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Residents irked that Menlo Park apartment redo project would remove 61 trees

Mercury News, 9-23-2016

Calistoga seeks to tackle affordable housing

CBS, 9-23-2016

Brisbane pushes huge development without housing

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-23-2016

Editorial: AC Transit’s $345 million debt concerning

East Bay Times, 9-23-2016

Mark Zuckerberg to revise plan for Palo Alto ‘compound’

Mercury News, 9-23-2016

No Easy Solutions For The Bay Area’s Congested Roadways

CBS, 9-23-2016

Curbside electric car charging stations arrive in Berkeley

Berkeleyside, 9-23-2016

SMART considering banning talking on cellphones aboard trains

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 9-23-2016

San Rafael’s downtown transit corridor’s future discussed

Marin Independent Journal, 9-23-2016

San Rafael Spinnaker Point residents criticize city over parking problems

Marin Independent Journal, 9-23-2016

Bay Area Bike Share wants to know where to put East Bay bike stations

Mercury News, 9-23-2016

Marin median home price hits $1.1 million

Marin Independent Journal, 9-23-2016

Oil spill found near Vallejo following mysterious odor

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-22-2016

Benicia’s rejection of oil trains could reverberate across country

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-22-2016

Unpopular Taraval Street plan approved in the name of safety

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-22-2016

Los Gatos: Downtown parking garage moving ahead

Mercury News, 9-22-2016

Stressed Richmond renters need answers, not attitude

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-22-2016

San Rafael: Start for SMART unclear

Marin Independent Journal, 9-22-2016

Santa Rosa dedicates more special tax revenue to housing

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 9-21-2016

Mayor, city leaders welcome residents home at new affordable housing project

San Francisco Examiner, 9-21-2016

Are buyers gaining upper hand in Bay Area real estate market?

Mercury News, 9-21-2016

Promise is building in long-neglected SF shipyard site

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-21-2016

Gift cards kick off Vine Transit Express Bus survey

Napa Valley Register, 9-21-2016

Benicia council spikes use permit for Valero oil-by-rail plan

Fairfield Daily Republic, 9-21-2016

Roadshow: Which freeway is Bay Area’s most dangerous?

Mercury News, 9-21-2016

Campbell’s Pruneyard could get renovation, new buildings

East Bay Times, 9-20-2016

San Jose: Homes proposed for private open space near Almaden Lake Park

Mercury News, 9-20-2016

Bay Area real estate: Prices down from August, up from a year earlier

East Bay Times, 9-20-2016

Road work will close Highway 121 at night in rural Napa

Napa Valley Register, 9-20-2016

Oakland considering sweeping changes to parking requirements for new developments

East Bay Times, 9-20-2016

Napa to seek millions to modernize composting

Napa Valley Register, 9-19-2016

In Sonoma County, it’s the decade of the renter

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 9-19-2016

Concord apartment scene suddenly booming

East Bay Times, 9-19-2016

Fremont: Council approves 52 condos in Centerville

East Bay Times, 9-19-2016

A glimmer of optimism amid the housing crisis

East Bay Times, 9-19-2016

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: More waiting in Richmond bridge traffic

Marin Independent Journal, 9-19-2016

Pedestrian-Bicycle Path Approved For Upper Deck Of Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

CBS, 9-19-2016

Palo Alto: Mark Zuckerberg ‘compound’ raises red flags for city board

Mercury News, 9-16-2016

F housing projects get help from city

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-16-2016

Napa raising registration fee for vehicle enforcement by a buck

Napa Valley Register, 9-16-2016

New, larger terminal for Sonoma County Airport slated for 2019

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 9-16-2016

Santa Rosa's gamble on Coddingtown rail crossing pays off

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 9-16-2016

Roadshow: FasTrak grace period ends on I-580

Mercury News, 9-16-2016

Muni Metro may answer calls for cell service on underground lines

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-15-2016

Report: Tech buses proliferating throughout Bay Area

East Bay Times, 9-15-2016

Roadshow: More traffic changes coming near Apple spaceship

Mercury News, 9-15-2016

75 lots near Fairfield train station win panel’s OK

Fairfield Daily Republic, 9-15-2016

Marin’s Eichler homes likely secure as ‘McMansion’ battles rage in South Bay

Marin Independent Journal, 9-15-2016

Sausalito sues Golden Gate Bridge district over ferry landing project

Marin Independent Journal, 9-15-2016

Tiny apartments for homeless hit snags over labor, land

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-13-2016

Burlingame startup Proterra has electric bus with 350-mile range

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-13-2016

Fremont Sets a Game Plan to Address Traffic Congestion

The Registry, 9-8-2016

Latest plan calls for pedestrian-oriented Telegraph Avenue

Berkeleyside, 9-8-2016

Draft Berkeley bike plan not good enough, says advocate

Berkeleyside, 9-8-2016

Funds coming to city to overhaul Napa affordable housing

Napa Valley Register, 9-8-2016

Council voices support for major east Suisun development

Fairfield Daily Republic, 9-8-2016

Alameda County: East 14th Street improvements given new life

East Bay Times, 9-8-2016

Mini-Bay Bridge will stretch over downtown San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-7-2016

Alameda: $45 million ferry facility to break ground

Mercury News, 9-7-2016

BART to San Jose train testing means rails will be electrified and dangerous

Mercury News, 9-7-2016

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge commute relief due in October 2017

Marin Independent Journal, 9-7-2016

SMART plans food and beverage service, including wine and beer

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 9-7-2016

Rural Napa Vine Trail segment unofficially open

Napa Valley Register, 9-7-2016

Alameda: Up to 1,843 housing units to be built

East Bay Times, 9-7-2016

Affordable housing rule changes get Fairfield council OK

Fairfield Daily Republic, 9-7-2016

Palo Alto decides it has too much of a good thing

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-6-2016

Bay Area ballots bulge with measures to pay for homeless housing

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-6-2016

10 Busiest Traffic Spots in the Bay Area

ABC, 9-6-2016

How California driver racked up a $49,000 FasTrak bill

Mercury News, 9-6-2016

SF falling short on many goals, controller finds

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-6-2016

Alameda rent control activist trying not to be evicted

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-6-2016

Big test for Cal students: affording housing in costly market

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-6-2016

Editorial: Editorial: Housing crisis can be eased by good decisions on Fuji Towers, Evans Lane

Mercury News, 9-6-2016

San Rafael vehicle dwellers fight parking ban

Marin Independent Journal, 9-6-2016

Marin rental market slowing as pace of rent hikes eases

Marin Independent Journal, 9-6-2016

Mission Square, plaza by transit center, at a civic crossroads

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-6-2016

San Jose: Tropicana plan ignites dispute about traffic, crowding at already busy corner

Mercury News, 9-6-2016

Planners endorse 37 east Napa homes despite privacy, tree concerns

Napa Valley Register, 9-2-2016

Metering lights may help untangle 101 snarls

Marinscope, 9-2-2016

Downtown Ferry Terminal expansion project makes major hire, but may be hampered by environmental concerns

San Francisco Examiner, 9-2-2016

Calistoga's Employee Shuttle Program suspended due to lack of riders

Napa Valley Register, 9-2-2016

Why BART’s future hinges on $3.5 billion bond

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-2-2016

BART Perks pilot pays riders who avoid the most crowded morning rush hour

East Bay Times, 9-1-2016

Roadshow: San Jose renters need to park, too

Mercury News, 9-1-2016

SMART urged to provide more bike parking

Marin Independent Journal, 9-1-2016

Muni monthly pass fare rises today, will increase more next year

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-1-2016

Bay Area rents plateauing, studies confirm

San Francisco Chronicle, 9-1-2016

Alameda: Senior assisted living project under review

East Bay Times, 9-1-2016


Santa Rosa enacts rent control, capping increases on 11,000 units

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 8-31-2016

El Cerrito housing and retail proposal at Del Norte to be focus of study session

East Bay Times, 8-31-2016

Public health problems in Oakland linked to housing crisis

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-31-2016

Roadshow: These bicycle markings deface our San Jose neighborhood

Mercury News, 8-30-2016

Santa Rosa bike lanes go green

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 8-30-2016

East Bay Lawmaker’s Opposition Sparks Fight Over BART Bond Measure

KQED, 8-30-2016

Golden Gate Bridge may remove toll plaza after 84 drivers crash into it

San Francisco Examiner, 8-30-2016

Meet BART's Fleet: New Trains will Showcase Many Environmentally Friendly Features

Mass Transit, 8-30-2016

A look inside Muni’s new light rail fleet

San Francisco Examiner, 8-30-2016

High-speed rail critics question the first route segment, which will end in an almond orchard

Los Angeles Times, 8-30-2016

Caltrans may begin selling 710 Freeway extension properties in September

Los Angeles Daily News, 8-30-2016

Affordable teacher housing among bills heading to governor

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-30-2016

California is about to find out what a truly radical climate policy looks like

Vox, 8-30-2016

Marin City housing complex gets $5K for landmark status effort

Marin Independent Journal, 8-30-2016

Amid high Napa housing costs, college ponders building its own

Napa Valley Register, 8-30-2016

Amid neighborhood drama, Napa tries to shut down Browns Valley rental

Napa Valley Register, 8-30-2016

Integrated housing and transit policies are key for San Francisco’s future

San Francisco Examiner, 8-30-2016

California climate change laws: More electric cars, solar power expected under tough new rules

Mercury News, 8-30-2016

Congressmen blast California's high-speed rail plan

Mercury News, 8-30-2016

California’s bad roads might stay that way, thanks to Legislature

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-30-2016

Climate change fight shifts to new state leadership

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-30-2016

Climate change: Where Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump stand

Mercury News, 8-30-2016

Fairfield home to much, equidistant to so much more

Fairfield Daily Republic, 8-30-2016

Report: Community Mtg. about Broadway Affordable Housing Project

Sonoma Sun, 8-30-2016

AC Transit Announces the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Easy Bay Bus Rapid Transit

Mass Transit, 8-29-2016

Freedom Bridge in Santa Clara faces demolition despite bicyclists' protests

Mercury News, 8-29-2016

Tiburon bus riders save popular Route 8

Marin Independent Journal, 8-29-2016

Talking cars finally ready for road

Mercury News, 8-29-2016

Biking to SMART? Where will you lock up?

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 8-29-2016

Cupertino: Traffic impact fee considered for development

Mercury News, 8-29-2016

Roadshow: San Jose's trashiest interchange? Readers fume about roadside ugliness

Mercury News, 8-29-2016

Achieving big cut in California carbon emissions will be chess game

Sacramento Bee, 8-29-2016

Editorial: After a long road, a change in the air

Sacramento Bee, 8-29-2016

Walnut Creek: 'Commons' makes room for housing, church programs

East Bay Times, 8-29-2016

Muni seeks to fix faulty ridership numbers

SF Bay, 8-29-2016

Third Eastbound Lane for Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Clears Key Hurdle

PR Newswire, 8-29-2016

City Attorney Blasts Obama Administration’s rejection of anti-gentrification plan

KQED News, 8-26-2016

San Francisco pleads case with Washington on preferential housing policy

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-26-2016

Richmond sued over housing plan

East Bay Times, 8-26-2016

Editorial: Editorial: Don’t Block Housing, San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-26-2016

Napa County airport to rebuilt runway that dates from WW2

Napa Valley Register, 8-26-2016

Golden Gate Bridge toll collection to see dramatic change

East Bay Times, 8-26-2016

BART warns riders of cellphone snatchers

East Bay Times, 8-26-2016

Parking rates soar at SFO

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-26-2016

Transportation commission seeks Bay Area residents to serve on key advisory panel

Antioch Herald, 8-26-2016

Third eastbound lane for Richmond-San Rafael Bridge clears key hurdle

Yahoo! Finance, 8-26-2016

SF public invited to help shape future of city subways

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-26-2016

They built towering cities in China. Now they’re trying it in Downtown LA

Los Angeles Times, 8-26-2016

Affordable housing fees proposed for Marin nursing facilities, rental units

Marin Independent Journal, 8-26-2016

San Jose: Fuji Towers in dire need of repair, tenants say

Mercury News, 8-26-2016

Economy grew at tepid 1.1 percent pace in the spring

Mercury News, 8-26-2016

Obama creates largest protected place on the planet, off Hawaii

The Washington Post, 8-26-2016

Editorial: Opinion: Great cities must protect watersheds

The Daily Republic, 8-26-2016

AP: Climate change taking toll on American pika’s western lands

The Daily Republic, 8-26-2016

Editorial: Editorial: Park Service, our ‘best idea,’ needs support

East Bay Times, 8-26-2016

Editorial: Opinion: Australia’s solution to California’s water woes: markets

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-26-2016

California utility wants to install huge number of electric car chargers; wants rate payers to foot $160 million bill

Scientific American, 8-26-2016

Editorial: Opinion: Climate change fight shifts to new state leadership

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-26-2016

U.S. parks mark centennial: How Bay Area helped create ‘America’s best idea’

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-26-2016

Jerry Brown: ‘Trump-inspired acolytes’ vanquished in climate vote

Sacramento Bee, 8-26-2016

Gov. Brown extends Sonoma County’s lauded climate protection program

Press Democrat, 8-26-2016

Suisun council voices concern about houses built on portion of Mike Day Park

Fairfield Daily Republic, 8-25-2016

Development first, infrastructure second

San Francisco Examiner, 8-25-2016

'A real commitment backed up by real power': Gov. Jerry Brown to sign sweeping new climate legislation

Los Angeles Times, 8-25-2016

Gov. Jerry Brown hails sweeping climate legislation, plans to sign both measures into law

Los Angeles Times, 8-25-2016

With new climate legislation, Gov. Brown gets even with the oil industry

Los Angeles Times, 8-25-2016

In an apocalyptic summer, a historic step to fight climate change

Sacramento Bee, 8-25-2016

Old Crystal School development plan gets council support

Fairfield Daily Republic, 8-25-2016

Berkeley: Developers outline proposed senior facility north of UC

East Bay Times, 8-25-2016

Sen. Steve Glazer to vote ‘no’ on BART measure

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-25-2016

Roadshow: What are the big black poles on this San Jose thoroughfare?

Mercury News, 8-25-2016

Poor state of roads, bridges costs us dearly

Los Angeles Daily News, 8-25-2016

State and County Parks connect on trail dedication to late Ranger

Sonoma West Times & News, 8-25-2016

Bay Bridge Bike Path Connector Delayed Again

CBS SF Bay Area, 8-25-2016

Nearly 100 'Smart' Signs on I-80 to Ease Traffic Woes: Caltrans

NBC, 8-25-2016

Bodega Bay Bike & Pedestrian Trail Liz Burko Bridge

Sonoma County Gazette, 8-24-2016

Demand low for California pollution credits

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-24-2016

California Assembly approves climate change law

Sacramento Bee, 8-24-2016

California’s cap-and-trade carbon program sputters again

Sacramento Bee, 8-24-2016

More than a dozen assembly members flipped their votes from last year to support climate change bill

Los Angeles Times, 8-24-2016

California Court Of Appeal Rejects Bay Area Citizens' Challenge To Regional GHG Reduction Plan

Mondaq, 8-24-2016

Getting to the bottom of why SF budget is so big

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-24-2016

San Jose: Lincoln Avenue gets fresh dose of new public art

Mercury News, 8-24-2016

Muni pressures cash riders toward Clipper

SF Bay, 8-24-2016

Bill forcing drivers’ hands off smartphones awaits Gov. Jerry Brown

Sacramento Bee, 8-24-2016

In L.A., a walkable neighborhood comes at a price

Los Angeles Times, 8-24-2016

Ruling expected to favor low-income residents of Oakland hotel

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-24-2016

Danville: Landowners' lawsuit slows new apartments

East Bay Times, 8-24-2016

Town Hall takes up Bay Area housing costs, police response to homelessness

Fairfield Daily Republic, 8-24-2016

Affordable housing fees proposed for Marin nursing facilities, rental units

Marin Independent Journal, 8-24-2016

What it will take to make Silicon Valley affordable again

Vox, 8-24-2016

Roadshow: 15-hour-a-day carpool lanes coming to more Bay Area freeways

Mercury News, 8-24-2016

Moraga sinkhole repairs delayed until spring

East Bay Times, 8-24-2016

SF reopens negotiations to expand car sharing

San Francisco Examiner, 8-24-2016

Uber and Lyft drivers could use rental cars under bill heading to the governor's desk

Los Angeles Times, 8-24-2016

Council crafts argument favoring tax measure

Martinez Gazette, 8-23-2016

Brown’s climate bill SB32 not ready for prime time

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-23-2016

Jerry Brown’s housing fast-track plan stumbles as shortage worsens

Sacramento Bee, 8-23-2016

Planning Commission power vacuum may endanger housing projects

San Francisco Examiner, 8-23-2016

Mill Valley Planning Commission to weigh fees for affordable housing trust fund

Marin Independent Journal, 8-23-2016

Bay Area housing costs prompt high school students into 70-mile commutes

Mercury News, 8-23-2016

Affordable-rent demand could slow construction in SF, report says

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-23-2016

Tiburon bus riders win partial victory in bid to save Route 8

Marin Independent Journal, 8-23-2016

Roadshow: California's lane-splitting law — scary or no big deal?

Mercury News, 8-23-2016

Who's watching? Privacy groups warn changes to driverless vehicle bill could ease driver-data protections

Mercury News, 8-23-2016

Google still lurks in self-driving race with Uber and others

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-22-2016

Tech-savvy traveling (and knowing when to put it away)

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-22-2016

Essential apps that make the road a little less bumpy

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-22-2016

Parking rates soar at SFO

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-22-2016

Are rents in SF really dropping?

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-22-2016

Marin couple sue county over affordable housing fee on parcel split

Marin Independent Journal, 8-22-2016

Why affordable housing in a black neighborhood may not help black residents

Washington Post, 8-22-2016

On roads, Clinton and Trump may both be wrong

Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8-22-2016

Caltrans gets OK to blast Bay Bridge piers

SFBay, 8-22-2016

California's crumbling roads won't fix themselves. Neither, it seems, will state lawmakers

Los Angeles Times, 8-22-2016

PD Editorial: Highway fix is still stalled in Sacramento

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 8-22-2016

Muni awarded $45 million toward 10 new trains for future fleet

San Francisco Examiner, 8-22-2016

Commentary: BART needs billions to rebuild system

East Bay Times, 8-22-2016

San Leandro: Power restored after outage delays BART, affects thousands

East Bay Times, 8-22-2016

Mountain bikers face battle from activists over trail access in East Bay watershed

Mercury News, 8-22-2016

Roadshow: What happens if I ignore this out-of-state traffic ticket?

Mercury News, 8-22-2016

Roadshow: Sales tax to fix our roads? 'Forget it!'

Mercury News, 8-22-2016

Marin trail users meet for 3rd parley to shape emerging open space plan

Marin Independent Journal, 8-22-2016

Downtown BART plaza renovation work to begin soon

Berkeleyside, 8-19-2016

UC Berkeley refines student transit passes

CR80 News, 8-19-2016

Talks stall on $400 million in California affordable housing

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-19-2016

HUD gets pushback from supervisors, NAACP on housing ruling

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-19-2016

Bay Area homes: Median price now $735,000 but July sales are lowest in 5 years

East Bay Times, 8-19-2016

Affordable housing proposal ‘dead’ for year, Assembly leader says

Sacramento Bee, 8-19-2016

Sunnyvale: Peery Park plan going to planning commission on Aug. 22

Mercury News, 8-19-2016

Another Spare the Air Smog alert called for Friday

Napa Valley Register, 8-19-2016

New Bodega Bay Trail Extension & Bridge Dedication Celebration

KRCB, 8-19-2016

Electric car bill gets unplugged

Capitol Weekly, 8-19-2016

Uber steps on gas for self-driving taxis, trucks

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-19-2016

U.S. judge rejects Uber drivers’ $100 million settlement

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-19-2016

Dublin: Uber, Lyft to partner in public transit

East Bay Times, 8-19-2016

Roadshow: BART's 'escalator roulette' infuriates commuter

Mercury News, 8-19-2016

San Jose public meeting: Does your neighborhood need parking permits?

Mercury News, 8-19-2016

I-80 ramp onto Jameson Canyon Road to open Aug. 27

Napa Valley Register, 8-19-2016

I-80 lane closures to cause major delays the next two weekends

Sacramento Bee, 8-19-2016

New transportation funding plan calls for gas tax hike of 17 cents per gallon

Los Angeles Times, 8-19-2016

Muni Fast Passes see fifth price bump in five years

SFBay, 8-18-2016

Campus launches AC Transit Easypass, providing Clipper cards for easier public transit options

Daily Californian, 8-18-2016

San Francisco Transit Campaign Ups Access to City

Next City, 8-18-2016

Development with 25 percent affordable housing raises bar in SF

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-18-2016

Ultra Light Rail Transit is Disruptive Technology

The Post News Group, 8-18-2016

A formula to get homeless individuals off the streets

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-18-2016

Comprehensive Approach Needed to Solve Displacement

The Registry, 8-18-2016

Spare the Air alert called for Thursday

Mercury News, 8-18-2016

Study: Bad roads cost you $1,900 a year

San Diego Union-Tribune, 8-18-2016

Need to Move Historic Train Depot Questioned

The Independent, 8-18-2016

Borenstein: Is BART tax only down payment?

East Bay Times, 8-18-2016

Tired of waiting for the bus? AC Transit's Flex service allows customers to order rides outside regular schedules.

East Bay Times, 8-18-2016

Roadshow: San Jose neighborhood parking at issue in Saturday public meeting

Mercury News, 8-18-2016

Downtown Novato train station comes to life

Marin Independent Journal, 8-18-2016

Downtown Novato train station comes to life

Marin Independent Journal, 8-18-2016

Uber says rides in self-driving cars are weeks away, plus it makes 2 autonomous-vehicle deals

Los Angeles Times, 8-18-2016

City planning for flood of development along SF’s southern waterfront

San Francisco Examiner, 8-18-2016

Cyclist licenses: Great crankbait, bad policy

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-18-2016

Major bike and pedestrian improvements headed to Arguello Boulevard

San Francisco Examiner, 8-17-2016

Eisenhower’s parking policies no longer work for San Francisco

San Francisco Examiner, 8-17-2016

Editorial: Lane-splitting bill barely moves the needle

Sacramento Bee, 8-17-2016

Almost $391 million in cap-and-trade dollars awarded to public transit projects across California

Los Angeles Times, 8-17-2016

Almost $391 million in cap-and-trade dollars awarded to public transit projects across California

Los Angeles Times, 8-17-2016

Feds reject housing plan meant to help minorities stay in SF

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-17-2016

Divided Santa Rosa City Council enacts rent control rules

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 8-17-2016

The 10-mile-a-year paving program: Where we are today

Napa Valley Register, 8-17-2016

Fairfield council gives go-ahead for license plate readers, video surveillance equipment

Fairfield Daily Republic, 8-17-2016

Concord: Free Monument neighborhood shuttle up and running

East Bay Times, 8-17-2016

Railroads show little progress on key safety technology

East Bay Times, 8-17-2016

BART to San Jose gets funding promise

Mercury News, 8-17-2016

San Jose: Branham Lane slated for road diet next month

Mercury News, 8-17-2016

Mercury News editorial: California EV program needs a tuneup

Mercury News, 8-17-2016

Roadshow: Menlo Park interchange stresses cars and drivers

Mercury News, 8-17-2016

Golden Gate Bridge traffic up, ferry numbers hold steady, but bus ridership dips in Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 8-17-2016

Jerry Brown moves to slip cap and trade into major climate bill

Sacramento Bee, 8-16-2016

Napa County tries to help drivers stick to road

Napa Valley Register, 8-16-2016

Roadshow: Short merge on Highway 101 is on the fix list

Mercury News, 8-16-2016

New AC Transit app allows riders to report suspicious activity

East Bay Times, 8-16-2016

Toll lane study gets a big boost: Local companies chip in $3 million for Highway 101 environmental review

San Mateo Daily Journal, 8-16-2016

Retain sticker programs to incentivize electric car sales

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-16-2016

The mystery behind California’s high gas prices

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-16-2016

Stanford to break ground on big office project

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-15-2016

SF building illustrates how politics shape design

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-15-2016

Broadway blooms: Oakland's main street sees new growth

East Bay Times, 8-15-2016

Piedmont: City beautifying, transforming its triangle

East Bay Times, 8-15-2016

Napa council to weigh apartment, townhouse plans

Napa Valley Register, 8-15-2016

Housing advocates turn to the ballot box

Mountain View Voice, 8-15-2016

Safeway Meets with Planning Commission at Study Session

Sonoma Sun, 8-15-2016

Is the shift to permanent housing making L.A.'s homelessness problem even worse?

Los Angeles Times, 8-15-2016

For ‘luxury’ BART in 1965, the future looked shiny and bright

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-15-2016

Editorial: Editorial: New Peabody Road bridge already big hit

Vacaville Reporter, 8-15-2016

Editorial: Time to mandate bicycle licenses

San Francisco Examiner, 8-15-2016

More ride options doesn’t mean less traffic

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-15-2016

Start those electric engines: Revamp state zero-emissions program

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-15-2016

To win business travelers, airlines rush to Silicon Valley

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-15-2016

Roadshow: New names proposed for Caltrain

Mercury News, 8-15-2016

Roadshow: On a California freeway, is it illegal to pass on the right?

Mercury News, 8-15-2016

Sausalito ferry exhibit proceeds with county OK

Marin Independent Journal, 8-15-2016

Caltrans begins nighttime paving on Highway 29

Napa Valley Register, 8-15-2016

SF Port may locate hydrogen fueling station at Pier 54

San Francisco Examiner, 8-15-2016

Planning Commission loses 2 members with opposite land-use views

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-12-2016

Developer seeks funds for tiny homes village for homeless in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 8-12-2016

California desperately needs affordable housing — but also a new blueprint for building it

Los Angeles Times, 8-12-2016

Editorial: Growth limits have a downside

Sacramento Bee, 8-12-2016

Marin could see wetlands work by 2018 from new parcel tax

Marin Independent Journal, 8-12-2016

Spare the Air alert issued, 15th this season

KTVU, 8-12-2016

Borenstein: BART could use bonds for labor costs

East Bay Times, 8-12-2016

No lower fines for drivers who roll through red lights on right turns in California

Los Angeles Times, 8-12-2016

Transit to consider legalizing controversial ‘Parking for God’ on Dolores Street

San Francisco Examiner, 8-12-2016

Data versus merchants: Do shoppers drive or take Muni?

San Francisco Examiner, 8-12-2016

Which costs more for drivers — per-mile charge or gas tax?

KPCC, 8-12-2016

Relief at last? BART may reopen restrooms closed after 9/11

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-12-2016

Tri-Valley buses upgrade service to BART, college, train stations

East Bay Times, 8-12-2016

Roadshow: Delay in temporary-plate law costs California $19 million a year

Mercury News, 8-12-2016

SMART awarded $3 million for Larkspur extension safety features

Marin Independent Journal, 8-12-2016

Oil refiners agree to pay $425 million to reduce air pollution in the West

Los Angeles Times, 8-11-2016

The Typical Home in San Jose Now Costs More Than $1 Million

Wall Street Journal, 8-11-2016

Palo Alto planning commissioner quits over high housing cost

East Bay Times, 8-11-2016

Building boom resumes in S.F. as tech firms crave office space

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-11-2016

Marin Civic Center traffic roundabout construction on schedule

Marin Independent Journal, 8-11-2016

Ramp connecting Interstate 80, State Route 12 to open soon

Vallejo Times-Herald, 8-11-2016

SamTrans introduces Coastside school-day bus line

Half Moon Bay Review, 8-11-2016

Roadshow: Your lawn mower needs ethanol-free gas? Good luck

Mercury News, 8-11-2016

Roadshow: I-80 rebuild begins, and it's a biggie

East Bay Times, 8-11-2016

Expanded all-nighter bus service sees some gains, but demand still lagging

East Bay Times, 8-11-2016

Time is money – $50 million – for high-speed rail delays in Fresno area

Fresno Bee, 8-10-2016

California OKs nearly $800 million for local rail projects: High-speed rail supports Caltrain electrification, grade separations

San Mateo Daily Journal, 8-10-2016

Gov. Brown’s housing plan deserves passage

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-10-2016

SF proposes transfer tax increase on properties over $5 million

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-10-2016

Albany: University Village project taking shape

East Bay Times, 8-10-2016

San Jose: Samaritan Medical Center applies to build 5 buildings and garage over next 20 years

Mercury News, 8-10-2016

Ban predatory rent gouging in San Francisco

San Francisco Examiner, 8-10-2016

Contra Costa supes put transportation tax on November ballot

East Bay Times, 8-10-2016

City replacing trees, broken sidewalks on north Napa streets

Napa Valley Register, 8-10-2016

Frazier says big transportation bill to be unveiled

Fairfield Daily Republic, 8-10-2016

New cars delayed, but BART says future fleet is still on track

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-10-2016

Waiting and wondering about all these big Bay Area transportation projects

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-10-2016

Campbell: City celebrates completion of wider, safer Campbell Avenue portal

Mercury News, 8-10-2016

Campbell: City celebrates completion of wider, safer Campbell Avenue portal

Mercury News, 8-10-2016

Roadshow: San Jose potholes — a horrible intersection, a baffling poll

Mercury News, 8-10-2016

Mill Valley school bus program launches this month

Marin Independent Journal, 8-10-2016

New ad campaign to promote safety of Muni operators after attack

San Francisco Examiner, 8-9-2016

Rincon Hill: Inside SF’s first vertical neighborhood

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-5-2016


ABC, 8-5-2016

Napa builder pans parking fee hike planned for downtown

Napa Valley Register, 8-5-2016

Water taxi service Tideline looks to expand operations in Berkeley

Daily Californian, 8-5-2016

Roadshow: Did road sign make Highway 99 crash even worse?

Mercury News, 8-5-2016

Streets where two cyclists were killed to net major safety overhaul, 8-5-2016

Spering heralds Peabody Road overcrossing as part of ‘Fairfield’s new frontier’

Fairfield Daily Republic, 8-5-2016

Without more walkable cities, building new transit won't reverse Metro's ridership decline

Los Angeles Times, 8-5-2016

California lawmakers approve motorcyclists' lane splitting

East Bay Times, 8-5-2016

Home Prices in the Bay Area Push Builders, Buyers to More Distant Suburbs

Wall Street Journal, 8-5-2016

Palo Alto scores affordable housing in Hotel California

Mercury News, 8-4-2016

Lafayette council will rule on grading permit for hillside homes

East Bay Times, 8-4-2016

Residents and lobbyists add their two-cents on Governor Brown's housing plan

KPCC, 8-4-2016

Demonizing the tech industry doesn’t fix SF’s problems

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-4-2016

Palo Alto eyes more affordable housing

Mercury News, 8-4-2016

Piedmont: New planning director brings wealth of talent

East Bay Times, 8-4-2016

Chariot expands service into far-flung neighborhoods

San Francisco Examiner, 8-4-2016

Mill Valley’s Miller Avenue project raises traffic concerns

Marin Independent Journal, 8-4-2016

Roadshow: 'Road boulder' responds to his lead-foot critics

Mercury News, 8-4-2016

Amtrak: New locomotives have cut delays nearly 25 percent

Mercury News, 8-4-2016

One way to save California's coast: Save a bill that bans private meetings with developers

Los Angeles Times, 8-3-2016

Measure to protect SF artist, manufacturing space makes November ballot

San Francisco Examiner, 8-3-2016

What housing boom? Jerry Brown sells his Oakland home at a loss

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-3-2016

Warm Springs/South Fremont BART Station D: It is coming, but when?

Tri-City Voice, 8-3-2016

43 ramp meters on I-80 to begin operating all day starting Tuesday

Richmond Standard, 8-3-2016

Pedestrian group tries to save car-free Stockton Street proposal

San Francisco Examiner, 8-3-2016

Roadshow: Complaints about merging bring confusing change at I-880 onramp

Mercury News, 8-3-2016

San Jose: Speed limit in front of Presentation High to be 15 mph this fall

Mercury News, 8-3-2016

San Jose: With road diet permanent, Lincoln Avenue finally gets resurfacing, restriping

Mercury News, 8-3-2016

New Green Valley overpass gets VIP opening

Fairfield Daily Republic, 8-3-2016

Napa airport improvement proposals go to supervisors

Napa Valley Register, 8-2-2016

Proposed SF tech tax dies without making it to November ballot

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-2-2016

Cities, ACLU criticize findings of Facebook expansion studies

Palo Alto Online, 8-2-2016

Cool zoomable map of San Francisco in 1938: Find your street

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-2-2016

Roadshow: I don't like being tailgated when I'm doing 55 in the carpool lane

Mercury News, 8-2-2016

Marin toll cheats and perps face extra hurdle with new license plate law

Marin Independent Journal, 8-2-2016

Roadshow: 55 mph in carpool lane? You're an arrogant road boulder

Mercury News, 8-2-2016

BART director Radulovich won’t seek re-election

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-2-2016

BART: Electrical arcing caused fire at Walnut Creek station Saturday

East Bay Times, 8-2-2016

Richmond: Help plan future bike and pedestrian trail

East Bay Times, 8-2-2016

Walnut Creek rolls out mobile parking app

East Bay Times, 8-2-2016

Affordable housing would address cause of homelessness

Sacramento Bee, 8-1-2016

Corte Madera becomes latest Marin town to weigh position on short-term home rentals

Marin Independent Journal, 8-1-2016

Marin ‘feels impact’ of teacher shortage

Marin Independent Journal, 8-1-2016

Startup among latest efforts to help teachers afford Bay Area housing

Mercury News, 8-1-2016

Bay Area affordability crisis causing small businesses to lose valued employees

East Bay Times, 8-1-2016

Kwik Way to approval looks like more housing for Oakland

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-1-2016

SF’s landmark tower for rich and famous is sinking and tilting

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-1-2016

Power Failures Ail BART's 'Fleet of the Future'

NBC, 8-1-2016

Sowing discord, one block at a time

San Francisco Examiner, 8-1-2016

Uber seeks to shield ‘UberPool’ secrets in new CA regulations

San Francisco Examiner, 8-1-2016

Acres of office space: Why is there a housing shortage? Because housing can't keep up with the rapid pace of job growth

Mountain View Voice, 8-1-2016

Napa to seek more parking funds from downtown builders

Napa Valley Register, 8-1-2016

Downtown Santa Rosa bracing for Mendocino Avenue closure

Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 8-1-2016

Motorists flocking to newly opened I-580 express lanes in Alameda County

East Bay Times, 8-1-2016

Roadshow: Carpool onramp hours — all day, or just until 9 a.m.?

Mercury News, 8-1-2016

Roadshow: California to crack down on temporary license plates

Mercury News, 8-1-2016

Robot taxis to roam Singapore’s streets with Delphi at the wheel

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-1-2016

Aiming to alleviate crowding, Muni 5-Fulton route to get bigger buses

San Francisco Examiner, 8-1-2016