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Lawsuit over California high-speed rail back in court

Napa Valley Register, 2-11-2016

$2 Gas Won't Last Forever; New Program Helps Drivers Save Money, Curb Emissions

PR Newswire, 2-11-2016

California: Gas under $2 in Bay Area, still closer to $3 in Los Angeles

San Jose Mercury News, 2-11-2016

Roadshow: Motorist spends $5,400 for pothole repairs to car

San Jose Mercury News, 2-11-2016

BART parking fees may rise as much as $30 for Coliseum, Oracle Arena events

Inside Bay Area, 2-11-2016

Think tank calls for second BART transbay tube

San Francisco Examiner, 2-11-2016

Editorial: Supreme Court deals setback on climate

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-10-2016

Transit board races to raise millions for purchase of new buses

San Francisco Examiner, 2-10-2016

Roadshow: Angry about lane-cutters? Don't amp up the road rage

San Jose Mercury News, 2-10-2016

State explores swap for gas tax

San Francisco Examiner, 2-10-2016

Reports highlight city revenue shortage

Napa Valley Register, 2-10-2016

Councilman Larry Reid says 'impact fees' would hurt East Oakland

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-10-2016

Montclair: Changes coming to dangerous intersection

Contra Costa Times, 2-10-2016

Palo Alto: Council says only about a fifth of proposed tax should go to BART project

San Jose Mercury News, 2-10-2016

Solano board gives green light to road repairs tax measure

Daily Republic, 2-10-2016

SMART Larkspur extension begins rolling toward summer 2018 opening

Marin Independent Journal, 2-9-2016

Officials weigh airport expansion

Press Democrat, 2-9-2016

New express lanes opening on I-580

Contra Costa Times, 2-9-2016

New express lanes on I-580 signal freeway revolution

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-9-2016

Bay Area housing squeeze: Millennials hurt the worst

Contra Costa Times, 2-9-2016

Roadshow: Gas under $2 a gallon reaches Bay Area

San Jose Mercury News, 2-8-2016

Editorial: Editorial: BART, unions should cut labor costs before asking for more taxes

Contra Costa Times, 2-8-2016

Fuel experts to discuss California's higher gas prices

Contra Costa Times, 2-8-2016

Plagued by delays, California high-speed rail back in court

Inside Bay Area, 2-8-2016

Super Bowl helps BART crush weekend-day ridership record

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-8-2016

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Downtown Novato SMART station could make sense

Marin Independent Journal, 2-6-2016

Novato’s housing, job outlook expected to rise slowly

Marin Independent Journal, 2-5-2016

S.F. housing density plan meets opposition

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-5-2016

Bike path designs for western span of Bay Bridge unveiled

San Francisco Examiner, 2-4-2016

Roadshow: As Super Bowl nears, Highway 101 potholes get filled

San Jose Mercury News, 2-4-2016

Crews work to tear down major section of old Bay Bridge

KRON 4, 2-4-2016

BART Tests New Seat Layout to Ease Crowding on Trains

KQED News, 2-4-2016

Roadshow: Another commuter driven to tears

San Jose Mercury News, 2-4-2016

Caltrain: Interim chief modernization officer named

San Jose Mercury News, 2-4-2016

Study: Oil field operations caused California earthquakes

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-4-2016

OC jail escapees took advantage of California’s use of plastic dealership plates

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-4-2016

Obama’s $10 oil tax to fund transportation projects

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-4-2016

New Fairfield Transportation Center structure could be ‘like a curtain flowing in the wind’

Daily Republic, 2-3-2016

Sales tax plan to pay for Solano road repair moves a step closer to June ballot

Daily Republic, 2-3-2016

Roadshow: Golden Gate Bridge's parking ban for Super Bowl Week

San Jose Mercury News, 2-3-2016

Some East Bay lawmakers oppose new BART bond proposal

ABC News, 2-3-2016

‘Google Bus’ pilot program nets last-­minute extension

San Francisco Examiner, 2-3-2016

Effort to get people away from SMART rail tracks running into resistance

Press Democrat, 2-3-2016

Orinda to tap voters for more road repair funds

Contra Costa Times, 2-3-2016

State Sen. Steve Glazer ties BART bond support to labor issues

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-3-2016

Specific Plan could transform Downtown Oakland

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-3-2016

California must tighten license-plates law

San Francisco Chronicle, 2-3-2016

Uber drivers protest wages

San Francisco Examiner, 2-2-2016

Roadshow: Cheap gas and California's price disparity

San Jose Mercury News, 2-2-2016

Menlo Park: Grant pays for safer routes to school

The Almanac, 2-2-2016

Keep Vine Trail on existing routes

Napa Valley Register, 2-2-2016

San Rafael council selects crossing plan for SMART rail line

Marin Independent Journal, 2-2-2016

Super Bowl 50: Taking light rail? You need smartphone app, advance ticket

San Jose Mercury News, 2-2-2016

Napa installs flashing signals to protect pedestrians

Napa Valley Register, 2-1-2016

Dan Walters: Gas prices drop, gas taxes also

Sacramento Bee, 2-1-2016

Engineers Zero In on Design for Bike Path on Bay Bridge Western Span

KQED News, 2-1-2016

San Francisco Joins the Water Trail

Bay Nature, 2-1-2016


Roadshow: Waze users (and Mr. Roadshow) come under attack

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-31-2016

Regional planning effort promises changes

Marin Independent Journal, 1-31-2016

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: New San Rafael transit hub should be a priority

Marin Independent Journal, 1-30-2016

Ideas to turn abandoned Oakland properties into affordable homes

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-29-2016

Editorial: Charge developers a fee to fund affordable housing in Oakland

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-29-2016

The real Super Bowl battle: Uber vs. taxis vs. Lyft

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-29-2016

Roadshow: Two hours for Oakland-San Jose commute

San Jose Mercury News, 1-29-2016

BART parking fees to rise at East Bay stations

KRON 4, 1-29-2016

Roadshow: I flunked the California driving test because of this habit

San Jose Mercury News, 1-28-2016

Artist Leo Villareal Shines a Permanent Light on San Francisco with LED Lighting from Philips

Business Wire, 1-28-2016

Poll shows strong support for more BART funding

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-28-2016

Super Bowl 50: How to beat the traffic, avoid the street closures

San Jose Mercury News, 1-28-2016

Car Utilization Platform Carma Debuts Art Cars Designed by Local Bay Area Artist Zio Ziegler

Business Wire, 1-27-2016

Berkeley briefs: Assembyman to head regional planning panel; new LBNL director named

Daily Democrat News, 1-27-2016

‘Google Bus’ future still uncertain

San Francisco Examiner, 1-27-2016

Solano makes move toward roads sales tax measure

Marin Independent Journal, 1-27-2016

Roadshow: When the commute has us in tears

San Jose Mercury News, 1-27-2016

AM Alert: California jump-starts discussion on self-driving car rules

Sacramento Bee, 1-27-2016

SMART dry run to start by June; agency stresses safety

Marin Independent Journal, 1-27-2016

Berkeley: Bike Share comes to the East Bay

Inside Bay Area, 1-27-2016

Ride service companies inch forward

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-27-2016

Prospect of taxes sours budget support, poll finds

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-27-2016

Few U.S. neighborhoods affordable, walkable with good schools

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-27-2016

Bullet train chairman projects lower cost, longer timeline

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-27-2016

Bay transit agencies get $500 million

Contra Costa Times, 1-27-2016

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit expands efforts to prevent accidents on train tracks

Press Democrat, 1-27-2016

Busy Golden Gate Ferry needs repairs sooner than anticipated

Marin Independent Journal, 1-26-2016

Mary Poppins in an Uber? Kids’ ride services go beyond transport

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-26-2016

Editorial: OP-ED: Move forward with Millbrae station plans

Daily Journal, 1-26-2016

Bike share program to expand to Berkeley, other East Bay cities

The Daily Californian, 1-26-2016

It’s back to the negotiating table for transportation funding, threat of cuts

Sacramento Bee, 1-26-2016

Tiburon and Belvedere commuters vent over plan to eliminate Route 8

Marin Independent Journal, 1-26-2016

Roadshow: One man's week of hell on I-680

San Jose Mercury News, 1-26-2016

Niles Canyon Trail plan seen as regional system connector

Contra Costa Times, 1-26-2016

Solving Sustainable Traffic Problems with Carpooling App Scoop

Inc., 1-26-2016

AM Alert: California high-speed rail cost, timing examined

Sacramento Bee, 1-26-2016

Rising buildings mean rising expectations for Transbay district

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-25-2016

Roadshow: White 'ghost bikes' honor dead bicyclists

San Jose Mercury News, 1-25-2016

Muni testing device that may make locked seats safe

San Francisco Examiner, 1-25-2016

Novato advisory panel says city should not tap Measure F funds for downtown train stop

Marin Independent Journal, 1-25-2016

San Jose back in the running for early high-speed rail link

Contra Costa Times, 1-24-2016

City's ambitious repaving effort reaches mid-point

Napa Valley Register, 1-24-2016

Roadshow: Super Bowl sign slowing traffic on 237

San Jose Mercury News, 1-22-2016

Report: California should have flexibility to spend cap-and-trade funds

San Jose Mercury News, 1-22-2016

Air district OKs $300k for global warming conference planned for October

San Jose Mercury News, 1-22-2016

California transportation money cut back

San Jose Mercury News, 1-22-2016

Stop S.F. commuter shuttles until we know their effect

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-22-2016

Editorial: Keep commuter shuttles rolling in San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-22-2016

Transportation officials warn of plunging road funding

Sacramento Bee, 1-22-2016

Magid: A ride-share service geared at kids

San Jose Mercury News, 1-21-2016

Uber outpaces rental cars, taxis for business travelers

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-21-2016

Roadshow: What's being done about Highway 237 flooding near Levi's Stadium?

San Jose Mercury News, 1-21-2016

AM Alert: Could fixing California roads be environmental benefit?

Sacramento Bee, 1-21-2016

Is Google's Waze app making traffic worse?

San Jose Mercury News, 1-21-2016

Ferry between S.F. and Tiburon to be suspended for dock work

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-21-2016

Jerry Brown says state must pay debt, new taxes on horizon

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-21-2016

Bay Area Bike Share bike station location meetings set

Contra Costa Times, 1-21-2016

El Cerrito's place in regional planning outlined

Contra Costa Times, 1-20-2016

Editorial: Daniel Weintraub: Brown’s roads budget is bad for environment and health

Sacramento Bee, 1-20-2016

Fairfield-Suisun transit agency announces SolanoExpress route changes

Daily Republic, 1-20-2016

Lee vetoes S.F.’s proposed rolling-stop law for bicyclists

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-20-2016

SMART looks at street realignment, potential transit center relocation

Marin Independent Journal, 1-20-2016

Sylvia McLaughlin, last living founder of Save the Bay, dies at age 99

Contra Costa Times, 1-20-2016

Pinole reception Thursday will mark 10th anniversary of LYNX transbay service

Contra Costa Times, 1-20-2016

A rightful veto of rolling stops for San Francisco bike riders

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-20-2016

Adopt ‘miles traveled’ measure to discourage harmful sprawl

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-20-2016

Proof That a Price on Carbon Works

New York Times, 1-19-2016

Roadshow: Don't use cruise control on wet roads

San Jose Mercury News, 1-19-2016

The Bay Area loves public transit? This ridership ranking says yes

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-19-2016

Marin bus and ferry riders face increased fares in 2016

Marin Independent Journal, 1-19-2016

Dueling S.F. housing measures submitted for June ballot

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-19-2016

Marin municipal officials to hear regional association’s vision for growth

Marin Independent Journal, 1-18-2016

Roadshow: California gas prices nearly $1 over national average

San Jose Mercury News, 1-18-2016

Bay Bridge reopens after protesters chain themselves, shut down span

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-18-2016

World's oceans are warming quicker and deeper, scientists say

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-18-2016

Golden Gate Bridge barrier a success, except for the speeding

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-17-2016

Roadshow: Lower fine for running red lights? No way, readers say!

San Jose Mercury News, 1-17-2016

‘Complete Streets’ policy to go before Dixon Planning Commission

The Reporter, 1-16-2016

Dan Walters: State’s big housing dilemma

Sacramento Bee, 1-16-2016

San Francisco roadways earn improved rating

San Francisco Examiner, 1-16-2016

Roadshow: Would you dare drive to Reno when snow is forecast?

San Jose Mercury News, 1-16-2016

Bay Area must step up to climate, housing needs

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-15-2016

California’s affordable housing crisis spreads to the middle

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-15-2016

Obama administration unveils $4 billion proposal to fund self-driving cars

San Jose Mercury News, 1-14-2016

Roadshow: An unpleasant experience with California's retro-reflective road signs

San Jose Mercury News, 1-14-2016

Fairfield differs with Solano transit agency in choice of power plant for new buses

Daily Republic, 1-14-2016

Solano agency to discuss plan for replacing buses

Daily Republic, 1-13-2016

Foxx to announce boost for self-driving cars; Google hires former Obama adviser; White House poised to issue encryption policy

Washington Post, 1-13-2016

Roadshow: 20 tips for driving in the rain (hello, El Niño!)

San Jose Mercury News, 1-13-2016

Uber may pay $7.6 million fine to California, pending vote

San Francisco Examiner, 1-13-2016

Bay Area-wide tax aims to protect against rising sea levels

Contra Costa Times, 1-13-2016

Editorial: Cindy Chavez: VTA has to become more multimodal and forge ...

San Jose Mercury News, 1-13-2016

Menlo Park gets $500,000 grant for safe school routes

San Jose Mercury News, 1-13-2016

Kim moves forward with effort to increase affordable housing quota

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-12-2016

Supes to propose charter amendment on development

San Francisco Examiner, 1-12-2016

Roadshow: Apple paying for changes at Cupertino interchange

San Jose Mercury News, 1-12-2016

The Strongest Case Yet That Excessive Parking Causes More Driving

City Lab, 1-12-2016

Things to celebrate

Daily Journal, 1-11-2016

Caltrans I-680 rehab project complete

Inside Bay Area, 1-11-2016

Sonoma County planners unveil option for Sonoma Valley bike path

Press Democrat, 1-11-2016

Editorial: Joe Simitian: Why VTA should abandon El Camino Bus Rapid Transit project

San Jose Mercury News, 1-11-2016

We can ease congestion by working from home once a week

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-11-2016

Self-driving cars to drain millions from city, state coffers

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-10-2016

Bay Bridge bike path questions could bring further delays

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-10-2016

Roadshow: Right-on-red tickets would cost less under proposed California law

San Jose Mercury News, 1-8-2016

County readies state, federal lobbying priorities

Napa Valley Register, 1-8-2016

How a tech slowdown could affect Bay Area housing

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-8-2016

Roadshow: Apple spaceship could lead to traffic Armageddon

San Jose Mercury News, 1-7-2016

Facebook to spend $1M on Dumbarton study

San Jose Mercury News, 1-7-2016

Treadway: Richmond Bay Trail made strides in 2015

Contra Costa Times, 1-7-2016

Brown’s $122.6 billion budget favors education, social programs

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-7-2016

Could Facebook donation mean new bridge option across the Bay?

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-7-2016

BART's new train signs outshine old ones

Contra Costa Times, 1-7-2016

Hwy. 101 in Santa Rosa still among Bay Area's worst commutes

Press Democrat, 1-6-2016

Roadshow: Is Highway 4 the 'most interesting highway' in California?

San Jose Mercury News, 1-6-2016

Some SF Muni riders eligible for a refund due to problem loading monthly passes to Clipper cards

KRON 4, 1-6-2016

Study compares carbon footprints of Bay Area communities

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-6-2016

Marin hires consultant for independent review of SMART bike path route

Marin Independent Journal, 1-6-2016

Parking meter rates going up in S.F. for first time since 2009

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-5-2016

Lyft and GM suggest a whole new way to get around

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-5-2016

Roadshow: How can I report Google self-driving car's bad habits?

San Jose Mercury News, 1-5-2016

New Year brings new BART fare increase

San Francisco Examiner, 1-4-2016

Roadshow: How soon should you put on snow chains?

San Jose Mercury News, 1-4-2016

San Pablo Bay fault research could suggest greater quake risks for Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 1-4-2016

Editorial: Mercury News editorial: Legislature must fix California's roads

San Jose Mercury News, 1-4-2016

Guest commentary: Must find ways to help homeless find affordable housing

Inside Bay Area, 1-4-2016

Editorial: Barnidge: If there oughta be a law, in California there probably is

Contra Costa Times, 1-4-2016

Oakland plans big retail, housing project near 19th Street BART

San Francisco Chronicle, 1-4-2016

Roadshow: Ding another car? Here's the proper etiquette

San Jose Mercury News, 1-3-2016

Bay Bridge bike path completion delayed

Inside Bay Area, 1-3-2016

Editorial: Barnidge: The more multifamily residences the merrier in Walnut Creek

Contra Costa Times, 1-2-2016

Oakland City Council to consider development impact fees to pay for affordable housing

San Jose Mercury News, 1-2-2016

Roadshow: Horrible Bay Area freeway finally going to be fixed

San Jose Mercury News, 1-1-2016

I-80 Morning Commute Retakes Top Spot in Traffic Congestion Survey

Bay Crossings, 1-1-2016

San Mateo County seeking grants for pedestrian projects

Daily Journal, 1-1-2016