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Roadshow: Are roundabouts right for California?

San Jose Mercury News, 10-9-2015

California DMV official speaks candidly about the headache of regulating self-driving cars

Washington Post, 10-8-2015

East San Rafael residents sound off on speed limit hike

Marin Independent Journal, 10-8-2015

Caltrain proposing 50-cent fare increase; public meetings scheduled

San Jose Mercury News, 10-8-2015

Roadshow: Braking with left foot is favored by some senior drivers

San Jose Mercury News, 10-8-2015

Gov signs bill: No bike or ped tolls on Golden Gate Bridge

Marin Independent Journal, 10-7-2015

Hercules announces upcoming closure of Willow Avenue for repair project

Inside Bay Area, 10-7-2015

Brown signs climate law mandating 50% renewable power by 2030

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-7-2015

Roadshow: Opening of BART Warm Springs station pushed back to next year

San Jose Mercury News, 10-7-2015

Roadshow: Confusing traffic lights near new Apple campus

San Jose Mercury News, 10-6-2015

U.S. Secretary of Transportation approves of ‘aggressive projects’ like SF subway master plan

San Francisco Examiner, 10-6-2015

State grant will boost Napa traffic enforcement

Napa Valley Register, 10-6-2015

Berkeley Councilmember Lori Droste Proposes Reforms to Prioritize Affordable Housing Over Parking

East Bay Express, 10-5-2015

NCTPA still pursuing $38 million bus maintenance yard

Napa Valley Register, 10-5-2015

S.F. Muni gets permanent OK for traffic-ticket cameras on buses

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-5-2015

As Infrastructure Creaks, Congress Dithers

Wall Street Journal, 10-5-2015

Cyclists’ Idaho stop becomes hot potato in San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-5-2015

Roadshow: More pedestrians strolling down Lincoln Avenue

San Jose Mercury News, 10-5-2015

Muni testing mobile ticketing app for select riders

San Francisco Examiner, 10-5-2015

Roadshow: To many, I-280 remains 'the most beautiful freeway'

San Jose Mercury News, 10-4-2015

El Camino bus plan could threaten support for sales tax

San Jose Mercury News, 10-4-2015

S.F.’s temporary tech shuttle rules get good report

San Francisco Chronicle, 10-4-2015

Mr. Roadshow's gas price contest: We have two winners

San Jose Mercury News, 10-2-2015

New EPA smog rules will help you breathe easier but at a price

San Jose Mercury News, 10-2-2015

California High-Speed Rail Seeks Private Investors, Input

ABC News, 10-2-2015

Highway 101 projects get OK: San Mateo County Transportation Authority allocates $108M in local sales tax money

Daily Journal, 10-2-2015

California high-speed rail could survive McCarthy as Speaker: official

Reuters, 10-2-2015

Video: Jerry Brown defends air board, says climate change ‘not stuff for amateurs’

Sacramento Bee, 10-1-2015

Roadshow: Bay Area traffic worse than Los Angeles? Ha!

San Jose Mercury News, 10-1-2015

California offering amnesty on traffic debt for poor

Inside Bay Area, 10-1-2015

Contra Costa law enforcement agencies to offer free vehicle anti-theft devices

Contra Costa Times, 10-1-2015


Opponents of Warriors arena in Mission Bay want project moved south

San Francisco Examiner, 9-30-2015

Roadshow: New lines aim to ease merging chaos at 101-880 interchange

San Jose Mercury News, 9-30-2015

Campbell Schools: Alternative transportation program extended in elementary school district

San Jose Mercury News, 9-30-2015

Bay Area commuting nightmares: jobs in city, affordable homes in exurbia

San Jose Mercury News, 9-30-2015

Amtrak to Introduce Bag Fees for Passengers Exceeding Limits

ABC News, 9-30-2015

Average price of gas statewide dips below $3 a gallon

Sacramento Bee, 9-30-2015

Highway 101 toll lanes possible for Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 9-30-2015

Time to yield on misunderstood ‘bike yield law’

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-29-2015

Battle Over Transit Money Slows MTA Projects

Wall Street Journal, 9-29-2015

Debate rolls on over development impact fee ‘sweet spot’ for Muni

San Francisco Examiner, 9-29-2015

Roadshow: Is I-280 no longer the 'most beautiful'?

San Jose Mercury News, 9-28-2015

Roadshow: Rampant speeding on Berryessa streets

San Jose Mercury News, 9-28-2015

California's low gas prices could stick around into 2017

San Jose Mercury News, 9-28-2015

California Freeway Signs to Issue Hit-And-Run Alerts

Capital Public Radio, 9-28-2015

Jerry Brown: Don’t tinker with L.A. carpool lanes

Sacramento Bee, 9-28-2015

BART probes possible pilfering of high-end tickets

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-28-2015

Video: Bigger buses, faster routes coming to San Francisco Muni

KRON 4, 9-28-2015

Marin assemblyman hits legislative traffic jam in push for new lane on San Rafael bridge

Marin Independent Journal, 9-28-2015

Traffic deaths climbing in California – Is there a fix?

Sacramento Bee, 9-27-2015

New freeway metering lights go green next week

Daily Republic, 9-26-2015

Editorial: Marin Voice: SMART train dogged by questions of overstated ridership

Marin Independent Journal, 9-26-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Highway 101/580 connector needs to be a Marin priority

Marin Independent Journal, 9-26-2015

I-80 onramp meters in Solano County to be switched on

Times Herald Online, 9-26-2015

California regulators restore emissions-cutting fuel rule

Union Democrat, 9-25-2015

Diesel Emission Tests To Change In California

Capital Public Radio, 9-25-2015

Muni Heritage Weekend to celebrate past, launch fleet of the future

San Francisco Examiner, 9-25-2015

I-580 toll lanes opening delayed; I-680 projects on the way

Pleasanton Weekly, 9-25-2015

Supervisor takes steps to purchase key site for Central Subway expansion

San Francisco Examiner, 9-24-2015

Roadshow: Metering light woes contribute to slow traffic on 101

San Jose Mercury News, 9-24-2015

San Francisco man victorious after charged for rides from stolen Clipper card

ABC News, 9-24-2015

Following petroleum defeat, Jerry Brown’s air board flexes muscle on climate

Sacramento Bee, 9-24-2015

Roadshow: Potholed stretch of 580 will be repaved -- too late for Sherie Blake

San Jose Mercury News, 9-24-2015

Highway 12 work across county line to affect drivers

Daily Republic, 9-23-2015

BART to incentivize travel outside of peak hours

San Francisco Examiner, 9-23-2015

Solano board approves Nut Tree Airport business plan

Daily Republic, 9-23-2015

Roadshow: With Redwood City road diet, two-mile drive takes 20 minutes

San Jose Mercury News, 9-23-2015

El Camino bus-only lanes get boost from new study

Mountain View Voice, 9-23-2015

High-speed rail takes Henry Perea to Spain

Sacramento Bee, 9-23-2015

Toll payers will dig deep: Bay Bridge fix could top $15 million

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-23-2015

Audit: Bus lanes won't have dire impact on El Camino traffic

San Jose Mercury News, 9-22-2015

Roadshow: Fence near Xander's Crossing being cut open for access

San Jose Mercury News, 9-22-2015

Report: Apple wants electric car by 2019

San Jose Mercury News, 9-22-2015

Avalos to introduce bike yield law

San Francisco Examiner, 9-22-2015

Marin communities make pitch for long term transportation funding

Marin Independent Journal, 9-21-2015

Gov. Jerry Brown acts on student representatives, car seats, tow trucks

Los Angeles Times, 9-21-2015

Jerry Brown signs bill to keep kids in rear-facing car seats until 2

Sacramento Bee, 9-21-2015

Marin transit officials call school bus services a success

Marin Independent Journal, 9-21-2015

Spare the Air alert extended to Monday amid new wildfire

Napa Valley Register, 9-20-2015

Roadshow: El Camino Real bus plan comes under scathing criticism

San Jose Mercury News, 9-20-2015

Marin communities make pitch for long term transportation funding

Marin Independent Journal, 9-19-2015

Have a good commute fix? It could win you $25,000 from California

San Jose Mercury News, 9-19-2015

Will new apps finally get carpool use on the fast track?

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-18-2015

Milpitas BART Station is taking shape

San Jose Mercury News, 9-18-2015

Roadshow: How to eliminate 'accordion effect' during hilly driving

San Jose Mercury News, 9-18-2015

Rising seas threaten San Francisco Bay and Delta wetlands and land

Contra Costa Times, 9-17-2015

Despite setbacks, California's climate push accelerates

Cal Matters, 9-17-2015

Next group of BART stations in Silicon Valley to include private development

Silicon Valley Business Journal, 9-17-2015

Roadshow: Zanker to Highway 237 is a mess of illegal, rude driving

San Jose Mercury News, 9-17-2015

Caltrans to suspend ferry service for maintenance

Daily Republic, 9-17-2015

The Future of Ferry Service in the Bay Area: More Routes and B-Uber?

KQED News, 9-16-2015

Campbell's portals project could wrap up by end of the fall

San Jose Mercury News, 9-16-2015

Regional agency warns of sea-level rise in Marin, Bay Area at summit

Marin Independent Journal, 9-16-2015

The time is ripe for a tax on oil extraction to pay for California road repairs

Los Angeles Times, 9-16-2015

Community members give input on Telegraph Avenue improvement project at meeting

The Daily Californian, 9-16-2015

Roadshow: What's happening on Highway 237, Lawrence Expressway, Hamilton Avenue

San Jose Mercury News, 9-16-2015

San Jose affordable housing law headed to U.S. Supreme Court

San Jose Mercury News, 9-15-2015

Roadshow: Ah, the smell of the freeway

San Jose Mercury News, 9-15-2015

Vision for future needs to account for the rising waters all around us

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-15-2015

Editorial: Mercury News editorial: Governor falls short on health care, transportation

San Jose Mercury News, 9-15-2015

Plug-in electric vehicles are setting the pace

Sacramento Bee, 9-14-2015

BART responds to overcrowding by increasing number of train cars, hours of operation

The Daily Californian, 9-14-2015

Santa Clara County: Transportation project wish list for tax funds tops $50 billion

San Jose Mercury News, 9-14-2015

Roadshow: Speeders take to Foxworthy Avenue in San Jose

San Jose Mercury News, 9-14-2015

NCTPA wrapping up countywide transportation plan

Napa Valley Register, 9-14-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Golden Gate needs to study Tiburon ferry

Marin Independent Journal, 9-14-2015

Huffman prods House panel to restore funding for Larkspur rail spur

Marin Independent Journal, 9-14-2015

Paratransit Coordinating Council to meet on Thursday

The Reporter, 9-14-2015

Supervisor Wiener to introduce affordable housing legislation

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-14-2015

Larkspur rail spur would complicate bus traffic at main San Rafael hub

Marin Independent Journal, 9-13-2015

Campaign suggests way to get more drivers to stop for pedestrians

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-13-2015

BART, packed with record crowds, to expand service

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-13-2015

Roadshow: Why not close the Golden Gate Bridge sidewalk?

San Jose Mercury News, 9-13-2015

Roadshow: Why are city police pulling over freeway carpool cheats?

San Jose Mercury News, 9-11-2015

Gov. Jerry Brown loses 'invincible' image in climate change, tax battles

Contra Costa Times, 9-11-2015

Bay Area ferry ridership on the rise

Daily Republic, 9-11-2015

Two bike events on local roads this weekend

Napa Valley Register, 9-11-2015

Planning Commission recommends new citywide transportation sustainability fee

San Francisco Examiner, 9-11-2015

Traffic citations see big jump

San Francisco Examiner, 9-11-2015

More bike parking at Levi's Stadium for 49er games

San Jose Mercury News, 9-11-2015

BART tackles crowded train problem

Inside Bay Area, 9-11-2015

Interactive study seeks public input to improve Interstate 680 in Santa Clara County

San Jose Mercury News, 9-11-2015

Bay Area unlikely to follow San Francisco's footsteps on housing crisis

San Jose Mercury News, 9-11-2015

Golden Gate bridge board votes to explore Tiburon ferry commuter service

Marin Independent Journal, 9-11-2015

Highway 4 widening completion pushed back to summer 2016

Contra Costa Times, 9-11-2015

Tiburon Ferry in trouble — could takeover save it?

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-10-2015

Bay Trail segment in Hayward is named after Bill Lockyer

Inside Bay Area, 9-10-2015

Transportation groups strongly back Wiener’s ‘Subway Master Plan’ amid funding challenges

San Francisco Examiner, 9-9-2015

Roadshow: Double carpool lanes could take stress out of some commutes

San Jose Mercury News, 9-9-2015

Bay Area Heat Wave: Spare the Air, advisories in effect as temperatures keep soaring

Inside Bay Area, 9-9-2015

Transportation Fix Delayed, Bills Move Forward As Legislature Nears Deadline

KQED News, 9-9-2015

Controversial tech shuttles on road to becoming part of The City’s transit ecosystem

San Francisco Examiner, 9-9-2015

Roadshow: Partitions on I-80 trap drivers in the fast lane

San Jose Mercury News, 9-8-2015

BART’s Transbay Tube reopens on time - but major delays reported

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-8-2015

Tax break for earthquake retrofitting passes California Senate

Los Angeles Times, 9-8-2015

Governor, top lawmakers ready to modify climate change measure as negotiations continue

Los Angeles Times, 9-8-2015

Golden Gate ferries could provide commute service from Tiburon into S.F.

Marin Independent Journal, 9-8-2015

Sacramento ponders: Where should sidewalk cycling be banned?

Sacramento Bee, 9-8-2015

San Francisco-Oakland East Span Seismic Safety Project Named APWA 2015 Project of the Year

Public Works Magazine, 9-8-2015

Carpool cheating, tickets are on dramatic rise

San Jose Mercury News, 9-8-2015

Supervisor Scott Wiener proposes new subway tunnels throughout city

San Francisco Examiner, 9-7-2015

Editorial: Marin Voice: High-speed rail project runs roughshod over voters’ approval

Marin Independent Journal, 9-7-2015

Roadshow: Emergency vehicle behind me at a red light; what do I do?

San Jose Mercury News, 9-7-2015

California Legislature: Compromises on tax and climate change bills remain elusive as Friday deadline approaches

San Jose Mercury News, 9-7-2015

Can California really cut gasoline use by 50 percent?

San Jose Mercury News, 9-7-2015

Tiny Brisbane surveyed about effects of huge Baylands plans

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-7-2015

Evening lane setup changing on Golden Gate Bridge

Press Democrat, 9-7-2015

Bay Area Spare the Air alert issued for Tuesday

Press Democrat, 9-7-2015

Roadshow: Why has San Jose traffic suddenly gotten so bad?

San Jose Mercury News, 9-6-2015

Gov. Jerry Brown’s transportation funding plan deserves a chance

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-5-2015

Jerry Brown proposes $65 driver’s fee, higher gas taxes

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-4-2015

Free shuttle coming to Monument Boulevard neighborhood

Marin Independent Journal, 9-4-2015

City activists' brazen new battle cry: Sue the suburbs!

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-4-2015

Opposition to taxes a roadblock to Brown’s plan to fix potholes

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-4-2015

Lawmaker enters Caltrans’ ‘$25K’ contest – with plan that cuts Caltrans jobs

Sacramento Bee, 9-4-2015

Labor Day Weekend: BART transbay closure, fewer Muni trains

San Francisco Examiner, 9-4-2015

Drivers need a fix for battered roads, and Republicans should learn from history

Los Angeles Times, 9-3-2015

Roadshow: Highway 101 metering lights in Morgan Hill to be turned on soon

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-3-2015

California gas tax hike?: Brown administration meets with Republicans, presents roadway repair plan

San Jose Mercury News, 9-3-2015

Caltrain Modernization Program getting boost: Board to talk funding, real estate negotiations

Daily Journal, 9-3-2015

North Bay Lawmaker Demands Opening 3rd Lane For Richmond Bridge Commuters

CBS SF Bay Area, 9-3-2015

Caltrans tests I-80 SMART signs designed to ease traffic

ABC News, 9-3-2015

Brown’s transportation plan includes tax hike, cap-and-trade dollars

Sacramento Bee, 9-3-2015

No transit services in Napa County on Labor Day

Napa Valley Register, 9-2-2015

Hercules: New Bay Trail segment opening will feature healthy lifestyle expo

Contra Costa Times, 9-2-2015

Roadshow: Is BART loud enough to damage riders' hearing?

San Jose Mercury News, 9-2-2015

Muni adds buses, new connections in hopes of improving commute

KTVU-2, 9-2-2015

SMART track completed in Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 9-2-2015

City approves speed improvements to Muni’s 5-Fulton line

San Francisco Examiner, 9-2-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Novato should reconsider its SMART stop

Marin Independent Journal, 9-2-2015

Roadshow: Some bicyclists say using horn on trails is warranted

San Jose Mercury News, 9-1-2015

Cubic Awarded $12.6 Million to Update Revenue Management System for Bay Area Rapid Transit

KTVN, 9-1-2015

Google’s Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Cars With Drivers

New York Times, 9-1-2015

Transit is key to both climate change and transportation

Sacramento Bee, 9-1-2015

Marin City and Canal in San Rafael get dollars to assess sea level rise impacts

Marin Independent Journal, 9-1-2015

How safe are Santa Rosa roads? New study has answers

Press Democrat, 9-1-2015

Study: Injury rates for older cyclists skyrocket over past 15 years

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-1-2015

Measure A money to support trail fix: Board of Supervisors to help fund Ravenswood section of Bay Trail

Daily Journal, 9-1-2015

Transbay Authority calls off land auction — investors spooked

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-1-2015