2015

Marin kids dump cars, jump on buses and bikes, walk to school

Marin Independent Journal, 10-8-2015

Caltrain proposing 50-cent fare increase; public meetings scheduled

San Jose Mercury News, 10-8-2015

East San Rafael residents sound off on speed limit hike

Marin Independent Journal, 10-8-2015

California DMV official speaks candidly about the headache of regulating self-driving cars

Washington Post, 10-8-2015

Students hit the streets walking, rolling

Petaluma 360, 10-8-2015

Brown signs climate law mandating 50% renewable power by 2030

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-7-2015

Hercules announces upcoming closure of Willow Avenue for repair project

Inside Bay Area, 10-7-2015

Gov signs bill: No bike or ped tolls on Golden Gate Bridge

Marin Independent Journal, 10-7-2015

Roadshow: Opening of BART Warm Springs station pushed back to next year

San Jose Mercury News, 10-7-2015

U.S. Secretary of Transportation approves of ‘aggressive projects’ like SF subway master plan

San Francisco Examiner, 10-6-2015

State grant will boost Napa traffic enforcement

Napa Valley Register, 10-6-2015

Roadshow: Confusing traffic lights near new Apple campus

San Jose Mercury News, 10-6-2015

The day a Bay Area bridge was blown sky-high

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-6-2015

S.F. Muni gets permanent OK for traffic-ticket cameras on buses

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-5-2015

Roadshow: More pedestrians strolling down Lincoln Avenue

San Jose Mercury News, 10-5-2015

Cyclists’ Idaho stop becomes hot potato in San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-5-2015

Muni testing mobile ticketing app for select riders

San Francisco Examiner, 10-5-2015

NCTPA still pursuing $38 million bus maintenance yard

Napa Valley Register, 10-5-2015

Berkeley Councilmember Lori Droste Proposes Reforms to Prioritize Affordable Housing Over Parking

East Bay Express, 10-5-2015

As Infrastructure Creaks, Congress Dithers

Wall Street Journal, 10-5-2015

S.F.’s temporary tech shuttle rules get good report

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-4-2015

El Camino bus plan could threaten support for sales tax

San Jose Mercury News, 10-4-2015

Roadshow: To many, I-280 remains 'the most beautiful freeway'

San Jose Mercury News, 10-4-2015

New EPA smog rules will help you breathe easier but at a price

San Jose Mercury News, 10-2-2015

Highway 101 projects get OK: San Mateo County Transportation Authority allocates $108M in local sales tax money

Daily Journal, 10-2-2015

Mr. Roadshow's gas price contest: We have two winners

San Jose Mercury News, 10-2-2015

California High-Speed Rail Seeks Private Investors, Input

ABC News, 10-2-2015

California high-speed rail could survive McCarthy as Speaker: official

Reuters, 10-2-2015

Video: Jerry Brown defends air board, says climate change ‘not stuff for amateurs’

Sacramento Bee, 10-1-2015

Roadshow: Bay Area traffic worse than Los Angeles? Ha!

San Jose Mercury News, 10-1-2015

California offering amnesty on traffic debt for poor

Inside Bay Area, 10-1-2015

Contra Costa law enforcement agencies to offer free vehicle anti-theft devices

Contra Costa Times, 10-1-2015