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Keep it free, petition asks of Fairfield Transportation Center parking

Daily Republic, 8-31-2015

Roadshow: Gas contest deadline nears

San Jose Mercury News, 8-31-2015

Democratic hopes for California tax increases hinge on GOP votes

Sacramento Bee, 8-31-2015

Berkeley: Community envisions Adeline corridor future

Contra Costa Times, 8-31-2015

SMART trains en route to North Bay; line to open in 2016

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-31-2015

Muni announces plan to improve routes, increase service frequency

San Francisco Examiner, 8-31-2015

Roadshow: How do you handle your stressful commutes?

San Jose Mercury News, 8-30-2015

AM Alert: Assembly Republicans fire back on transportation funding

Sacramento Bee, 8-30-2015

Fairfield answered one question about itself – and now may face new one

Daily Republic, 8-30-2015

Rising seas, traffic threaten Highway 37

Napa Valley Register, 8-29-2015

SFO renews permits for Uber, Lyft after criticizing flighty practices

San Francisco Examiner, 8-28-2015

Oakland Launches New Planning Process for Downtown

East Bay Express, 8-28-2015

Editorial: Far-reaching climate bills warrant approval

Sacramento Bee, 8-28-2015

Los Gatos: Town joins other cities in asking VTA for regionwide transportation study

San Jose Mercury News, 8-28-2015

Business group backs third lane on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

Marin Independent Journal, 8-28-2015

Roadshow: End the freeway truck ban, says one fed-up flatlander

San Jose Mercury News, 8-28-2015

Roadshow: 'Mathilda Monster' in for a fixing

San Jose Mercury News, 8-27-2015

AC Transit's Oakland-SF routes topic of hearing

Inside Bay Area, 8-27-2015

Muni ready to roll out its new plans for better service

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-27-2015

How to get traffic moving on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-27-2015

Ferry service boosted to meet growing demand

Daily Journal, 8-26-2015

Report confirms California’s traffic gridlock

Sacramento Bee, 8-26-2015

Report: California's drivers are the nation's most stressed

San Jose Mercury News, 8-26-2015

Roadshow: The plan to restore missing Highway 101 lanes

San Jose Mercury News, 8-26-2015

Los Gatos: A brief break from beach traffic

San Jose Mercury News, 8-26-2015

Board votes to boost SF Bay ferry service to meet growing demand

San Francisco Examiner, 8-26-2015

Benicia transit hub begins construction

Times Herald Online, 8-26-2015

Senate leader plans changes to climate bill to ease passage

Sacramento Bee, 8-25-2015

How to navigate BART’s transbay closure Labor Day weekend

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-25-2015

Here we go again. For the second time in five weeks — this time over Labor Day weekend — the Bay Area will have to get along without BART’s Transbay Tube.

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-25-2015

Editorial: California needs a seismic warning system

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-25-2015

BART director says Brentwood rail extension a real possibility

The Press, 8-25-2015

Roadshow: Access points for Highway 85 express lanes don't include Saratoga

San Jose Mercury News, 8-25-2015

Scooting to nowhere: SF parking permits may halt expansion of tech transit company

San Francisco Examiner, 8-24-2015

Muni riders say they won’t miss old hand-torn transfers

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-24-2015

Novato’s Old Town gets renewed attention as possible SMART stop

Marin Independent Journal, 8-24-2015

Roads fix must put real dent in repair backlog

Sacramento Bee, 8-24-2015

Clipper cards benefit students more than Eco stickers

Spartan Daily, 8-24-2015

Study: More gentrification, displacement expected in Bay Area

United Press International, 8-24-2015

Editorial: Marin Voice: Marin Coalition offers forum on topics that matter

Marin Independent Journal, 8-23-2015

Roadshow: Road-diet defenders applaud Moorpark narrowing

San Jose Mercury News, 8-23-2015

Dan Walters: California’s high fuel taxes and bad roads

Sacramento Bee, 8-22-2015

Fact check: Ad misleads on gas reduction law

Sacramento Bee, 8-22-2015

Palo Alto: Council wants bigger cut of next transportation tax

San Jose Mercury News, 8-22-2015

Expanded service considered as Larkspur ferry ridership grows

Marin Independent Journal, 8-22-2015

Art on BART wouldn’t be a pretty sight

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-21-2015

Editorial: License plate bill needs a quick fix

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-21-2015

Deb Hubsmith, force in Marin, national bicycle movement, dies

Marin Independent Journal, 8-21-2015

Roadshow: Bad gas station etiquette, and other pet peeves

San Jose Mercury News, 8-21-2015

I-80 traffic control system in new test phase

San Jose Mercury News, 8-20-2015

AC Transit hires Silicon Valley transit leader as new general manager

San Jose Mercury News, 8-20-2015

Roadshow: I-680 metering lights to be turned on next week in Santa Clara County

San Jose Mercury News, 8-20-2015

Paid parking at Fairfield Transportation Center to get second look

Daily Republic, 8-20-2015

Study: Every one dollar spent on Muni generates $2 to $3 for local economy

San Francisco Examiner, 8-20-2015

Senate panel votes to raise California gas tax 12 cents a gallon

Inside Bay Area, 8-20-2015

State's biggest companies say taxes are part of the answer to transportation needs

Sacramento Business Journal, 8-20-2015

Express toll lanes on I-405 set to open in late September

Seattle Times, 8-20-2015

Orinda OKs striping for notorious bike lane

Inside Bay Area, 8-20-2015

Editorial: Oakland Tribune editorial: Obama should end attack on Gov. Brown's pension changes

Inside Bay Area, 8-20-2015

Bay Bridge metering lights will be upgraded (first time since 1974)

San Jose Mercury News, 8-20-2015

Golden Gate bus and ferry riders to be queried on service

Marin Independent Journal, 8-20-2015

AM Alert: Atkins continues transportation talks

Sacramento Bee, 8-20-2015

Scooter-sharing advocates urge SFMTA to keep electric mopeds accessible to residents

San Francisco Examiner, 8-19-2015

AAA warns motorists to be aware of influx of pedestrians in back to school season

San Francisco Examiner, 8-19-2015

Roadshow: Latest San Jose 'road diet' annoys Moorpark drivers

San Jose Mercury News, 8-19-2015

New pathway hailed by cyclists

Marin Scope, 8-19-2015

Bay Area median home price approaches record; affordability drops

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-19-2015

Senate Democrats, Republicans reject each other’s transportation goals for special session

Sacramento Bee, 8-19-2015

Brown urges lawmakers to address transportation funding

Sacramento Bee, 8-19-2015

Healdsburg City Council advances roundabout plans for key intersection

Press Democrat, 8-19-2015

Governor wants bipartisan fix for state highway repairs

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-19-2015

SFPD captain behind bike crackdown to host group ride

San Francisco Examiner, 8-19-2015

Enclosed, Secure Bike Parking Unveiled in Civic Center Station

The San Francisco Appeal, 8-18-2015

Roadshow: Satan claims responsibility for Bay Area traffic woes

San Jose Mercury News, 8-18-2015

Novato bus facility plan gets county approval, heads to City Council

Marin Independent Journal, 8-18-2015

Levine wants third lane open on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge by September

Marin Independent Journal, 8-18-2015

Report: California cap-and-trade bills seek billions more than available

Sacramento Bee, 8-18-2015

Angry cabbies say The City pushed taxis out of Outside Lands

San Francisco Examiner, 8-18-2015

Roadshow: Will 'completely nuts' 101-to-87 ramp get fixed?

San Jose Mercury News, 8-17-2015

CP&DR News Briefs, August 17, 2015: Los Angeles Mobility Plan; Draft CEQA Guidelines; Bay Area Transportation Funding

California Planning and Development Report, 8-17-2015

BART directors approve 15-year art program

San Francisco Examiner, 8-17-2015

San Rafael celebrates opening of bike, pedestrian path

Marin Independent Journal, 8-17-2015

Chronicle Watch: Wi-Fi remains hit or miss on Bay Area transit

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-17-2015

Health care, transportation, climate to occupy returning California lawmakers

Sacramento Bee, 8-16-2015

Roadshow: Tailgater antidote? Haul manure in the back of a pickup

San Jose Mercury News, 8-16-2015

Editorial: Editorial: Levine keeps pushing for extra lane on Richmond-

Marin Independent Journal, 8-16-2015

Sea of cyclists swamps little Sausalito

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-15-2015

Governor signs Baker's toll bridge open meetings bill

Pleasanton Weekly, 8-15-2015

Gas, tobacco taxes to be debated in California Legislature

San Jose Mercury News, 8-15-2015

Roadshow: BART's new Fremont station could open this year

San Jose Mercury News, 8-14-2015

Editorial: Now driving urban design — driverless vehicles

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-14-2015

Officials review Novato ‘gateway’ bus station plan

Marin Independent Journal, 8-14-2015

Napa Road makeover underway at Four Corners

Sonoma Index-Tribune, 8-14-2015

Work continues on freeway interchange project

Daily Republic, 8-14-2015

BART outline goals to avoid possible turmoil

San Francisco Examiner, 8-14-2015

Work underway to install toll lanes on I-680 in Contra Costa County

ABC News, 8-13-2015

SF Bay Area commuters make big shift away from cars

Sacramento Bee, 8-13-2015

Bridge placed over Petaluma River to connect SMART trains between Marin, Sonoma

Marin Independent Journal, 8-13-2015

Roadshow: New sprawling Apple campus brings driver to tears

San Jose Mercury News, 8-13-2015

Reid on avoiding budget crises; Club for Growth gets presidential; bipartisan highway funding is tough in the House too

Washington Post, 8-12-2015

Roadshow: Drivers call for big-rig ban on Highway 84

San Jose Mercury News, 8-12-2015

Guest commentary: Public art should not be high on the list of BART priorities right now

Inside Bay Area, 8-12-2015

Lawmaker Defends California Climate Change Bill

Capital Public Radio, 8-12-2015

SF lawmaker announces ‘Idaho Stop’-style bike yield law proposal

San Francisco Examiner, 8-12-2015

S.F. gets 1st glimpse at new Transbay center’s skin

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-12-2015

Contra Costa driver tolls on the I-680 horizon

Contra Costa Times, 8-12-2015

Roadshow: Will metering lights fix 101 merge before school starts?

San Jose Mercury News, 8-11-2015

California leaders try to fix freight system, once again

Sacramento Bee, 8-11-2015

AM Alert: Sea-level rise prompts Coastal Commission action

Sacramento Bee, 8-11-2015

SMART rail bridge put in place on Petaluma River

Press Democrat, 8-11-2015

Walnut Creek: I-680 express lane work begins Wednesday

Contra Costa Times, 8-11-2015

Editorial: Oakland tribune editorial: BART art policy exemplifies district director's reckless spending

Inside Bay Area, 8-11-2015

San Antonio Road Bridge replacement plan in works

Marin Independent Journal, 8-11-2015

No mileage tracking in California road tax plan

Sacramento Bee, 8-10-2015

Editorial: No affordable housing to call home in Berkeley

The Daily Californian, 8-10-2015

Roadshow: How low will gas prices go?

San Jose Mercury News, 8-10-2015

Business and union groups back higher taxes to fund $6 billion in road work

Sacramento Business Journal, 8-10-2015

California ballot measures seek to ease Bay area gridlock

Reuters, 8-10-2015

Dan Walters: Road taxes must clear GOP’s bar

Sacramento Bee, 8-10-2015

American Canyon bus service switching to door-to-door

Napa Valley Register, 8-10-2015

Editorial: Market Street’s no place to drive

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-10-2015

Larkspur rail extension imperiled by budget hack in U.S. Senate

Marin Independent Journal, 8-10-2015

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge traffic volume hits five-year high

Marin Independent Journal, 8-9-2015

Marin Voice: Reopen the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge lane — now

Marin Independent Journal, 8-9-2015

Roadshow: Snoopy may jazz up California license plates

San Jose Mercury News, 8-9-2015

Cap and trade: Is California a leader or a loner?

San Jose Mercury News, 8-8-2015

Giant girders to be put into place on interchange project

Daily Republic, 8-7-2015

Roadshow: Little relief for 24-80-580 interchange

San Jose Mercury News, 8-7-2015

Editorial: Can California cut gasoline use in half in 15 years? Probably not

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-7-2015

BART gets go-ahead to buy clean energy directly

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-7-2015

Roads: State spends more, gets less

San Diego Union-Tribune, 8-7-2015

Pilot Projects and Policy Analysis: A Search for Better Parking

Bay Area Monitor, 8-7-2015

Roadshow: Get rid of that old clunker for $1,000

San Jose Mercury News, 8-6-2015

Squeezed out: The shrinking availability of Berkeley’s affordable housing

The Daily Californian, 8-6-2015

Senate bill would nearly double the gas tax

The Hill, 8-6-2015

Overnight closure planned for I-680 connector

Times Herald Online, 8-6-2015

Before the car, an electric railroad ruled the Napa Valley

Napa Valley Register, 8-6-2015

Richmond’s rent-control battle was brutal, but right choice made

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-6-2015

Roadshow: Is Wednesday the worst commuting day of the week?

Inside Bay Area, 8-5-2015

I-680 toll express lanes construction set to start

Pleasanton Weekly, 8-5-2015

Steyer to CA politicians: Time to act on gas prices

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-5-2015

A Green Solution to Oakland's Housing Crisis

East Bay Express, 8-5-2015

$2 million West Marin road project in works

Marin Independent Journal, 8-5-2015

A way to build roads and bridges on time and on budget

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-5-2015

Bicyclists’ campaign against stop enforcement gets rolling

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-5-2015

Local bus service for Martinez

Contra Costa Times, 8-5-2015

Roadshow: Parents, teach your kids not to text behind the wheel

San Jose Mercury News, 8-4-2015

A New Generation of Affordable Housing

Medium, 8-4-2015

Santa Rosa seeks to improve bus service

Press Democrat, 8-4-2015

After Washington, D.C., flap, BART says trains free of asbestos

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-4-2015

Roadshow: Bayfront Expressway joins growing list of Bay Area traffic messes

San Jose Mercury News, 8-3-2015

New plan sketches roadmap for Chinatown pedestrian safety

San Francisco Examiner, 8-3-2015

BART’s Transbay Tube reopens on time for Monday morning rush hour

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-3-2015

Marin IJ Editorial: Review costs and revenue before bridge toll ban

Marin Independent Journal, 8-3-2015

Berkeley: Skeptical community discusses Adeline revitalization

Contra Costa Times, 8-3-2015

Obama is right to focus on climate change

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-3-2015

Obama climate plan may give California company in cap-and-trade

San Francisco Chronicle, 8-3-2015

Santa Rosa plans to revamp bus service

Press Democrat, 8-2-2015

Roadshow: Tricks to getting tailgaters to back off

San Jose Mercury News, 8-2-2015

Bay Area’s Disjointed Public Transit Network Inspires a Call for Harmony

New York Times, 8-1-2015