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Roadshow: BART parking garage not in immediate plans at Warm Springs

Contra Costa Times, 2-27-2015

Californians agree roads need fixing, but dislike gas tax hike and mileage fee, poll finds

San Jose Mercury News, 2-27-2015

BART board approves compromise plan for handrail placement on new cars

San Francisco Examiner, 2-27-2015

Most Americans see combating climate change as a moral duty

Reuters, 2-27-2015

Roadshow: Why did the toll lane switch to carpool only?

San Jose Mercury News, 2-27-2015

For bicyclists, free parking station opens in downtown Oakland

Inside Bay Area, 2-26-2015

Hyperloop’s 1st home may be Central Valley eco-utopia

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-26-2015

Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese unanimously elected as new MTC chair

San Jose Mercury News, 2-26-2015

Roadshow: Alarm horns annoy you? Get a life

San Jose Mercury News, 2-26-2015

Herhold: Farewell to Mike Scanlon, SamTrans legend

San Jose Mercury News, 2-26-2015

BART seeks $1B from SF, but is it feasible?

San Francisco Examiner, 2-26-2015

CCTA receives federal grant to plan new Technologies for a multi-modal transportation corridor on Highway 4

Antioch Herald, 2-26-2015

South SF, Oakland Ferry Spends Way More Than it Earns in Fares

KGO 810, 2-26-2015

Californians sharply divided over hiking state gas tax

Sacramento Bee, 2-26-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ editorial: SMART turning focus to operations

Marin Independent Journal, 2-26-2015

Why gas prices spiked across Los Angeles on Thursday

Los Angeles Daily News, 2-26-2015

BART changes new train car design to satisfy disabled riders' concerns

Contra Costa Times, 2-26-2015

Work moves ahead on Golden Gate Bridge seismic retrofit project

Marin Independent Journal, 2-26-2015

Berkeley study directly IDs climate change culprit

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-25-2015

Bay Bridge Bay Lights Will Go Dark Until 2016

NBC Bay Area, 2-25-2015

Google Plans New Headquarters, and a City Fears Being Overrun

New York Times, 2-25-2015

County to host workshop on rising sea levels

Daily Republic, 2-25-2015

Editorial: It’s still called trickle-down economics, even in San Francisco

San Francisco Examiner, 2-25-2015

Real estate fee, tax credits drive new affordable housing plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-25-2015

Roadshow: How to fix the Sand Hill slowdown on I-280

San Jose Mercury News, 2-25-2015

After a series of recent of rail crashes, SMART seeks insight into safety challenges

Press Democrat, 2-25-2015

Expert panel discusses Marin housing growth

Marin Independent Journal, 2-25-2015

Survey paints picture of VINE riders

Napa Valley Register, 2-25-2015

Roadshow: Timetable for the 280-880 lane shift

San Jose Mercury News, 2-24-2015

Overwhelmed by Sharks fans at Levi's Stadium, VTA vows upgrades for Super Bowl, WrestleMania

Contra Costa Times, 2-24-2015

Lack of overnight BART service key concern raised in transportation report

San Francisco Examiner, 2-24-2015

Bill to ban BART strikes is introduced by Republican lawmaker

Inside Bay Area, 2-24-2015

Supervisors embrace Levine bill to speed up work on third lane, bike path on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

Marin Independent Journal, 2-24-2015

BOE approves 6-cent cut in statewide gas tax

Sacramento Bee, 2-24-2015

Critics fear bullet train will bring urban sprawl to Central Valley

Los Angeles Times, 2-24-2015

Editorial: Guest commentary: AC Transit in desperate needs of an appointed board

Inside Bay Area, 2-24-2015

Caltrans wrapping up quake repairs on bridges, highways

Napa Valley Register, 2-24-2015

Editorial: Toni Atkins: How California can improve its transportation infrastructure

San Jose Mercury News, 2-23-2015

Bicyclists’ opposition to bill requiring helmets hard to navigate

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-23-2015

2nd Transbay Tube needed for late-night transit, task force says

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-23-2015

Roadshow: Another crack at explaining 25 mph school zone law

San Jose Mercury News, 2-23-2015

Editorial: Quinn: The Apple Car and why it's not so crazy

San Jose Mercury News, 2-23-2015

Mercury News editorial: California should back helmet law plan

San Jose Mercury News, 2-23-2015

San Francisco: Late-Night Transportation Report Highlights Lack of Overnight BART Service

NBC Bay Area, 2-23-2015

California Commute San Francisco residents relying less on private automobiles

Los Angeles Times, 2-23-2015

As gas tax funds dwindle, California looks to test charging for miles traveled

Los Angeles Daily News, 2-23-2015

Rods securing Bay Bridge tower show rust, cracking

Sacramento Bee, 2-23-2015

Editorial: One day, we’ll wonder what all the fuss about high-speed rail was about

Sacramento Bee, 2-23-2015

CA: SMART to Have Zoned Fares When Service Begins in 2016

Marin Independent Journal, 2-22-2015

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Three years to reopen a Richmond bridge lane?

Marin Independent Journal, 2-22-2015

AM Alert: Social services, transportation funding battles return to Capitol

Sacramento Bee, 2-22-2015

Roadshow: Honk-with-lock 'extremely rude' (and easy to disable)

San Jose Mercury News, 2-22-2015

San Francisco’s New Roadmap for Better Late-Night Transit

KQED, 2-22-2015

SMART advancing 2-mile segment of bike path in Rohnert Park

Press Democrat, 2-22-2015

The Changing Nature of Middle-Class Jobs

New York Times, 2-22-2015

California considering blowing up old Bay Bridge piers

Daily Journal, 2-21-2015

Editorial: California needs a simpler gas tax, not a higher one

Sacramento Bee, 2-21-2015

Editorial: Guest commentary: Sacramento should put the brakes on a gas tax hike

Inside Bay Area, 2-21-2015

Eco-friendly California looks beyond gas tax to fix roads

Sacramento Bee, 2-21-2015

Roadshow: So tired of carpool cheats

San Jose Mercury News, 2-20-2015

Rust, cracks found on Bay Bridge tower rod

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-20-2015

Richmond: City is one step closer to Richmond-SF ferry service

Contra Costa Times, 2-20-2015

Corrosion found in some anchor rods in new Bay Bridge

The Reporter, 2-20-2015

Forum: Tri-Valley poised for greatness in technology, innovation

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 2-20-2015

Editorial: Oakland Tribune editorial: Cyclists should get on board with mandatory helmet law

Oakland Tribune, 2-20-2015

Oakland: Ferry ridership at Jack London Square up nearly 50 percent in 2 years

Inside Bay Area, 2-19-2015

Double-decker bus to be tested on routes in East Bay

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-19-2015

AC Transit Rolls Double Decker Bus In Pilot Program

Mass Transit Magazine, 2-19-2015

Build required S.F. affordable housing here, Oakland mayor says

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-19-2015

Gas prices jump after Torrance refinery explosion

Los Angeles Times, 2-19-2015

Bay Area’s riskiest on-ramps keep hearts racing

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-19-2015

Roadshow: California gas tax may drop by 21 percent

San Jose Mercury News, 2-19-2015

Assemblyman Kevin Mullin wants to fix Highway 101

Daily Journal, 2-19-2015

AC Transit will begin double-decker bus pilot program Monday

ABC 7 News, 2-19-2015

The impressive environmental bonus of crowded city living

Washington Post, 2-19-2015

Plans for bike path on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge progress

News Pointer, 2-19-2015

Caltrans Making Case To Implode Part Of Old Bay Bridge

CBS SF Bay Area, 2-19-2015

SMART trains will come to the North Bay next month

Marin Independent Journal, 2-18-2015

SMART settles on more classic station design

Press Democrat, 2-18-2015

Uber set to raise another $1 billion

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-18-2015

Roadshow: Who needs the new FasTrak device (and a mylar bag)

San Jose Mercury News, 2-18-2015

BART to develop technology to protect trackside workers from trains

Contra Costa Times, 2-18-2015

San Francisco Bay Bridge radar beacon replaced

Daily Journal, 2-18-2015

New signs remind motorists to stay 3 feet from cyclists

Napa Valley Register, 2-18-2015

MTC seeks high school interns

The Reporter, 2-18-2015

East Palo Alto City Council OKs senior-housing development

Palo Alto Weekly, 2-18-2015

Piedmont: Council approves project for Highland Avenue makeover

Paradise Post, 2-18-2015

Infrastructure Megaprojects: Looking For Legacies

Engineering News Record, 2-18-2015

Project Members Ponder Untold Stories of the Bay Bridge

Engineering News Record, 2-18-2015

California High-Speed Rail Proponents Plow Forward

Engineering News Record, 2-18-2015

2-year plan approved for street, sidewalk repairs

Napa Valley Register, 2-18-2015

Apple’s electric car dreams carry challenges

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-17-2015

Roadshow: When a transit commute takes twice as long as driving

San Jose Mercury News, 2-17-2015

On Guard: Why not look to westside to build homes?

San Francisco Examiner, 2-17-2015

Editorial: Bill to require bike helmets intrigues but needs work

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-17-2015

San Francisco Bay: Broken radar beacon on Bay Bridge that increased oil spill risk is now fixed

San Jose Mercury News, 2-17-2015

Martinez: Housing outreach plans not connecting

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 2-17-2015

Editorial: Dick Spotswood: How many bicyclists will ride across Richmond bridge?

Marin Independent Journal, 2-17-2015

Apple, Tesla alliance still makes most sense for electric car

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-17-2015

Silicon Valley emerges as transportation hub with Apple car

Chicago Tribune, 2-16-2015

Editorial: Guest commentary: Oakland must be ready to use pollution funds wisely

Contra Costa Times, 2-16-2015

Roadshow: Confusion over 25 mph speed limit near schools

San Jose Mercury News, 2-16-2015

South City welcomes planned upgrades for new Caltrain station

San Francisco Examiner, 2-16-2015

S.F. looking to widen sidewalks in jam-packed Chinatown

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-16-2015

Mass transit riders breaking laws of motion

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-16-2015

Early plans to raise transportation funds

U-T San Diego, 2-15-2015

Bumpy road ahead for transportation financing plans

U-T San Diego, 2-15-2015

Daly City council signals support for San Bruno Mountain priority conservation area

San Francisco Examiner, 2-15-2015

Editorial: Op-Ed As high-speed rail gains momentum, U.S. can look to Europe's example

Los Angeles Times, 2-15-2015

Roadshow: From DUI warnings to Burma-Shave memories

San Jose Mercury News, 2-15-2015

Editorial: ‘Vital Signs’ report numbers offer unreliable picture

Marin Independent Journal, 2-14-2015

Feds give $4.8 million for earthquake road repairs

Napa Valley Register, 2-13-2015

State proposes 21 percent gas tax cut

U-T San Diego, 2-13-2015

Clean-car perk proves to be boon for wealthy

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-13-2015

Roadshow: Tipped to carpool cheaters, CHP stakes out I-880 onramp

San Jose Mercury News, 2-13-2015

Roadshow: Should free parking be banned to reduce congestion?

San Jose Mercury News, 2-12-2015

Push to protect ‘urban oasis’: San Bruno Mountain eyed for preservation

Daily Journal, 2-12-2015

Transbay Transit Center selling naming rights; ABAG facing audit

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-12-2015

The United States of Megadrought

Slate, 2-12-2015

Berkeley mayor paints 'overall rosy picture' of state of the city

San Jose Mercury News, 2-12-2015

Vape no more: BART bans electronic cigarettes

Inside Bay Area, 2-12-2015

Warm weather, rising gas prices anticipated for Presidents Day weekend

Marin Independent Journal, 2-12-2015

No seat for Santa Rosa on SMART board

Press Democrat, 2-12-2015

MTC seeks paid interns for summer, application deadline approaches

The Reporter, 2-12-2015

Plan Moves Ahead to Ease Congestion and Allow Bikes on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

KQED, 2-12-2015

High-speed rail foes argue state environmental law applies

Daily Republic, 2-11-2015

SF launches vehicle training program to improve safety on streets

San Francisco Examiner, 2-11-2015

Bay Bridge bike path completion delayed about six months

Contra Costa Times, 2-11-2015

Roadshow: Smart I-80 effort has its supporters

Contra Costa Times, 2-11-2015

Roadshow: When will 101 in South County get carpool lanes, metering lights?

San Jose Mercury News, 2-11-2015

Cupertino bets big on Apple spaceship campus

San Jose Mercury News, 2-11-2015

SMART expects delivery of first commuter train in March

Press Democrat, 2-11-2015

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge closer to getting new lane, bike path

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-11-2015

Big changes planned for Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

Marin Independent Journal, 2-11-2015

Whatever road is taken for highway funds, there's a need for speed

Los Angeles Times, 2-11-2015

Senator calls for mandatory helmets for California cyclists

Sacramento Bee, 2-11-2015

Lost in the Fog: Bay Bridge Beacons Keep Failing, Right as the Weather Turns Foul

SF Weekly, 2-11-2015

Cap-and-trade: Transportation fuels on the block

Capitol Weekly, 2-11-2015

SMART rail extension gets new hope

Twin Cities Times, 2-11-2015

Toll Authority Still Fixing Golden Gate Bridge Electronic Toll Collection System Rollout

SF Appeal, 2-11-2015

Locally and nationally, renters pay dearly to cut commutes

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-10-2015

Newly-elected council member sets goals and priorities

San Jose Mercury News, 2-10-2015

Man-made climate change may need man-made remedies, science panel says

Los Angeles Times, 2-10-2015

Roadshow: Should Mr. and Mrs. Tesla pay more for roads?

San Jose Mercury News, 2-10-2015

Bay Area Needs More Than New Bart Tube

Beyond Chron, 2-10-2015

Editorial: Dick Spotswood: Marin fares well when it comes to commuting by transit or working close to home

Marin Independent Journal, 2-10-2015

Why own a car when you can share one?

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-10-2015

California Commute State's 5 worst bottlenecks are in L.A., Orange counties

Los Angeles Times, 2-10-2015

Editorial: Mercury News editorial: Repair Bay Bridge beacon, for starters

San Jose Mercury News, 2-9-2015

PG&E wants ratepayers to foot bill for 25,000 car chargers

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-9-2015

Roadshow: Are downtown San Jose parking rates outrageous?

San Jose Mercury News, 2-9-2015

Climate Change Is of Growing Personal Concern to U.S. Hispanics, Poll Finds

New York Times, 2-9-2015

Alternatives to California gas tax are on table

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-9-2015

Diversity in Berkeley raised as concern at Adeline session as planning process takes off

Berkeleyside, 2-9-2015

Atherton sues CalTrain operator, challenges effects of the rail line's electrification

San Jose Mercury News, 2-9-2015

Atherton sues CalTrain operator, challenges effects of the rail line's electrification

Contra Costa Times, 2-9-2015

Bay Area Freeway Congestion Report reflect Economic Resurgence

Sonoma County Gazette, 2-9-2015

Sidecar expands service to deliver packages as well as people

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-9-2015

Raising Gas Taxes Gets Bipartisan Boost from Governors

Governing, 2-9-2015

Black, Latino neighborhoods aren’t sharing in S.F. housing boom

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-9-2015

Sacramento considering half-cent county transportation sales tax

Sacramento Bee, 2-9-2015

Editorial: How about honesty and transparency on road fees?

Sacramento Bee, 2-9-2015

AM Alert: Senate Democrats unveil legislation to fight climate change

Sacramento Bee, 2-9-2015

Bill seeks to legalize Google bus program statewide

San Francisco Examiner, 2-8-2015

Brown seeks money for fixing roads as gas tax value plunges

KPCC 89.3, 2-8-2015

Roadshow: Debate over freeway names roars on

San Jose Mercury News, 2-8-2015

Luce beats out city candidates for seat on Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Napa Valley Register, 2-8-2015

Marin commute times exceed Bay Area average, data show

Marin Independent Journal, 2-8-2015

Renters Are Majority in Big U.S. Cities

Wall Street Journal, 2-8-2015

Website Opens Bay Area Transportation Data to the Masses

Planetizen, 2-7-2015

Editorial: To fix roads, should California tax miles driven or gas used?

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-7-2015

Editorial: Another View: Caltrans making progress, but funding lags

Sacramento Bee, 2-7-2015

Tony Anziano, who led troubled Bay Bridge effort, will retire

Sacramento Bee, 2-7-2015

Gas prices on rise in California and across nation

San Jose Mercury News, 2-6-2015

Five public meetings set on Alameda County transportation projects

Contra Costa Times, 2-6-2015

Years After Loma Prieta, Many Columns Supporting Bay Area Roads Still Need Retrofitting for Quake Safety

NBC Bay Area, 2-6-2015

Bay Area’s New “Vital Signs” Website Tracks Transportation Stats

Streetsblog LA, 2-6-2015

Roadshow: Drivers ridicule $79 million fix for I-80

San Jose Mercury News, 2-6-2015

Stunning pictures show Bay Bridge construction up close

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-6-2015

Bay Area transit ridership down despite subsidies, enticements

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-6-2015

Frazier outlines state’s transportation future

Daily Republic, 2-5-2015

SF examines lowering speed limits in the name of safety

San Francisco Examiner, 2-5-2015

Foster City officials grapple with housing goals: Council approves state-mandated plan, suggestion to rezone golf facility shot down

Daily Journal, 2-5-2015

Bay Area Relying Less On Public Transit, New Figures Show

CBS SF Bay Area, 2-5-2015

Roadshow: Sign spinner causes hours of delays, driver complains

San Jose Mercury News, 2-5-2015

Mayors Lobby Senators, House Members for Valley Projects

The Independent, 2-5-2015

Santa Rosa’s new City Council prioritizes goals

Press Democrat, 2-5-2015


Bold Italic, 2-5-2015

Study seeks to connect AmCan to Vallejo via trails

Napa Valley Register, 2-5-2015

Editorial: Opinion: California’s roads need costly repair

Sacramento Bee, 2-5-2015

An Up-Close Look at the Monumental Task of Building a Bridge

Gizmodo, 2-5-2015

City gears up with community to plan revitalization of Adeline Street

Daily Californian, 2-5-2015

Roadshow: My speedometer never matches the roadside signs

San Jose Mercury News, 2-4-2015

Roadshow: I-80 project first of its kind in Bay Area

Contra Costa Times, 2-4-2015

LAH council urges petition to push I-280 repaving

Los Altos Town Crier, 2-4-2015

New Maps Size Up Transportation Poverty Risks in 4 Cities

Next City, 2-4-2015

Berkeley: Questions surround plans to revitalize Adeline Street

Inside Bay Area, 2-4-2015

Bay Area commutes are lousy, but at least they’re reliable

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-4-2015

California drivers could face new $52-a-year fee

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-4-2015

Albany housing element wins quick approval

Contra Costa Times, 2-4-2015

Restoring the public's trust in BART

San Jose Mercury News, 2-4-2015

Latest Problem For New Bay Bridge Involves $4 Million Maintenance Elevator

CBS SF Bay Area, 2-4-2015

Road user fee drives California Assembly speaker’s transportation plan

Sacramento Bee, 2-4-2015

Editorial: Marin Voice: Bus hub plan is too big for Novato

Marin Independent Journal, 2-4-2015

Roadshow: Unhelpful message boards, and other light rail issues

San Jose Mercury News, 2-3-2015

Bay Area Commute Dubbed ‘Most Predictable’ In The Nation

CBS SF Bay Area, 2-3-2015

A 30-Year Plan for U.S. Transportation Summed Up by One Word: Choice

CityLab, 2-3-2015

Editorial: Oakland Tribune editorial: Bay Bridge navigational beacon must be fixed now

Oakland Tribune, 2-3-2015

Incredible Photos from the Construction Site of the New Bay Bridge

CityLab, 2-3-2015

Editorial: Dick Spotswood: Even in Marin, some ignore science of vaccines

Marin Independent Journal, 2-3-2015

Another problem for new Bay Bridge span: Elevator doesn’t work

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-3-2015

Golden Gate Bridge suicides decline in 2014

Marin Independent Journal, 2-3-2015

Roadshow: Some Highway 85 meters start working at 2:30 p.m.

San Jose Mercury News, 2-2-2015

Muni uses anti-terrorism funds to catch fare cheats

San Francisco Examiner, 2-2-2015

Barnidge: BART customers have spoken, but directors still have questions

Contra Costa Times, 2-2-2015

Google hosts U.S. transportation chief's futurist vision

San Jose Mercury News, 2-2-2015

Talk of 2nd BART Transbay Tube Resurfaces

NBC Bay Area, 2-2-2015

People are ready for self-driving cars, studies say

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-2-2015

U.S. transportation chief visits Google to unveil 30-year plan

San Jose Mercury News, 2-2-2015

White House budget: DOT investment would boost spending well above current levels

Washington Post, 2-2-2015

New San Mateo councilman prepares to serve

Daily Journal, 2-2-2015

Exclusive: Google Is Developing Its Own Uber Competitor

Bloomberg Business, 2-2-2015

SMART rail extension to Larkspur in Obama's budget

Marin Independent Journal, 2-2-2015

EPA urged to tighten ozone standards

Los Angeles Times, 2-2-2015

Spare the Air alert called for Tuesday in the Bay Area

Contra Costa Times, 2-2-2015

Lower Gas Prices Test Transit Ridership Models

Wall Street Journal, 2-2-2015

Transportation Department report gives the outlook for the next 30 years

Washington Post, 2-2-2015

$20 million for SMART’s Larkspur extension in President Obama’s budget

Press Democrat, 2-2-2015

Editorial: Marin Voice: Is extending SMART to Larkspur worth it?

Marin Independent Journal, 2-2-2015

Yountville to talk transportation Feb. 10

Napa Valley Register, 2-1-2015

Caltrans will swallow extra $5.5M tab to protect birds at Highway 101 widening

Marin Independent Journal, 2-1-2015

Roadshow: Will DMV add staff to accommodate immigrant influx?

San Jose Mercury News, 2-1-2015

Bay Bridge radar beacon is broken, increasing oil spill risk

Contra Costa Times, 2-1-2015

Editorial: California should stay on track with standard on cleaner fuels

Sacramento Bee, 2-1-2015