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MAY 2015

Roadshow: Photographing highway road kill is not a good idea

San Jose Mercury News, 5-26-2015

SF public transit excels in accessibility for the disabled

San Francisco Examiner, 5-25-2015

San Mateo-Hayward Bridge reopens to traffic after Memorial Day weekend work

Contra Costa Times, 5-25-2015

High-speed rail and infill: A great marriage for California

Sacramento Bee, 5-25-2015

Climate change could overwhelm California, Obama adviser says

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-25-2015

Roadshow: California may allow more green carpool stickers

San Jose Mercury News, 5-25-2015

California gas tax increase: Is this the year Jerry Brown pushes it through?

San Jose Mercury News, 5-24-2015

Roadshow: Highway 85 expansion, and what it means for buses and big rigs

San Jose Mercury News, 5-24-2015

Editorial: Opinion: California’s carbon fees generate big money

Sacramento Bee, 5-24-2015

Our SF: Frank Lloyd Wright had the right idea

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-23-2015

Roadshow: Lane-splitting would be officially legal in California under proposed measure

San Jose Mercury News, 5-22-2015

Carpooling by Uber, Lyft OK’d by California Assembly

Sacramento Bee, 5-22-2015

More than 400 Bay Bridge anchor rods pass seismic test

KTVU-2, 5-22-2015

When it comes to moving and removing bus stops, it’s rarely a smooth ride for Muni

San Francisco Examiner, 5-22-2015

Look out Uber, tuk-tuks may be coming to America

San Jose Mercury News, 5-22-2015

California Assembly votes to legalize paid carpools

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-22-2015

Transportation patch waits on Senate sidelines

Politico, 5-21-2015

Muni to implement double stopping at certain stations

San Francisco Examiner, 5-21-2015

Roadshow: Razing of I-280 in San Francisco has drivers concerned

San Jose Mercury News, 5-21-2015

Feds give SMART environmental clearance to go to Larkspur

Marin Independent Journal, 5-21-2015

San Mateo Bridge, BART weekend closures planned

San Jose Mercury News, 5-21-2015

U.S. census finally agrees: San Jose has 1 million residents

San Jose Mercury News, 5-21-2015

North Bay remains slowest-growing part of booming Bay Area

Press Democrat, 5-21-2015

Doyle Drive closure delayed

Main Independent Journal, 5-21-2015

Press Release: Ten U.S. Cities Now Have 1 Million People or More; California and Texas Each Have Three of These Places

U.S. Census Bureau, 5-21-2015

Oregon to test pay-per-mile idea as replacement for gas tax

Yahoo! News, 5-20-2015

Worker survey reveals challenges of sharing economy

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-20-2015

Bay Bridge tower rod is fractured, Caltrans says

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-20-2015

Santa Barbara oil pipeline leak rekindles memories of 1969 disaster

Los Angeles Times, 5-20-2015

Leap Transit shut down by the state for operating illegally

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-20-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Bringing public into Bay Area planning process

Marin Independent Journal, 5-20-2015

Where to keep momentum going in Bay Area after Bike to Work Day

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-20-2015

Why Congress Can't Solve America's Infrastructure Crisis

The Atlantic, 5-20-2015

More Problems For The Bay Bridge As Tower Rod Is Fractured

CBS SF Bay Area, 5-20-2015

Albany plans synchronized traffic signals

Contra Costa Times, 5-20-2015

Controversial Sausalito ferry dock project pulled from regional body’s agenda

Marin Independent Journal, 5-20-2015

State nears carpool lane decal limit for Volt, other plug-in hybrids

Los Angeles Times, 5-19-2015

S.F. leaders tour completed Central Subway tunnel

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-19-2015

Building for all: Nonprofit and developer team up for hybrid approach to housing crisis

San Francisco Examiner, 5-19-2015

New reports differ on impact of Airbnb on S.F.

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-19-2015

House OKs Point Reyes affordable housing bid

Marin Independent Journal, 5-19-2015

Roadshow: Using exit lane to bypass traffic has fellow commuters fuming

San Jose Mercury News, 5-19-2015

Roadshow: Why isn't Los Gatos complaining about Highway 85 widening?

San Jose Mercury News, 5-19-2015

Suisun housing update plan heads to City Council

Daily Republic, 5-18-2015

Roadshow: Tall weeds block view for merging drivers on I-680

San Jose Mercury News, 5-18-2015

Uber testing tiered payment system

San Francisco Examiner, 5-18-2015

Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign new climate change agreement

Los Angeles Times, 5-18-2015

Salty water swamping some Bay Bridge rods

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-18-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: SMART train heading to start of service

Marin Independent Journal, 5-18-2015

Roadshow: What they did to my charging car — prank or crime?

San Jose Mercury News, 5-18-2015

California’s economy is world’s second greenest

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-17-2015

I-280 teardown could lead to billion-dollar land rush

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-17-2015

How do you know when Muni is coming?

San Francisco Examiner, 5-17-2015

Mayor Lee ups ante with new $500 million affordable housing plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-17-2015

Airbnb is affecting S.F.’s rental stock; time to make the system work

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-17-2015

Editorial: Marin Voice: A case for affordable housing in Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 5-17-2015

Fireworks missing as new Plan Bay Area is discussed in Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 5-16-2015

S.F. traffic: Numbers don’t show why it really is bad

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-16-2015

Could Sidecar’s patent trip up Uber, Lyft?

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-16-2015

Saratoga, Cupertino challenge Highway 85 expansion

San Jose Mercury News, 5-15-2015

Roadshow: I'm getting free WiFi on the VTA bus. Will it last?

San Jose Mercury News, 5-15-2015

As Google deploys new robot cars on city streets, DMV scrambles to finish self-driving rulebook

San Jose Mercury News, 5-15-2015

Transit agencies consider new plans to relieve Bay Bridge morning commute

KTVU 2, 5-15-2015

BART's broken track: Tests show 'anomaly' that could be metal defect

Contra Costa Times, 5-15-2015

Fairfield cyclist Solano’s Bike Commuter of the Year

Daily Republic, 5-14-2015

Airbnb rentals cut deep into SF housing stock, report says

San Francisco Examiner, 5-14-2015

Transit center takes shape, showing how a city transforms

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-14-2015

Not enough money for highway repairs, Brown's budget acknowledges

San Jose Mercury News, 5-14-2015

Bay Area celebrates Bike to Work Day

Daily Republic, 5-14-2015

Wrong-way bus lane: right fix for Bay Bridge jams?

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-14-2015

Roadshow: Repaving El Camino Real is a way down the road

Press Democrat, 5-14-2015

How do you stop wrong-way drivers on freeways?

Sacramento Bee, 5-14-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Traffic safety on our bike paths

Marin Independent Journal, 5-14-2015

More than 100,000 rode bikes to work today, rain dampens total

Marinscope, 5-14-2015

Bicycles replace cars on Bike to Work Day

The Reporter, 5-14-2015

More Questions Emerge About Seismic Safety of Bay Bridge’s Eastern Span

KQED, 5-14-2015

Gas prices could hit $4 this weekend

U-T San Diego, 5-14-2015

Amnesty for traffic fines, court fees in Brown’s budget

Capitol Weekly, 5-14-2015

Editorial: Let Our Cities Move

New York Times, 5-13-2015

Inspectors assess Bay Bridge's steel rods for safety after rust detected

ABC 7 News, 5-13-2015

Beyond Repair: Does America Need To Reinvent Its Transportation Infrastructure?

Forbes, 5-13-2015

Alameda's population hits high

The Alamedan, 5-13-2015

Bay Bridge costs growing for tests, demolition

San Jose Mercury News, 5-13-2015

Roadshow: How drivers should turn right across bike lanes

San Jose Mercury News, 5-13-2015

State chief justice says unpaid traffic fines should get day in court

Los Angeles Times, 5-13-2015

Committee approves up to $4M to study latest Bay Bridge problems

Daily Journal, 5-13-2015

Editorial: More housing provides sustainable opportunities

San Francisco Examiner, 5-13-2015

Are Intermodal Hubs Fancy Capital Projects or Anchors for Future Investment?

Next City, 5-13-2015

Caltrans Removes Dying $10,000 Palm Trees From Bay Bridge Entrance In Oakland

CBS SF Bay Area, 5-13-2015

Bike to Work Day is Thursday

San Jose Mercury News, 5-13-2015

Doyle Drive to shut May 28 through June 1

Press Democrat, 5-13-2015

SF Bike to Work Day is Thursday

San Francisco Examiner, 5-13-2015


ABC 7 News, 5-12-2015

San Francisco mayor proposes razing part of major interstate

Daily Journal, 5-12-2015

Roadshow: Thieves add to freeway litter problems

San Jose Mercury News, 5-12-2015

Bay Bridge: Tests expedited on rods exposed to water

Contra Costa Times, 5-12-2015

MUNI gets a run for its money from new buses

Inside Bay Area, 5-12-2015

$4 Million In Toll Money Approved To Study Flooding In Bay Bridge’s Foundation

CBS SF Bay Area, 5-12-2015

Doyle Drive closure to wreak havoc on Marin commute

Marin Independent Journal, 5-12-2015

Bay Bridge committee OKs up to $4M to study latest problems

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-12-2015

Doyle Drive to finally reopen, construction closure planned

San Francisco Examiner, 5-12-2015

San Francisco commuters snub public transit for $6 bus ride

Marin Independent Journal, 5-12-2015

2 INVESTIGATES: Difficult to clear name after Fastrak errors

KTVU 2, 5-12-2015

More controversy swirls around Bay Bridge bolts

KTVU 2, 5-12-2015

Dept. of Transportation May Survey Bay Bridge After Corroded Rods Discovered

KGO 810, 5-12-2015

Humans at fault in self-driving car crashes

Los Angeles Times, 5-12-2015

Self-driving car accidents: 3 Google cars, 1 other since September in California

Contra Costa Times, 5-11-2015

How will the Mission housing moratorium affect rents? Supes want to know

San Francisco Business Times, 5-11-2015

San Mateo Bridge reopens in time for Monday commute

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-11-2015

Solano transportation board to discuss agency’s overall work plan

Daily Republic, 5-11-2015

Bay Bridge Pull Test Reveals Unstable Seismic Rod

KGO 810, 5-11-2015

San Francisco commuters snub public transit for $6 bus ride

Press Democrat, 5-11-2015

Plague of problems puts Bay Bridge seismic safety in question

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-11-2015

City mulls moving Caltrain station, tearing down part of I-280 for development

KTVU 2, 5-11-2015

Bay Bridge revelations are 'game changers,’ panel chief says

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-11-2015

Marin Voice: Getting Marin ready for updating Plan Bay Area

Marin Independent Journal, 5-11-2015

Neighbors outline demands for Adeline Corridor grant

Berkeleyside, 5-11-2015

Feds warn states about highway funding cut off

The Hill, 5-11-2015

Self-driving car accidents require more transparency on risk

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-11-2015

The High Cost of Expensive Townhouses

New York Magazine, 5-11-2015

With the arrival of SMART, commuter trains will roll in Marin for first time in 75 years

Marin Independent Journal, 5-11-2015

Marin IJ Editorial: Leadership needed to settle dock debate

Marin Independent Journal, 5-10-2015

Newspaper: California bullet train fare estimate a bargain

Napa Valley Register, 5-10-2015

Barnidge: BART riders put their love-hate relationship with the transit agency on display

Contra Costa Times, 5-10-2015

Roadshow: Potholes or safer streets: Where should our money go?

San Jose Mercury News, 5-10-2015

Tech in the tunnels: Muni train control system gets biggest upgrade since the ’90s

San Francisco Examiner, 5-10-2015

Growing California cap-and-trade fund attracts surge of spending proposals

Sacramento Bee, 5-10-2015

I-280 near Mission Bay would be razed in Caltrain tunnel plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-10-2015

Editorial: Texting, other digital distractions disrupt sidewalk safety

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-9-2015

Sonoma County road tax proposal Measure A in hands of voters

Press Democrat, 5-9-2015

49ers pledge $3 million for Santa Clara youth athletics

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-9-2015

Energizer stations planned for Bike to Work Day on Thursday

Napa Valley Register, 5-9-2015

Construction on streetcar loop along S.F. waterfront put on hold

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-9-2015

Caltrain ridership hits all-time high — again

Daily Journal, 5-8-2015

I-680 repaving project to begin

Daily Republic, 5-8-2015

Neighbors to hold Adeline Corridor meeting Saturday

Berkeleyside, 5-8-2015

Roadshow: Bay Bridge urban myth comes up again

San Jose Mercury News, 5-8-2015

California transit funding fight spreads as layoffs, cutback options loom

San Jose Mercury News, 5-8-2015

Editorial: To fix Bay Bridge, bring in federal Department of Transportation

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-8-2015

Transit tab for 49ers' Levi's Stadium soars

San Jose Mercury News, 5-8-2015

Bay Bridge news gets worse: Tower rod fails key test

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-8-2015

Agencies propose new Coastside priority conservation areas

Half Moon Bay Review, 5-7-2015

U.S. quake damage is a risk that goes way beyond California

Los Angeles Times, 5-7-2015

Metro poll suggests strong support for 2016 transportation tax hike

Los Angeles Times, 5-7-2015

Richmond Housing Authority improving, HUD report finds

Contra Costa Times, 5-7-2015

Weekend: San Mateo Bridge closed, East Bay BART service curtailed

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-7-2015

Roadshow: Game of catch helps while idling in traffic

San Jose Mercury News, 5-7-2015

BART broken track could have been caused by bad weld

Inside Bay Area, 5-7-2015

Caltrans announces sustainable transportation planning grants

Daily Republic, 5-7-2015

Suisun City charts future downtown waterfront uses

Daily Republic, 5-7-2015

BART Could See More Breakdowns On Tracks, Needs More Than $4 Billion To Upgrade Infrastructure

CBS SF Bay Area, 5-7-2015

San Mateo-Hayward Bridge to close for 2 weekends

KTVU 2, 5-6-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Improving Sir Francis Drake Boulevard

Marin Independent Journal, 5-6-2015

Roadshow: Cameras being tested on I-15 to nab carpool cheaters

San Jose Mercury News, 5-6-2015

Caltrans outlines work on Highway 29

Daily Republic, 5-6-2015

Bay Area Bike Share slated to expand to East Bay in 2016

Berkeleyside, 5-6-2015

Huffman urges better transportation funding plan at San Rafael forum

Marin Independent Journal, 5-6-2015

Bay Bridge ‘Project From Hell’ Develops New Problem In Foundation As Saltwater Gets In

CBS SF Bay Area, 5-6-2015

Caltrans responds to Bay Bridge leak concerns

Contra Costa Times, 5-6-2015

Caltrans announces work on Highway 160

Daily Republic, 5-6-2015

Commuters find way home after nightmare day for BART

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-6-2015

Series of small East Bay quakes signals rising stress on faults

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-6-2015

Marin students pedal health benefits on Bike to School Day

Marin Independent Journal, 5-6-2015

Trains will stop twice before exiting station in new Muni process

San Francisco Examiner, 5-6-2015

Ominous signs of problems with new Bay Bridge foundation

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-5-2015

Roadshow: Oregon's gas a lot cheaper than California's

San Jose Mercury News, 5-5-2015

Organizers expect large Solano turnout for Bike to School Day

Daily Republic, 5-5-2015

Gas prices flatten, but group says oil companies gouge drivers

San Jose Mercury News, 5-5-2015

Tax credit, road repairs on budget wish list from Assembly Democrats

Los Angeles Times, 5-5-2015

Emergency 25% cut in California cities' water use approved

Los Angeles Times, 5-5-2015

Campos wants moratorium on new housing in the Mission

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-5-2015

Sausalito City Council rejects controversial ferry dock project

Marin Independent Journal, 5-5-2015

Car sharing to expand in San Mateo

Daily Journal, 5-4-2015

Roadshow: List of San Jose streets to be repaired this year

San Jose Mercury News, 5-4-2015

Mayor Ed Lee unveils $1 billion transportation budget

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-4-2015

California gas prices jump 31 cents in 1 week on refinery woes

San Francisco Chronicle, 5-4-2015

SMART and state in property disagreement after levee break

Marin Independent Journal, 5-4-2015

Napa meeting to explain Plan Bay Area 2040

Napa Valley Register, 5-4-2015

Uber and Lyft face legal test to sharing economy

San Jose Mercury News, 5-3-2015

Napa hooks up to Bay Area water trail

Napa Valley Register, 5-3-2015

Mayor, supervisors to announce proposal to boost SFMTA funding

San Francisco Examiner, 5-3-2015

Editorial: Marinview: What can transportation officials do to make walking and biking to Marin County schools safer?

Marin Independent Journal, 5-3-2015

3.6 Quake in Contra Costa County Shakes Bay Area

KQED, 5-3-2015

Roadshow: Is pothole-riddled Newhall Street most dreadful in San Jose?

San Jose Mercury News, 5-3-2015

Caltrain’s new bike-bump form aims to inform cyclists when trains are full

San Francisco Examiner, 5-3-2015

San Jose has ambitious plans to make city streets safer for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians

San Jose Mercury News, 5-3-2015

Editorial: Marin Voice: Completing the SMART multi-use path takes a partnership

Marin Independent Journal, 5-2-2015

Editorial: Marin Voice: Flaws in the push for workforce housing in Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 5-2-2015

Editorial: Dick Spotswood: Fix traffic first, then tackle housing

Marin Independent Journal, 5-2-2015

Congressional panel approves Point Reyes affordable housing plan

Marin Independent Journal, 5-1-2015

Roadshow: San Mateo Bridge to be closed for two weekends

San Jose Mercury News, 5-1-2015

APRIL 2015

Sausalito City Council to get hot button ferry dock project

Marin Independent Journal, 4-30-2015

Survey: Napans have one of the shortest commutes in Bay Area

Napa Valley Register, 4-30-2015

Editorial: Brown’s goals on water and climate change need specifics

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-30-2015

I-80 freeway information signs won't make sense during testing

Inside Bay Area, 4-30-2015

Editorial: Oakland Tribune editorial: Videotape exposes BART police brutality

Oakland Tribune, 4-30-2015

Roadshow: Smog check math puzzles used-car buyer

San Jose Mercury News, 4-30-2015

Poll: Voters would support 10-cent gas tax hike

The Hill, 4-29-2015

BART May Ask Taxpayers For The Billions It Needs To Keep Trains Running

CBS SF Bay Area, 4-29-2015

Jerry Brown issues a more ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target

Sacramento Bee, 4-29-2015

Editorial: Break the logjam on affordable housing

Sacramento Bee, 4-29-2015

Roadshow: Should driver who hit woman in parking lot have stuck around?

San Jose Mercury News, 4-29-2015

Editorial: No time to breathe easy on air quality

Sacramento Bee, 4-29-2015

Gov. Jerry Brown issues aggressive plan to slash California greenhouse gases by 2030

Inside Bay Area, 4-29-2015

Bay Bridge water leak spat hardens

Inside Bay Area, 4-29-2015

Supervisor Federal Glover's new organs functioning well after transplant

San Jose Mercury News, 4-29-2015

Editorial: My Word: City planner addresses traffic, transparency concerns

Inside Bay Area, 4-29-2015

California air is getting cleaner, new report says

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-29-2015

Editorial: Bike Month celebrates benefits of 2-wheeled transportation

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-29-2015

BART Faces Big Investment Shortfall, State Auditor Says

KQED, 4-29-2015

GOP leader: Gas tax hike 'politically impossible'

The Hill, 4-28-2015

Tech boom pressures Silicon Valley housing and transportation

San Jose Mercury News, 4-28-2015

Berkeley Bicycle Plan workshop draws a crowd

Berkeleyside, 4-28-2015

Editorial: Opinion: Republicans’ road fund complaints are dead wrong

Sacramento Bee, 4-28-2015

Millbrae roads to receive repairs: Officials carving out spending plan for streets that require maintenance, according to report

Daily Journal, 4-28-2015

Roadshow: Rules on disabled parking spaces

San Jose Mercury News, 4-28-2015

End of the car age: how cities are outgrowing the automobile

Guardian UK, 4-28-2015

BART needs billions for new cars, operating system and maintenance complex

San Jose Mercury News, 4-28-2015

Berkeley riders sound off on city bicycle plan update

Contra Costa Times, 4-28-2015

Sonoma County gets high marks for good air quality

Press Democrat, 4-28-2015

Supes take aim at fires, housing, private commute shuttles

San Francisco Examiner, 4-28-2015

BART to ease crowding in new budget

San Francisco Examiner, 4-28-2015

Editorial: Jim Beall: A plan to fix California's streets and highways

San Jose Mercury News, 4-27-2015

Transportation leaders point to need for funding changes

Daily Republic, 4-27-2015

Roadshow: Raising sales tax for road projects could get easier

San Jose Mercury News, 4-27-2015

Bike lane improvements blooming all over SF

San Francisco Examiner, 4-27-2015

BART Creating Communities Around Transit Stations

The Registry, 4-27-2015

Drought Frames Economic Divide of Californians

New York Times, 4-26-2015

Roadshow: You won't believe what these drivers did behind the wheel

San Jose Mercury News, 4-26-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: COM transit plan sounds promising

Marin Independent Journal, 4-26-2015

Golden Gate Bridge district signs lease for new Marin Airporter hub in San Rafael

Marin Independent Journal, 4-26-2015

S.F. considers changing parking permit program to ease concerns

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-26-2015

Seven supes will ride Muni for 22 days in June; mayor hasn’t weighed in

San Francisco Examiner, 4-26-2015

BART director wants to display board’s photos in cars, stations

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-26-2015

Automakers rev up innovation in the Bay Area

San Jose Mercury News, 4-25-2015

California Coastal Trail restoration gains support: Half Moon Bay, counties, state nominate regional segment as Priority Conservation Area

Daily Journal, 4-25-2015

Golden Gate Bridge officials want to keep drones away from span

Marin Independent Journal, 4-24-2015

Caltrans was warned of Bay Bridge leaking before span opened

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-24-2015

Transportation funding an issue in Solano County

The Reporter, 4-24-2015

Marin residents asked to weigh in on $13.2 million Sir Francis Drake Boulevard project

Marin Independent Journal, 4-24-2015

Roadshow: Get used to the train, red light delays on Castro Street

San Jose Mercury News, 4-24-2015

One Bay Area Topic of Meeting

The Independent, 4-23-2015

Roadshow: More South Bay streets going on a 'diet'

San Jose Mercury News, 4-23-2015

Roadshow: Riding an AC bus can be steamy on hot days

San Jose Mercury News, 4-23-2015

App targets oblivious drivers who miss the light turning green

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-23-2015

San Francisco pledges to end deaths on city roadways

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-23-2015

Interchange project marks major milestone

Daily Republic, 4-23-2015

Walnut Creek has green-light alert for drivers

Contra Costa Times, 4-23-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: So far, so good for median barrier

Marin Independent Journal, 4-23-2015

Panel looks at ways to keep Napa affordable

Napa Valley Register, 4-23-2015

Editorial: Cap and trade is hiding a gas tax increase

Sacramento Bee, 4-23-2015

Vallejo hires consultant to help with developing a fiber optic master plan

Times Herald, 4-23-2015

55 percent threshold to OK taxes for local transporation wins narrow Fairfield approval

Daily Republic, 4-22-2015

Maintaining The Roads

Lamorinda Wekly, 4-22-2015

Council discusses housing element changes

Mill Valley Herald, 4-22-2015

A Big Fight Over a Small Slice of the Transportation Pie

National Journal, 4-22-2015

BART budgets for less crowded, cleaner, on-time trains

Contra Costa Times, 4-22-2015

Better ferry service could ease Bay Area traffic woes

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-22-2015

Transportation plans face financial roadblocks

Napa Valley Register, 4-21-2015

New trail provides access along the waterfronts

Sacramento Bee, 4-21-2015

S.F., Oakland and San Jose named worst cities in the U.S. for renters

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-21-2015

Mill Valley opts to abandon ‘excess capacity’ housing sites

Marin Independent Journal, 4-21-2015

Metropolitan Transportation Commission to expand Bay Area Bike Share System by 2017

The California Aggie, 4-21-2015

California bill would green-light on-demand car pools

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-21-2015

New bill could legalize paid carpooling

Los Angeles Times, 4-20-2015

Editorial: Big Oil has lots of explaining to do on gasoline price spikes

Sacramento Bee, 4-20-2015

Roadshow: Presidio Parkway changes loom in San Francisco

San Jose Mercury News, 4-20-2015

New diesels will modernize the VINE's bus fleet

Napa Valley Register, 4-20-2015

Marin transportation agency funds $4 million in projects for student safety

Marin Independent Journal, 4-20-2015

Editorial: Don’t ignore the San Francisco Bay’s needs during the drought

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-20-2015

Editorial: Ask voters to invest in BART improvements

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-20-2015

Judge rules that blind passengers can sue Uber for discrimination

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-20-2015

Passengers challenge S.F. officials to ride Muni for 22 days

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-20-2015

Roadshow: Potholes rile Bay Area drivers

The Reporter, 4-19-2015

Editorial: Transportation projects should benefit all drivers

Daily Republic, 4-19-2015

SF State students gain traction in pursuit of cheap transit

San Francisco Examiner, 4-19-2015

75% increase in driving cost is coming!

Palo Alto online, 4-19-2015

Bay Bridge's post-construction woes topic of meeting between top Caltrans executives and Bay Area transportation chiefs.

Contra Costa Times, 4-18-2015

Complaint: Commuter buses yanked disabled access for bar seating

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-18-2015

Roadshow: What's with the blank message boards on freeways?

San Jose Mercury News, 4-17-2015

Daniel Borenstein: BART looking to 2016 voters for property tax increase to fix ailing system

Inside Bay Area, 4-17-2015

Golden Gate Bridge movable barrier: So far, so good

Marin Independent Journal, 4-17-2015

Bay Bridge tests, repairs spur new concerns about span’s durability

Sacramento Bee, 4-17-2015

STA OKs pact for I-80 express lane project

Daily Republic, 4-16-2015

Housing comes down to politics plus big Academy of Art project

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-16-2015

California bill would force Uber to guard passenger privacy

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-16-2015

Lots of new housing in San Francisco, but it’s still not enough

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-16-2015

Plan Bay Area open house next month

The Reporter, 4-16-2015

The 10 Most Walkable Cities in America

Wired, 4-16-2015

Obama's climate-change policy faces an early court challenge

Los Angeles Times, 4-16-2015

Roadshow: What about a net for overpass jumpers?

San Jose Mercury News, 4-16-2015

Complaint: Commuter buses yanked disabled access for bar seating

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-16-2015

East Bay's rising economy has challenges ahead

Inside Bay Area, 4-16-2015

NCTPA looks to boost its identity with voters

Napa Valley Register, 4-16-2015

National pedestrian-safety organization Vision Zero Network launches in SF

San Francisco Examiner, 4-16-2015

Editorial: Let voters shift high-speed rail money to schools

Sacramento Bee, 4-16-2015

New FasTrak transponders available at Costco July 1

Manteca Bulletin, 4-16-2015

Editorial: S.F.’s Airbnb law needs to be fixed at the board, not the ballot

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-15-2015

Larkspur at bottom of road rankings, but is improving

Marin Independent Journal, 4-15-2015

Bike Month celebrates benefits of 2-wheeled transportation

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-15-2015

Pleasant Hill: BART development still in Planning Commission's hands

Inside Bay Area, 4-15-2015

Roadshow: Is this E-ZPass email legitimate?

San Jose Mercury News, 4-15-2015

Editorial: Marin Voice: More creativity needed to address local housing goals

Marin Independent Journal, 4-15-2015

Advocates blast SF mayor for backlog of pedestrian-safety projects

San Francisco Examiner, 4-15-2015

Bike to school week fosters safe, healthy path to class

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-15-2015

Vallejo City Council member’s comment draws ire of Mayor

Times Herald, 4-15-2015

Martinez city streets considered ‘at-risk’

Martinez News-Gazette, 4-15-2015

Editorial: Don't wait to discover ease of VINE buses

Napa Valley Register, 4-15-2015

Roadshow: Remembering tragic death of Aly Snow

San Jose Mercury News, 4-14-2015

Bay Area street paving scores released

Contra Costa Times, 4-14-2015

STA to consider agreement for I-80 express lane design work

Daily Republic, 4-14-2015

Did your city fail the Bay Area's housing supply test? Probably

Silicon Valley Business Journal, 4-14-2015

igher water rates on tap as utilities cover losses from drought

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-14-2015

Safety risk of shrinking airline seats questioned

Los Angeles Times, 4-14-2015

Lawmakers give special permission to L.A. County to raise taxes

Los Angeles Times, 4-14-2015

Napa road systems rated "fair" at best

Napa Valley Register, 4-14-2015

NTSB cites former BART policy of ‘simple approval’ as probable cause for two worker deaths in 2013

San Francisco Examiner, 4-14-2015

Santa Rosa’s about-face on county road tax

Press Democrat, 4-14-2015

BART launches campaign after recent suicides on the tracks

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-14-2015

City roads in Solano range from poor to good

The Reporter, 4-13-2015

Marin officials approve new bus service agreement with Golden Gate Transit

Marin Independent Journal, 4-13-2015

Vallejo streets worsening, new study finds

Times Herald, 4-13-2015

Small East Bay Fault Could Shut Down Refineries, Disrupt Fuel Industry In A Major Quake

CBS SF Bay Area, 4-13-2015

Bay Area roads no better no worse in 2014, report says

San Francisco Examiner, 4-13-2015

Marin kindergartners lose free rides on buses

Marin Independent Journal, 4-13-2015

BART can’t keep pace with rising 'crush loads’

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-13-2015

Roadshow: Is new flyover ramp from I-280 to I-880 an improvement?

San Jose Mercury News, 4-13-2015

Idaho Lawmakers Approve Gas Tax Increase, Adjourn Session

Northwest Public Radio, 4-13-2015

In California, a Wet Era May Be Ending

New York Times, 4-13-2015

Ontario to join California carbon market to fight global warming

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-13-2015

Urban life a core value for Echo Boomer families

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-12-2015

Parking Space May Be Final Frontier in the Sharing Economy

Newsweek, 4-12-2015

Roadshow: Drivers get creative in washing cars during drought

San Jose Mercury News, 4-12-2015

Self-driving cars: bumpy ride for insurance industry?

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-12-2015

Biden talks about workforce training during Bay Area visit

Daily Journal, 4-11-2015

Bill to hasten the creation of third lane on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

Times Herald, 4-11-2015

Richmond: Bay Trail group seeks volunteers for user tally

San Jose Mercury News, 4-11-2015

Editorial: Contra Costa Times editorial: BART should negotiate with neighbors over Pleasant Hill BART housing

Contra Costa Times, 4-11-2015

Roadshow: A pothole horror story on I-580

San Jose Mercury News, 4-10-2015

Smartphones as quake warning devices? Scientists test concept

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-10-2015

Menlo Park Planning Commission backs plan to add bike lanes to El Camino Real

San Jose Mercury News, 4-10-2015

BART track woes get a boost

Contra Costa Times, 4-10-2015

Muni given go-ahead for double berthing at downtown stations

San Francisco Examiner, 4-9-2015

Downtown San Jose parking meters' big flaw: They flip to 'expired' when trucks pass

San Jose Mercury News, 4-9-2015

Roadshow: Why those drivers behave so oddly around you

San Jose Mercury News, 4-9-2015

Roadshow: A driver's plea is to flash headlights to alert drivers with lights off

Contra Costa Times, 4-9-2015

San Jose Mayor Asks Congress To Renew $105 Billion Transportation Bill To Help Fund BART Extension

CBS SF Bay Area, 4-9-2015

Bill to hasten the creation of third lane on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge moving forward

Marin Independent Journal, 4-9-2015

Roadshow: Caltrans cuts water use by 30 percent

Contra Costa Times, 4-8-2015

State plans weekend Highway 12 closure

Daily Republic, 4-8-2015

Tesla alum to build electric buses in California

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-8-2015

4.2 million have lost driver’s licenses because of unpaid fees

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-8-2015

Editorial: My Word: Alameda planners' anti-car agenda to fail, cause misery

Inside Bay Area, 4-8-2015

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti releases sustainability plan for city

Los Angeles Daily News, 4-8-2015

BART seeks public input on next fare increases

San Francisco Examiner, 4-8-2015

Bay Area Bike Share Program To See 10-Fold Expansion

CBS SF Bay Area, 4-8-2015

oadshow: Copper thieves mess up 17-85 traffic

Contra Costa Times, 4-7-2015

Proposal to expand Bay Area Bike Share into Berkeley rolls forward

Daily Californian, 4-7-2015

BART: Bus bridge to get around track work in Oakland a success, agency says

Inside Bay Area, 4-7-2015

BART announces rate of planned 2016 fare increase

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-7-2015

First SMART cars roll into county

Press Democrat, 4-7-2015

Start-ups offer Bay Area travelers alternative to crowded bus system

Los Angeles Times, 4-7-2015

San Jose affordable housing law faces key legal test

San Jose Mercury News, 4-7-2015

Roadshow: Is it legal to use an exit ramp as a bypass?

San Jose Mercury News, 4-7-2015

Gas prices to drop to lowest in six years this summer, agency predicts

Los Angeles Times, 4-7-2015

In Parched California, Innovation, Like Water, Has Limits

New York Times, 4-7-2015

To Expand Bike-Share on the Peninsula, Cities Will Have to Support It

SF Streetsblog, 4-7-2015

California Considers Stricter Carbon Standards

Capital Public Radio, 4-7-2015

Bay Area Could Get 7,000 More Bike-Share Bikes

Next City, 4-7-2015

Editorial: Barnidge: Look, Ma, no hands! Automated cars will soon be a reality

Contra Costa Times, 4-6-2015

Uber jumping far ahead of taxis on S.F. expense reports

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-6-2015

Editorial: BART has a new problem: old tracks

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-6-2015

BART’s track troubles can’t be ignored

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-6-2015

Editorial: Snapped anchor rod adds to Bay Bridge concerns

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-6-2015

Bay Area’s population growth less impressive than it seems

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-6-2015

BART track work messes up commute on Sunday

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-6-2015

Roadshow: Some pedestrians want longer walk lights

San Jose Mercury News, 4-6-2015

Editorial: Guest commentary: Competent AC Transit general manager was driven out

Inside Bay Area, 4-6-2015

Richmond considers floating bond to speed up street paving program

Contra Costa Times, 4-6-2015

SF supes proposal seeks to monitor new construction for affordability

San Francisco Examiner, 4-6-2015

Bike Share's expansion plan leaves Palo Alto behind

Palo Alto Weekly, 4-6-2015

SF looks to reduce thefts while boosting transit alternative

San Francisco Examiner, 4-5-2015

Roadshow: Gas use by U.S. drivers lowest since 1984

San Jose Mercury News, 4-5-2015

Biggest service boost in years on tap for Muni

San Francisco Examiner, 4-5-2015

Editorial: SF Muni upgrades arrive just in time

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-5-2015

Long-awaited improvements to Martinez thoroughfare may finally be on the fast track

Contra Costa Times, 4-5-2015

SF looks to reduce thefts while boosting transit alternative

San Francisco Examiner, 4-5-2015

The incredible shrinking megacity: How Los Angeles engineered a housing crisis

Salon, 4-5-2015

San Francisco woman says clerical problem with Fastrak led to thousands in fines

KTVU 2, 4-4-2015

Space and the city

The Economist, 4-4-2015

Anchor rod on Bay Bridge may have snapped

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-4-2015

Roadshow: A stinky problem at BART stations

Contra Costa Times, 4-3-2015

Opening of 280-880 ramp delayed

San Jose Mercury News, 4-3-2015

Two new ferries to ply the bay

San Jose Mercury News, 4-3-2015

Bay Area bike-share program about to rev up

San Jose Mercury News, 4-3-2015

State agency rolls out option for funding affordable housing

Sacramento Business Journal, 4-3-2015

Roadshow: Metering lights for I-280/880 freeway connector

San Jose Mercury News, 4-2-2015

Bay Area Bike Share Expanding to East Bay in 2016 — 850 Bikes Planned for Oakland

East Bay Express, 4-2-2015

Bay Area is growing fast, especially one part of it

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-2-2015

Bike sharing steers toward massive expansion

SFBay, 4-2-2015

Recent Development Misses Berkeley's Real Housing Needs (News Analysis)

Berkeley Daily Planet, 4-2-2015

Muni’s vow: Service upgrades arriving soon

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-2-2015

Bay Area Bike Share program rolls out ambitious growth plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-2-2015

New Luxury Bus Lines Roll Into San Francisco

KQED, 4-2-2015

Editorial: No denial about crisis

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-2-2015

AC Transit mystery: Why did top exec go?

Inside Bay Area, 4-2-2015

Editorial: Business can’t ignore warming, sea level rise

Sacramento Bee, 4-2-2015

Orinda looks at three sites for low income housing

Monterey Herald, 4-2-2015

Feds: Highway funding runs out in July

The Hill, 4-2-2015

Governor issues mandatory water cuts as California snowpack hits record low

Sacramento Bee, 4-1-2015

Bay Area Is Almost Rock-Bottom in U.S. for Housing Creation

KQED, 4-1-2015

Improving streets

Marinscope, 4-1-2015

SF bicyclists feel road repair requests are being ignored

San Francisco Examiner, 4-1-2015

Roadshow: 241 carpool cheaters nabbed in a single day on I-880

San Jose Mercury News, 4-1-2015

Workshops set for countywide transportation plan

Napa Valley Register, 4-1-2015

San Jose: Mayor goes to D.C., looks to fund BART expansion

Marin Independent Journal, 4-1-2015

Poverty rates near record levels in Bay Area despite hot economy

Inside Bay Area, 4-1-2015

Mayor Lee plans $250 million housing bond for November ballot

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-1-2015

Oakland’s Jack London Square is latest height-limit battlefield

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-1-2015

How Much Water California Uses

New York Times, 4-1-2015

San Jose, S.F. traffic: Getting worse but still better than L.A.

San Jose Mercury News, 4-1-2015

BART bike stations provide more than secure parking

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-1-2015

Travel app: Point on the Bay Trail

Marin Independent Journal, 4-1-2015