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JULY 2016

Sunnyvale: Plans for housing project at Butcher's Corner taking shape

Mercury News, 7-29-2016

Can ferrys, double-decker buses and carpool lots fix East Bay-to-SF commute?

East Bay Times, 7-29-2016

Menlo Park: Fire district to boost drone program

Mercury News, 7-29-2016

Rose Pak’s opposition could slam brakes on car-free Stockton Street project

San Francisco Examiner, 7-29-2016

Zoning Has Had a Good 100 Years. Enough Already.

Bloomberg, 7-29-2016

Fifth consecutive Spare the Air day issued for Friday

KRON, 7-29-2016

Roadshow: Should Caltrain get a new name when it's electrified?

Mercury News, 7-29-2016

VTA: Test trains at Milpitas BART Station up and running in six months

Mercury News, 7-29-2016

$6.3 million granted for upgrades at Oakland BART station

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-29-2016

Editorial: Op-Ed: Why Muni doesn’t suck

San Francisco Examiner, 7-28-2016

Plan to reverse-engineer outdated Muni train parts is on track

San Francisco Examiner, 7-28-2016

SF critiques renting vehicles for ride-hailing

San Francisco Examiner, 7-28-2016

No new taxes: Petaluma scraps sales tax plan for road repair

Petaluma 360, 7-28-2016

Marin commuters benefit from $18M funding deal after political dustup

Marin Independent Journal, 7-28-2016

Roadshow: Garlic fest, antiques show will bring Highways 101, 152 and 1 to a crawl this weekend

East Bay Times, 7-28-2016

BART: Perks pilot program to roll out late summer or early fall

East Bay Times, 7-28-2016

Bay Area's need for housing clashes with small town's values

East Bay Times, 7-28-2016

Orinda studying registration for short-term rentals

East Bay Times, 7-28-2016

Menlo Park: Housing crisis leaves retailers short of workers

Mercury News, 7-28-2016

Editorial: Editorial: Stop subsidizing developers; reject Proposition 51

East Bay Times, 7-28-2016

Smog, smoke ash combine for regional air pollution warning

Fairfield Daily Republic, 7-28-2016

Fourth Spare the Air alert in a row called for Bay Area

Mercury News, 7-28-2016

Downtown Santa Rosa prepping for Old Courthouse Square reunification

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-28-2016

Editorial: Mercury News editorial: Proposition 51 school bond deserves a rare no vote

Mercury News, 7-28-2016

Alameda: 'Gateway' project wins approval

East Bay Times, 7-28-2016

San Ramon: Dust from housing development angers neighbors

East Bay Times, 7-28-2016

Suisun council puts sales tax on ballot

Fairfield Daily Republic, 7-27-2016

Agency to vote on San Ramon Valley express lanes toll ordinance

Danville SanRamon, 7-27-2016

Should we preserve ugly but important buildings — like the former Studio One in West Hollywood?

Los Angeles Times, 7-27-2016

Napa transportation agency settles on VINE operator

Napa Valley Register, 7-27-2016

Roadshow: 'Novato Narrows' on 101 will remain narrow for some time

Mercury News, 7-27-2016

Interstate 80 on-ramp metering lights take effect

KTVU, 7-27-2016

Smog alert called for Tuesday

Napa Valley Register, 7-27-2016

Lafayette: Sales tax measure heading to November ballot

East Bay Times, 7-27-2016

VeiwPoints by Rob Schroder: Sales tax on ballot to fund road repairs

Mercury News, 7-27-2016

Martinez: Half-cent sales tax to fund street repair on November ballot

East Bay Times, 7-27-2016

‘By-right’ deregulation is not a real solution

San Francisco Examiner, 7-27-2016

Final construction cost of Winters Bridge project tops $12M

Fairfield Daily Republic, 7-27-2016

Sacramento council votes to ban bikes on some sidewalks

Sacramento Bee, 7-27-2016

Affordable housing 101: Why not build more granny units?

East Bay Times, 7-27-2016

California's small solution to the housing crisis: Small houses

Los Angeles Times, 7-26-2016

Lights in the sky: Inside San Francisco's illuminated art scene

SOGO Tech News, 7-26-2016

Is it a trend? Belmont set to become third Silicon Valley city with sales tax increase on ballot

San Francisco Business Times, 7-26-2016

S.F. may reclaim responsibility for urban forest

San Francisco Examiner, 7-26-2016

Dissent brews over governor’s $16 billion water project

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-26-2016

Marin planners earn plaudits for game to promote flood risk awareness

Marin Independent Journal, 7-26-2016

I-80 SMART Corridor system to be fully activated within two months

Richmond Standard, 7-26-2016

New law will require temporary license plates in California

Mercury News, 7-26-2016

USGS wants to know why South Napa quake shook Napa so hard

Napa Valley Register, 7-25-2016

Sausalito hillside home project remains hotly debated

Marin Independent Journal, 7-25-2016

Marin launches study to support fair housing rights

Marin Independent Journal, 7-25-2016

Will the Delta tunnels get built? Plan enters critical make-or-break phase

Sacramento Bee, 7-25-2016

Aging baby boomers have housing options

Fairfield Daily Republic, 7-25-2016

Bay Area: Spare the Air Alert issued for Monday

East Bay Times, 7-25-2016

American Canyon development impacts: ‘Significant and unavoidable’

Napa Valley Register, 7-25-2016

Sonoma County voters to have chance extending greenbelts

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-25-2016

Invest in water infrastructure — forests

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-25-2016

Commentary: Self-driving cars are guided by the devil himself

East Bay Times, 7-25-2016

DOT secretary wants more rigorous reviews of robotic cars

Fairfield Daily Republic, 7-25-2016

A ‘Tesla Semi’? Elon Musk’s Tesla master plan is trucking awesome

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-25-2016

'Fix it first': How MTC's boss views the Bay Area's burgeoning transportation crisis

San Francisco Business Times, 7-25-2016

Bay Area housing costs have SMART commuter rail service scrambling for engineers

East Bay Times, 7-25-2016

Roadshow: Wi-Fi on Caltrain 'would be great, except ...'

Mercury News, 7-25-2016

Roadshow: How to stop an elderly relative from driving

Mercury News, 7-25-2016

Napa Transportation pursuing $2.6 million bus yard purchase

Napa Valley Register, 7-25-2016

Gas prices drop 7 cents to $2.22 a gallon

Fairfield Daily Republic, 7-25-2016

Fire prompts CHP to close Highway 4 in Contra Costa County

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-25-2016

Residents demand to keep L-Taraval stops

SFBay, 7-25-2016

Appeal to reinstate ‘failed’ tech shuttle provider of Cisco and Zynga employees delayed until late August

San Francisco Examiner, 7-25-2016

How SF’s Housing Authority kept its early projects all white

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-25-2016

Affordable housing at an impasse

Los Angeles Times, 7-22-2016

It takes way too long to build new housing in expensive cities

Washington Post, 7-22-2016

Residents ready to organize against Terra Linda development

Marin Independent Journal, 7-22-2016

Napa planners endorse 282 apartments near Napa River, with more to come

Napa Valley Register, 7-22-2016

North Napa apartment project survives neighbor’s appeal

Napa Valley Register, 7-22-2016

Facebook Not Being A Good Neighbor in Menlo Park, ACLU and Public Advocates Claim

NBC, 7-22-2016

California's top court rules in favor of Gov. Brown's water project

Los Angeles Times, 7-22-2016

Humans once opposed coffee and refrigeration. Here’s why we often hate new stuff.

Washington Post, 7-22-2016

Mayor’s veto could improve housing

San Francisco Examiner, 7-22-2016

Bay Area rents: still rising, but starting to level off

East Bay Times, 7-22-2016

Roadshow: I got a FasTrak Flex; can I throw away my old one?

Mercury News, 7-22-2016

Transportation money should go to fix 92 now

San Mateo Daily Journal, 7-22-2016

Wrong-way Golden Gate ferry back in Larkspur

Marin Independent Journal, 7-22-2016

High-Tech Intervention Aims to Smooth I-80 Traffic Flow in California

Mass Transit, 7-22-2016

This is Obama’s plan to line the country’s roads with electric vehicle chargers

Washington Post, 7-22-2016

Is Airbnb to blame for high housing prices in SF?

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-22-2016

Suisun City rolls out updated downtown plan

Fairfield Daily Republic, 7-21-2016

Napa's new river taxi operator promises to protect Milton Road levees

Napa Valley Register, 7-21-2016

SFSU proposal to grow student housing up for public review

San Francisco Examiner, 7-21-2016

Alameda County Becomes First in Bay Area To Ban Fracking

KQED, 7-21-2016

The Capital of Car Culture, Los Angeles Warms to Mass Transit

New York Times, 7-21-2016

The Many Faces of Innovation in U.S. Cities

New York Times, 7-21-2016

A 23-Foot-Tall Air Purifier Gets a Tryout in Smoggy Beijing

New York Times, 7-21-2016

Suisun City rolls out updated downtown plan

Fairfield Daily Republic, 7-21-2016

SMART calls on drivers to think safety as trains roll through Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 7-21-2016

Lafayette: Affordable apartments or luxury homes?

East Bay Times, 7-21-2016

Oakland voters will get their say on stricter rent control

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-21-2016

Jammed stretch of I-80 gets smart traffic technology

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-21-2016

Pleasanton: Bicyclists call for change to fatal intersection

East Bay Times, 7-21-2016

Roadshow: For first driver's license, California DMV has changed the rules

Mercury News, 7-21-2016

Hey Area: Why is the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge so long?

KALW, 7-20-2016

Calistoga looks at ways to encourage affordable housing development

Napa Valley Register, 7-20-2016

Draft environmental report says American Canyon project would add to 'unacceptable traffic operations'

Napa Valley Register, 7-20-2016

Long-awaited Novato freeway soundwall nears completion

Marin Independent Journal, 7-20-2016

Campbell: East Campbell Avenue Portals finally finished

Mercury News, 7-20-2016

Roadshow: Dozens of all-day metering lights to roll out next week

Mercury News, 7-20-2016

Roadshow: Changes to rile some drivers

Mercury News, 7-20-2016

Walnut Creek: Mixed-use hotel project taking shape

East Bay Times, 7-20-2016

BART: Agency needs to fill 62 jobs by November

East Bay Times, 7-20-2016

Oakland council OKs measures to limit rent hikes

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-20-2016

Warriors win judgment in fight over SF Mission Bay arena

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-20-2016

National Parks make a push to un-pave paradise

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-20-2016

Roadshow: BART may start running to San Jose in late 2017

Mercury News, 7-20-2016

Free and reduced-fare transit pass pilot for middle, high school students in Alameda County rolling out this fall

East Bay Times, 7-19-2016

Security cameras on all BART cars by next year

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-19-2016

Build waterfront park, not homes, at Point Molate

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-19-2016

Alameda could add 2nd rent control measure to ballot

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-19-2016

California coast: Oceanfront farmland preserved along San Mateo County coast

Mercury News, 7-19-2016

Shortage of Marin County planning staff causes project delays

Marin Independent Journal, 7-19-2016

Fairfield eyes $446,017 contract for train station building

Fairfield Daily Republic, 7-19-2016

Plans for self-driving cars have pitfall: the human brain

Mercury News, 7-19-2016

Top Transit Official Says BART Needs to Move Faster to Install Surveillance Cameras

KQED, 7-19-2016

Metrolink unveils new locomotives that could help improve the region's air

Los Angeles Times, 7-19-2016

Supervisors reach compromise to allow in-law units across SF

San Francisco Examiner, 7-19-2016

American Canyon project would further congest traffic on Hwy 29

Napa Valley Register, 7-19-2016

101 carpool lane funds sought: Metropolitan Transportation Commission seeks federal dollars to ease congestion on main highway

San Mateo Daily Journal, 7-18-2016

SMART train and Sonoma employers look for partnership possibilities

Petaluma 360, 7-18-2016

BART Still Hasn’t Installed Surveillance Cameras

KQED, 7-18-2016

Napa Vine Trail segment faces further grand opening delays, but people using it anyway

Napa Valley Register, 7-18-2016

Napa water taxi, historic B&B and apartment project face council vote

Napa Valley Register, 7-18-2016

Officials: Solano residents can expect roads to decline

Napa Valley Register, 7-18-2016

Roadshow: Should drivers get a warning for a California stop?

Mercury News, 7-18-2016

Pittsburg: Highway 4 cameras to turn on this week

East Bay Times, 7-18-2016

Neighbors force just-opened Fremont park to close

East Bay Times, 7-18-2016

Self-driving cars: Consumer groups want government to hit brakes

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-18-2016

Taxis suffer as ride-sharing takes off at Bay Area airports

East Bay Times, 7-17-2016

Marin IJ Editorial: SMART’s start signals need to ‘think safety first’

Marin Independent Journal, 7-17-2016

Bay Area lays out welcome mat to once-shunned mountain bikers

Mercury News, 7-16-2016

Roadshow: Popular Mission Peak has unpopular parking shortage

Mercury News, 7-16-2016

Facebook proposes campus expansion, pledges millions to Menlo Park

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-16-2016

Race to approve robot cars bypasses public rule-making process

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-16-2016

Second consecutive Spare the Air alert called for Thursday

Napa Valley Register, 7-15-2016

Upgrades to unsafe tank cars could take 15 years, board says

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-15-2016

City of Sonoma makes plans for affordable housing

Sonoma Index-Tribune, 7-15-2016

For Palo Alto, a public-transit conundrum

Palo Alto Online, 7-15-2016

SF’s gas prices last month were highest in nation

San Francisco Examiner, 7-15-2016

BART approves ‘Gator Pass’ discount for SFSU students

San Francisco Examiner, 7-15-2016

Third consecutive Spare the Air smog alert issued

Napa Valley Register, 7-15-2016

Carquinez, Zampa bridge work taking place

Fairfield Daily Republic, 7-15-2016

Marin IJ Editorial: Grand jury’s advice on Drake Boulevard is helpful

Marin Independent Journal, 7-15-2016

Developers offer vision for SOMA’s Harrison Street

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-15-2016

Golden Gate Bridge suicide net still planned despite high bids

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-15-2016

Roadshow: El Camino Real rapid-bus lane may be scaled back

Mercury News, 7-15-2016

Speed limit goes up near fatal San Rafael crash site to enable enforcement

Marin Independent Journal, 7-15-2016

Golden Gate bus fleet to upgrade security cameras

Marin Independent Journal, 7-15-2016

Larkspur residents assail Magnolia paving project, Bon Air Bridge design

Marin Independent Journal, 7-15-2016


ABC, 7-14-2016

How IoT and machine learning can make our roads safer

TechCrunch, 7-14-2016

Why highways have become the center of civil rights protest

Washington Post, 7-14-2016

Rio adopts transport app to try and help Olympic traffic

Sacramento Bee, 7-14-2016

Architect consultant on Central Subway overcharged SF, fiscal review finds

San Francisco Examiner, 7-14-2016

California's key climate change program aims for new life

Los Angeles Times, 7-14-2016

Napa County places open space tax on November ballot

Napa Valley Register, 7-14-2016

Editorial: Have no fear for road diets

Petaluma Argus-Courier, 7-14-2016

Richmond-San Rafael third lane plan goes to Caltrans; work could start in October

Marin Independent Journal, 7-14-2016

Twin Peaks routing now separates vehicles from hikers, bikers

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-14-2016

Officials try to untangle commute on Hwy. 101 on Peninsula

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-14-2016

What to do with empty terminals in Oakland? Nothing, port says.

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-14-2016

Happy birthday to San Francisco's Ferry Building

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-14-2016

California among the states with the safest drivers

East Bay Times, 7-14-2016

Menlo Park: Coalition forms to combat city's development plans

Mercury News, 7-14-2016

Menlo Park parking spots to be removed for bike paths

Mercury News, 7-14-2016

Atherton: Neighborhood Traffic Plan steered to council

Mercury News, 7-14-2016

SFMTA has the right compromise on tech buses

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-13-2016

Editorial: Governor’s housing plan would hurt San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-13-2016

Editorial: Freight rail boosts Bay Area, state's economy (East Bay Times My Word)

East Bay Times, 7-13-2016

Atherton won't seek temporary injunction in fight with Caltrain

Mercury News, 7-13-2016

Declaring war on Brisbane

San Francisco Examiner, 7-13-2016

Op-Ed: The philosophy that has pitted cars against cyclists for the last 40 years is finally dying

Los Angeles Times, 7-13-2016

California seeks to extend landmark climate-change effort

East Bay Times, 7-13-2016

A new vision for Presidio with leader's hiring

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-13-2016

Fuel-standards reckoning day

Mercury News, 7-13-2016

Roadshow: Fremont's Mission Boulevard inspires wave of rants

Mercury News, 7-13-2016

Roadshow: This San Jose car wash brings traffic to a crawl

Mercury News, 7-13-2016

Blakeley Construction to pursue its own ballot measure

Napa Valley Register, 7-13-2016

SF grants density bonuses to affordable housing developments

San Francisco Examiner, 7-13-2016

S.F. to allow taller affordable housing projects after political clash

San Francisco Business Times, 7-13-2016

Twin Peaks road closure pilot starts today

San Francisco Examiner, 7-13-2016

Why Are There Ships Buried Under San Francisco?

KQED, 7-12-2016

Southern California gets a big, fat $0 from Feds for freight, road improvements

San Gabriel Valley Tribune, 7-12-2016

Editorial: Governor’s housing plan is a formula for more inequality

San Francisco Examiner, 7-12-2016

Marin planners balk on wet bar rule, seek broader action on junior units

Marin Independent Journal, 7-12-2016

Railroad Square development draws support, questions

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-12-2016

Solano supervisors express interest in tax-fueled SF Bay restoration board

Fairfield Daily Republic, 7-12-2016

Alameda residents to vote on rent control

East Bay Times, 7-12-2016

Fairfax resuscitates controversial plans for 107 residential units

Marin Independent Journal, 7-11-2016

Marin path, walkway upgrades underway at 4 sites

Marin Independent Journal, 7-11-2016

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Local push needed to fix Interstate 580 mess

Marin Independent Journal, 7-11-2016

Public input sought on Railroad Square housing development

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-11-2016

Napa Register site developer in talks to move Bookmine; planners accept project

Napa Valley Register, 7-11-2016

Napa to lift parking requirements on six downtown properties

Napa Valley Register, 7-11-2016

Napa participates in scrutiny of proposed Highway 37 toll road

Napa Valley Register, 7-11-2016

Berkeley’s approval of demolition increases worries over rent

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-11-2016

Napa County plans $32 million in road improvements in four year transportation plan

Napa Valley Register, 7-11-2016

Dumbarton Rail: a bridge to the past

San Mateo Daily Journal, 7-11-2016

A colorful vision for the 2 Freeway spur, remade as an elevated park

Los Angeles Times, 7-11-2016

New funds for next step in widening of Narrows highway

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-11-2016

More tech workers driving solo after SF cuts shuttle stops

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-11-2016

Repairs to BART’s Oakland Airport Connector will slow service

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-11-2016

Roadshow: California now testing text-to-911 option

Mercury News, 7-11-2016

Roadshow: Are California's pay-per-mile volunteers just a bunch of sheep?

Mercury News, 7-11-2016

Caltrans turning Interstate 80 into a 'smart highway'

East Bay Times, 7-11-2016

Dublin, Livermore plan for new joint $79 million road expansion project

East Bay Times, 7-11-2016

Trial date set for lawsuit over SF’s waterfront heights measure

San Francisco Examiner, 7-11-2016

California launches test of per-mile road use fee for drivers

Sacramento Bee, 7-11-2016

Borenstein: BART bond measure tax double what agency claims

East Bay Times, 7-8-2016

Bike sharing to expand in San Francisco Bay Area

East Bay Times, 7-8-2016

First female competitor to join in cable car bell-ringing contest

San Francisco Examiner, 7-7-2016

SF leader on ‘Smart City’ challenge leaves SFMTA for Google X

San Francisco Examiner, 7-7-2016

How to remake the L.A. freeway for a new era? A daring proposal from architect Michael Maltzan

Los Angeles Times, 7-7-2016

How does downtown L.A.'s bike-share system work?

Los Angeles Times, 7-7-2016

Bay Area Planning Meeting

The Independent, 7-7-2016

St. Helena affordable housing project named after Father John Brenkle

Napa Valley Register, 7-7-2016

Trouble in Paradise 360 over affordable housing

Fairfield Daily Republic, 7-7-2016

Marin pilot program aims to entice landlords to accept Section 8

Marin Independent Journal, 7-7-2016

Californians are driving more, which is bad for climate change

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-7-2016

Dublin, Livermore plan for new joint $79 million road expansion project

East Bay Times, 7-7-2016

Menlo Park: Facebook expansion blasted by coalition, East Palo Alto

Mercury News, 7-7-2016

Roadshow: I-280 at Wolfe Road remains a mess

Mercury News, 7-7-2016

Work begins on new segment of Marin-Sonoma Narrows

Marin Independent Journal, 7-7-2016

Campbell: Designs for Del Grande project being narrowed down

Mercury News, 7-6-2016

San Jose: Like it or not, the Lincoln Avenue road diet is staying put

Mercury News, 7-6-2016

Free bicycle valet service at Campbell farmers' market on Sundays

Mercury News, 7-6-2016

California’s greenhouse gas emissions drop, barely

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-6-2016

Can California redwoods help solve global warming?

East Bay Times, 7-6-2016

Editorial: Commentary: Developer lawsuit tries to silence residents

East Bay Times, 7-6-2016

Fremont welcomes tech campus

East Bay Times, 7-6-2016

Caltrans: pay by the mile program seeks to balance enforcement, privacy, equity

East Bay Times, 7-6-2016

In Hayes Valley, old freeway site is now architectural showcase

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-6-2016

Local Bay Area’s noxious accolade: roadkill capital

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-6-2016

Roadshow: Traffic snafu after Giants game enrages fans

Mercury News, 7-6-2016

Marin-based water taxi looks to break into commute service

Marin Independent Journal, 7-6-2016

Housing disputes fuel debate over government’s response in Sonoma County

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-6-2016

Santa Rosa to consider extending freeze on rent increases

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-6-2016

SF looks to buy South of Market half-acre site for $10M for new park

San Francisco Examiner, 7-6-2016

California’s most famous freeway fixer, Myers Inc., is bankrupt

Sacramento Bee, 7-6-2016

Fares for California's SMART Commuter Trains Questioned

Government Technology, 7-6-2016

SF Tennis Club members want developers to keep recreation space

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-5-2016

Roadshow: Metering lights dark in San Jose on I-880, Highway 87, Highway 85

Mercury News, 7-5-2016

Rent control: Mountain View among six Bay Area cities where residents seek historically elusive statute

Mercury News, 7-5-2016

Uber faces attacks on multiple fronts

Mercury News, 7-5-2016

Roadshow: Too old to drive? Husband, wife work out a solution

Mercury News, 7-4-2016

Marin’s traffic mess explored on IJ Forums talk show

Marin Independent Journal, 7-4-2016

City makes last call for tech shuttle ‘transit hubs’

San Francisco Examiner, 7-4-2016

Editorial: California must offer more to reach electric vehicle goals

Sacramento Bee, 7-4-2016

Oakland council pins big hopes on tiny houses for needy families

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-4-2016

SMART confronts debate over fares set for North Bay rail service

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7-3-2016

Organizing Measure AA staff, boards, procedures is next

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-3-2016

San Ramon council supports transportation sales tax plan

Danville SanRamon, 7-3-2016

Marin grand jury faults planning of Drake Boulevard traffic project

Marin Independent Journal, 7-3-2016

Is a 21-county 'megaregion' the answer to the Bay Area's housing and commuting woes?

San Francisco Business Times, 7-1-2016

Bike advocates angry at Mayor Lee over recent bike deaths and lack of bike lanes

San Francisco Examiner, 7-1-2016

Editorial: How Sacramento can make San Francisco affordable again

San Francisco Examiner, 7-1-2016

Editorial: Ending homelessness with … housing

San Francisco Examiner, 7-1-2016

Downtown L.A. traffic is getting worse — and to some, that's good news

Los Angeles Times, 7-1-2016

The rise and fall of great world cities: 5,700 years of urbanisation – mapped

The Guardian, 7-1-2016

Bay Area workers commuting from edges of 'megaregion,' new report says

Mercury News, 7-1-2016

Milpitas OK's new industrial development west of I-880

Mercury News, 7-1-2016

BART welcomes a new kind of train

San Francisco Chronicle, 7-1-2016

Local pols get sneak peek at eBART train

East Bay Times, 7-1-2016

It's surreal: Silicon Valley's biggest private development project

East Bay Times, 7-1-2016

Eye on the East Bay: Richmond council hopes solar-train dream sees light of day

East Bay Times, 7-1-2016

Editorial: Horgan: San Mateo County's overall financial condition appears healthy

Mercury News, 7-1-2016

Roadshow: Is there a reverse commute on I-680?

Mercury News, 7-1-2016

JUNE 2016

Cupertino approves Hamptons apartment complex overhaul near Apple campus

Mercury News, 6-30-2016

Divided Novato council agrees to continue with downtown SMART station

Marin Independent Journal, 6-30-2016

Controversial Corte Madera complex continues behind schedule

Marin Independent Journal, 6-30-2016

Vacaville City Council OKs $25,200 pact for lobbying consultant to represent the Solano Transportation Authority

Fairfield Daily Republic, 6-30-2016

Senior affordable housing project gets $1 million from American Canyon

Napa Valley Register, 6-30-2016

Muni to ditch classic, colorful transfers

San Francisco Examiner, 6-30-2016

VTA scales back toll lane plans

Mountain View Voice, 6-30-2016

Cupertino reviews feasibility study that could connect the Stevens Creek Trail

Mercury News, 6-30-2016

Roadshow: Backlash against Los Gatos' beach traffic solution

Mercury News, 6-30-2016

Tolerating dangerous streets in SF? Not so fast

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-30-2016

Housing costs push commuters outward, expanding definition of Bay Area, study says

East Bay Times, 6-30-2016

Ballot measure threatens bullet train, Delta tunnels

East Bay Times, 6-30-2016

Cameras might replace guards on suicide watch at Caltrain tracks

East Bay Times, 6-30-2016

Rent control hot topic in Concord

East Bay Times, 6-30-2016

Dublin: Wallis Ranch development breaks ground

East Bay Times, 6-30-2016

San Mateo County strengthens affordable housing program

Mercury News, 6-30-2016

Officials hope new traffic light in Tam Valley untangles traffic

Marin Independent Journal, 6-29-2016

Napa County helps The Meadows secure $72 million loan

Napa Valley Register, 6-29-2016

Volkswagen’s $14.7 billion settlement includes perks for California drivers, air quality

Sacramento Bee, 6-29-2016

Metropolitan Transit Commission Draft 2017 TIP Released for Public Review

Mass Transit, 6-29-2016

Rail agency taps Brisbane tract eyed for transit-oriented housing

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-29-2016

American Drivers Regain Appetite for Gas Guzzlers

New York Times, 6-29-2016

Seminary redevelopment plan in Strawberry steams ahead despite public concerns

Marinscope, 6-29-2016

San Jose council OKs controversial homeless housing project

Mercury News, 6-29-2016

San Jose: Road diet has calmed Lincoln Avenue traffic, city report says

Mercury News, 6-29-2016

Red hot Bay Area housing puts big chill on Section 8

East Bay Times, 6-29-2016

Solution to SF's homeless problem starts with supportive housing

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-29-2016

3 SF supervisors move to put tech tax on November ballot

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-29-2016

Building a Better Tech Boom: How much will tech change Oakland, and how much will Oakland change tech?

Curbed, 6-29-2016

Roadshow: Big rigs hogging three lanes of Interstate 580

Mercury News, 6-29-2016

Roadshow: Road diet on Lincoln Avenue made permanent

Mercury News, 6-29-2016

Muni Will Leave Its Old-Fashioned Transfers Behind

KQED, 6-28-2016

California lawmakers approve $2 billion for homeless housing

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 6-28-2016

Roadshow: Expired license-plate tag from 2005? He probably just forgot, cop says

Mercury News, 6-28-2016

Roadshow: Older drivers argue for tougher DMV testing

Mercury News, 6-28-2016

Record-breaking travel expected this July Fourth weekend

East Bay Times, 6-28-2016

Contra Costa cities explore regional taxi regulation

East Bay Times, 6-28-2016

Oakland council votes to block coal-shipping plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-28-2016

Jerry Brown signs $122 billion state budget without a single veto

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-28-2016

Re-Coding Planning

Boom, 6-28-2016

Marin traffic data show ‘complex’ picture of inbound and outbound flows

Marin Independent Journal, 6-27-2016

Affordable housing project opens in west Napa

Napa Valley Register, 6-27-2016

Pay raise: Port of Oakland's executive director making $355K this year

East Bay Times, 6-27-2016

Berkeley rejects landmark status for Telegraph Avenue property

East Bay Times, 6-27-2016

Presto: New development appears in Fairfield

Fairfield Daily Republic, 6-27-2016

North Beach tenant's rent increased from $1,800 to $8,000 a month

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-27-2016

Facebook's campus expansion heightens traffic and housing fears

Mercury News, 6-27-2016

Roadshow: Many critics of Lincoln Avenue road diet have given up

Mercury News, 6-27-2016

Golis: Formula for gridlock: More cars, more miles, fewer dollars

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 6-26-2016

‘By-right approvals’ will have no real effect on housing supply in SF

San Francisco Examiner, 6-26-2016

Muir Woods parking the focus of Monday meeting, as officials warn of growing traffic

Marin Independent Journal, 6-26-2016

Treasure Island is set to become San Francisco's new $5 billion neighborhood

San Francisco Business Times, 6-25-2016

How 20,000 new residents on Treasure Island will get around

San Francisco Business Times, 6-25-2016

Study Backs Oakland’s Case for Blocking Coal Terminal

KQED, 6-25-2016

Celebrate Independence Day With a Free Cab Ride Home

WFMJ, 6-25-2016

Editorial: Don’t pull brake cord on downtown Caltrain service

San Francisco Examiner, 6-25-2016

Editorial: Thumbs up: On the road again

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 6-25-2016

LeBaron: History repeats itself with Highway 37 toll road proposal

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 6-25-2016

Deal struck to fund San Rafael Transit Center, Narrows widening

Marin Independent Journal, 6-25-2016

San Rafael, Novato SMART train quiet zones are on track

Marin Independent Journal, 6-25-2016

El Cerrito backs county transportation ballot measure

East Bay Times, 6-25-2016

Fixing California’s bad highways ensnarled in political gridlock

Sacramento Bee, 6-24-2016

California's climate change agency just approved a $500 million plan — but there's no money for it

Los Angeles Times, 6-24-2016

$5.4-billion expansion of Panama Canal could reshape world trade routes

Los Angeles Times, 6-24-2016

Efforts to encourage biking on BART paying off

KTVU, 6-24-2016

BART extended hours for Sunday, San Francisco Pride

KRON, 6-24-2016

Federal Aviation Administration approves Surf Air route to take planes over Bay

Palo Alto Online, 6-24-2016

Night lane, ramp closings set for Carquinez Bridge

Fairfield Daily Republic, 6-24-2016

Solano supervisors sign off on $986.8M spending plan

Fairfield Daily Republic, 6-24-2016

Driverless Cars to Fuel Suburban Sprawl

Wall Street Journal, 6-24-2016

How BART police will keep riders from hogging 2 seats

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-24-2016

In praise of short road trips

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-24-2016

As rents rise, nonprofits struggle to stay in the Bay Area

East Bay Times, 6-24-2016

Oakland council president lied to Planning Commission; violated ethics laws, grand jury says

East Bay Times, 6-24-2016

Roadshow: Will truck lane shave 30 minutes off Altamont Pass trip?

Mercury News, 6-24-2016

Merchant concerns only half of Muni battle

San Francisco Examiner, 6-23-2016

SF’s universities envision new solutions for student housing

San Francisco Examiner, 6-23-2016

New Metropolitan Transportation Commission report shows that roads need work

Napa Valley Register, 6-23-2016

Bay Area homes: prices up, sales down from 2015

Mercury News, 6-23-2016

A train ride to Bay Area bike trails

Sacramento Bee, 6-23-2016

Brown’s lofty environmental goals face uncertain future

Sacramento Bee, 6-23-2016

FTA, FHWA recertify MTC's transportation planning for northern California

Progressive Railroading, 6-23-2016

What Will it Cost to Ride the SMART Train?

Sonoma County Gazette, 6-23-2016

San Francisco's spectacular, hidden 'POPOS': Where to find the newest and best

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-23-2016

Rio Vista braces for work on Helen Madere Bridge

Fairfield Daily Republic, 6-23-2016

Pact divvies up millions for Novato Narrows and SMART transit center

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 6-23-2016

Bay Area housing prices rose in May — except in San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-23-2016

Near the Embarcadero, a tower of ‘migrating bays’

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-23-2016

Alameda: Council rejects plan to fund rent stabilization

East Bay Times, 6-23-2016

Alameda: Ferry fares to increase July 1

East Bay Times, 6-23-2016

East Bay cities look to a future in manufacturing

East Bay Times, 6-23-2016

Budget highlights important role counties play

East Bay Times, 6-23-2016

Menlo Park opposes governor's affordable housing plan

Mercury News, 6-23-2016

Mercury News editorial: Saving Buena Vista in Palo Alto still is worth doing

Mercury News, 6-23-2016

Roadshow: Pride Parade will add to San Francisco traffic woes on Sunday

Mercury News, 6-23-2016

Sonoma County confronts big road woes after years of boosted repairs

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 6-22-2016

SF loses $50M ‘Smart City’ grant for transit innovation

San Francisco Examiner, 6-22-2016

Supes place health, housing and safety measures on November ballot

San Francisco Examiner, 6-22-2016

Will a golden parachute sink Regional Transit?

Sacramento Bee, 6-22-2016

Governor, Legislature can’t forget about crumbling highways

Sacramento Bee, 6-22-2016

San Rafael council bans RV street parking with a few exceptions

Marin Independent Journal, 6-22-2016

Safety measures urged at San Rafael Transit Center after pedestrian fatality

Marin Independent Journal, 6-22-2016

SF supes delay vote on Mayor Lee’s affordable housing plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-22-2016

Palo Alto: Buena Vista Mobile Home Park partnership gets go-ahead from county

East Bay Times, 6-22-2016

Dublin: City Council approves license plate reader system

East Bay Times, 6-22-2016

Danville approves cameras to read license plates, watch streets

East Bay Times, 6-22-2016

Roadshow: How to stop I-680 line-jumpers in Fremont

Mercury News, 6-22-2016

With Central Valley population soaring, Amtrak adds expanded service to East Bay

East Bay Times, 6-21-2016

BART: Electrical surge issue eludes staff despite over $2 million to diagnose it

East Bay Times, 6-21-2016

Roadshow: Willow Glen road diet may be permanent

Mercury News, 6-21-2016

California's skyrocketing housing costs, taxes prompt exodus of residents

Mercury News, 6-21-2016

Marin’s ‘insane’ logjam at 101-580 won’t get connector ramp any time soon

Marin Independent Journal, 6-21-2016

SMART line revives plan for transit village hub in Santa Rosa

Marin Independent Journal, 6-21-2016

NVTA shuns low-cost bidder to operate VINE buses

Napa Valley Register, 6-21-2016

Company plans to manage Napa dock, offer water taxis to San Francisco

Napa Valley Register, 6-21-2016

Self-driving cars could flip the auto insurance industry on its head

Los Angeles Times, 6-20-2016

Did bullet train officials ignore warning about need for taxpayer money?

Los Angeles Times, 6-20-2016

SMART advances mixed-use housing project for Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 6-20-2016

Roadshow: Summer traffic has not been light for years

Mercury News, 6-20-2016

Bicycle Coalition names new director after long public fight

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-20-2016

BART’s mystery glitch comes with multimillion-dollar price tag

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-20-2016

Corte Madera planners wrestle with land use policies

Marin Independent Journal, 6-19-2016

Mill Valley’s $18 million Miller Avenue Streetscape project breaks ground

Marin Independent Journal, 6-19-2016

Roadshow: Why Caltrans widened Highway 99 instead of Interstate 5

Mercury News, 6-19-2016

Pilot dies when plane crashes onto BART tracks in Hayward

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-19-2016

New MTC report shows that roads need work

Napa Valley Register, 6-18-2016

Part of SF’s Great Highway to close for up to 10 days

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-18-2016

No bike license? Chances are, you're breaking the law

East Bay Times, 6-18-2016

SMART in line to be first to start with new rail safety system

Marin Independent Journal, 6-18-2016 app to vanish as MTC revamps mobile website

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-17-2016

Roadshow: Catalytic converter thefts on the rise at BART stations

Mercury News, 6-17-2016

State board OKs tax credit for San Jose-based electric car company

Mercury News, 6-17-2016

Stinson Beach apartments being purchased to keep them affordable

Marin Independent Journal, 6-17-2016

BART to close Balboa Park Station on weekends for track work

San Francisco Examiner, 6-17-2016

California Budget: By the numbers

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-16-2016

Oakland looks to add car-sharing options

East Bay Times, 6-16-2016

Alameda: Rent program will cost nearly $2 million

East Bay Times, 6-16-2016

Bay Bridge: Changes boost bike path cost by $6.3 million

East Bay Times, 6-16-2016

Fremont: Council approves 80-unit apartment project

Mercury News, 6-16-2016

Roadshow: School's out; why hasn't the traffic eased up?

Mercury News, 6-16-2016

Deal on old Tenderloin post office a boost for affordable housing

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-16-2016

Should apartments displace a 101-year-old cottage?

Napa Valley Register, 6-16-2016

Light rail train shut down west of Hazel Avenue station

Napa Valley Register, 6-16-2016

Editorial: Details, details on Sacramento railyard plan

Sacramento Bee, 6-16-2016

California lawmakers unplug the state's electric car program

Los Angeles Times, 6-16-2016

San Francisco Will Now Require Black Boxes in Most City Vehicles

KQED, 6-16-2016

Historic Depot to Be Moved

Independent News, 6-16-2016

Sebastopol man and his Tesla begin 80-day trip around the globe

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 6-16-2016

High-speed rail lawsuit delays cost $63 million, 17 months

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-14-2016

Mercury News editorial: San Jose's Senter Road housing plan should be approved

Mercury News, 6-14-2016

Roadshow: San Tomas Expressway project will mean delays, possible carpool lane closure

Mercury News, 6-14-2016

Supervisors to vote on housing density bonus proposal

San Francisco Examiner, 6-14-2016

Hints of lyricism now in transit at transbay hub

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-13-2016

Roadshow: Downtown San Jose streets changing to accommodate apartment mega-complex

Mercury News, 6-13-2016

San Jose councilman opposes homeless housing project ahead of vote

Mercury News, 6-13-2016

Editorial: Brown’s development plan would increase affordable housing

Sacramento Bee, 6-12-2016

Golden Gate Bridge plans extra northbound lanes for afternoon drivers

Marin Independent Journal, 6-12-2016

Roadshow: With KLIV gone country, where can I get traffic reports?

Mercury News, 6-12-2016

Report shows what Napans know: Roads need work

Napa Valley Register, 6-12-2016

Extreme Shipping: When Express Delivery to California Meant 100 Grueling Days at Sea

Collectors Weekly, 6-11-2016

How San Francisco drives better transportation experiences for citizens and visitors

Smart Cities Council, 6-11-2016

2016 Bay Area Team Bike Challenge Tops Participation Record

PR Newswire, 6-11-2016

Last Bay Area planning Open Houses set for Solano, Sonoma, San Francisco

Vallejo Times-Herald, 6-11-2016

SF officials wary of governor’s efforts to streamline housing plans

San Francisco Examiner, 6-11-2016

BART to go to voters in November with $3.5 billion request

East Bay Times, 6-10-2016

Editorial: SF voters are hungry for results on housing and the homeless

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-10-2016

California budget: Gov. Jerry Brown, top Democrats strike deal on spending plan

East Bay Times, 6-10-2016

Roadshow: The mystery of the new median work on Interstate 880

Mercury News, 6-10-2016

East Bay-San Rafael bus route will be scrapped due to few riders

Marin Independent Journal, 6-10-2016

Napa council clears path to 19-house development

Napa Valley Register, 6-10-2016

Golden Gate Ferry may greenlight funds to improve wheelchair, bike access

Sonoma County Gazette, 6-10-2016

Experiment to Expand Transit Between Marin and East Bay Fails

KQED, 6-10-2016

Solano Bike Commuter of Year a longtime cycling advocate

Fairfield Daily Republic, 6-9-2016

SMART fares called ‘bargain’ and ‘transit system for the rich’

Marinscope, 6-9-2016

SMART sets Fares and offers Eco-Pass and Bulk Discounts

Sonoma County Gazette, 6-9-2016

Roadshow: Am I seeing things, or was he driving a lawn mower?

Mercury News, 6-9-2016

Alameda council supports parking fee at ferry terminal

East Bay Times, 6-9-2016

BART set to place $3.5 billion bond on November ballot

San Francisco Examiner, 6-9-2016

BART board to consider $3.5B bond, $1.8B budget

East Bay Times, 6-9-2016

Tenderloin Family Housing reopens after $9M makeover

San Francisco Examiner, 6-9-2016

Open house on Plan Bay Area 2040

Napa Valley Register, 6-8-2016

Bay Area economy at full employment, California is close

East Bay Times, 6-8-2016

Napa Sanitation reviews barriers to affordable housing

Napa Valley Register, 6-8-2016

The new cost of driving – express lanes come to the Bay Area

KALW Local Public Radio, 6-8-2016

Roadshow: You called 911 and got a busy signal. Now what?

Mercury News, 6-8-2016

Solano voters say no to sales tax hike for road repair

Fairfield Daily Republic, 6-8-2016

BART board to consider $3.5B bond, $1.8B budget

East Bay Times, 6-8-2016

San Jose: Traffic calming measures planned for two schools

Mercury News, 6-8-2016

Bay Area apartment owners lose pricing power

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-8-2016

Editorial: Rent control isn’t answer to state’s housing shortage

Sacramento Bee, 6-8-2016

SF Bay protection: Measure AA passes

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-8-2016

Roadshow: Carpool cheaters gain the CHP's attention

Mercury News, 6-7-2016

County transit agencies approve budgets: Several hundred million dollars support local TA, Caltrain, SamTrans projects

San Mateo Daily Journal, 6-7-2016

Roadshow: What happened to San Jose airport's long-term parking lot?

Mercury News, 6-7-2016

Roadshow: How Silicon Valley bosses can help ease our horrendous commutes

Mercury News, 6-7-2016

Employers set up shuttles for workers to access SMART train

Petaluma Argus-Courier, 6-7-2016

Bay Area luxury housing market cools as economy slows

San Francisco Business Times, 6-7-2016

Editorial: Show something before asking voters to open wallets

Fairfield Daily Republic, 6-7-2016

SF weighs ‘black boxes’ to track government fleet

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-7-2016

Neighbors Clash in Silicon Valley

The Wall Street Journal, 6-7-2016

Can’t afford housing? California leaders are working on it

Sacramento Bee, 6-6-2016

As East Bay tourism heats up, Oakland airport gears up for growth

East Bay Times, 6-6-2016

Roundabouts are coming, but do they work?

Napa Valley Register, 6-6-2016

Concerns vary in update process of Plan Bay Area

Marin Independent Journal, 6-4-2016

Bay Area bus service lagging despite highway congestion, BART overcrowding

San Jose Mercury News, 6-4-2016

VTA Board Approves Transportation Sales Tax Measure for Ballot

NBC Bay Area, 6-4-2016

These are the worst roads in the Bay Area

San Francisco Chronicle, 6-4-2016

Bay Area bus agencies look to Uber, Lyft to connect riders to transit

San Jose Mercury News, 6-3-2016