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APRIL 2016

Roadshow: Why you shouldn't get cocky about hands-free texting

San Jose Mercury News, 4-26-2016

SF pushing changes to affordable housing requirements, short-term rental rules

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-26-2016

Bay Area Bike Share adds 34 station locations in East Bay

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-25-2016

Bay Area Bike Share announces station locations in Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville

East Bay Times, 4-25-2016

Survey: Pleasant Hill residents support sales tax hike for new ...

San Jose Mercury News, 4-25-2016

Corte Madera backs off permit requirement for pedestrian flag program

Marin Independent Journal, 4-25-2016

California Democratic legislators push affordable-housing plan

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-25-2016

Roadshow: Why can't carpoolers drive on the shoulder anymore?

San Jose Mercury News, 4-25-2016

How the Daily Commute Is Going to Change

Wall Street Journal, 4-24-2016

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: New Larkspur bike bridge is a milestone

Marin Independent Journal, 4-24-2016

Caltrain safety high on list of new projects

San Jose Mercury News, 4-24-2016

Editorial: BART labor extension should be rejected (Zakhary Mallett, Guest commentary)

East Bay Times, 4-23-2016

Roadshow: VTA's FLEX offers on-demand rides

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-23-2016

California regulators permit Uber and Lyft to offer carpooling services

Los Angeles Times, 4-22-2016

Bullet train: Merced included in proposed Silicon Valley-to ...

San Jose Mercury News, 4-22-2016

Roadshow: The $500 carpool lane ticket that I didn't deserve

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-22-2016

Mandatory fees for discounted BART passes coming to college campuses, 4-22-2016

Uber settles suit for up to $100 million; drivers stay contractors

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-22-2016

Uber, Lyft rules fine-tuned by California regulators

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-22-2016

Golden Gate Bridge officials announce second delay for suicide barrier project

Marin Independent Journal, 4-22-2016

California regulators put brakes on controversial ride-share ...

San Jose Mercury News, 4-22-2016

BART’s new train car crashes at Hayward test facility

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-22-2016

Why California lawmakers want affordable housing money

Sacramento Bee, 4-20-2016

Plan to move ‘Google Bus’ shuttles to arterial streets hits roadblock

San Francisco Examiner, 4-20-2016

Marin has no smog, but needs to clean up smoke to improve air quality, report finds

Marin Independent Journal, 4-20-2016

Menlo Park bike boulevard plan calls for less Oak Grove Avenue parking

San Jose Mercury News, 4-20-2016

Roadshow: BART sit-or-stand debate rages

San Jose Mercury News, 4-20-2016

Editorial: Bond needed to stem crisis in affordable housing (East Bay Times Guest commentary)

East Bay Times, 4-19-2016

Roadshow: What is copper wire thievery costing taxpayers?

San Jose Mercury News, 4-19-2016

Staggering drop in VTA bus ridership may signal dramatic changes

San Jose Mercury News, 4-18-2016

Roadshow: Right on a red light can be a deadly crime

San Jose Mercury News, 4-18-2016

Muni riders defend Mission ‘red carpet’ lanes

San Francisco Examiner, 4-18-2016

Napa voters to help decide Bay Area wetlands tax

Napa Valley Register, 4-18-2016

Sausalito officials take ‘step back’ from deciding on ferry landing project

Marin Independent Journal, 4-18-2016

Winners, losers in SF panel's compromise on affordable housing

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-18-2016

Editorial: Editorial: Rent control in San Jose needs fixed maximum

San Jose Mercury News, 4-18-2016

Transit study seeks alternatives to congested Interstate 80 commute

East Bay Times, 4-18-2016

Bay restoration measure divides office hopefuls

Daily Republic, 4-17-2016

New section of Vine Trail approved for American Canyon

Napa Valley Register, 4-17-2016

Ousted Transbay Center exec exits with big perks

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-17-2016

SMART officials warn of safety as rail system is tested

Marin Independent Journal, 4-16-2016

Roadshow: Would paying by the mile be a bureaucratic nightmare?

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-16-2016

BART and San Francisco may partner to help homeless in train stations

San Francisco Examiner, 4-15-2016

Annual bike count shows commutes in SF up nearly 9 percent

San Francisco Examiner, 4-15-2016

Roadshow: Tech shuttle buses blasted for aggressive driving

San Jose Mercury News, 4-15-2016

BART to fine 'seat hogs' on crowded mass transit system

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-15-2016

BART labor accord extends budget deficit to $477 million

East Bay Times, 4-15-2016

Four Bay Area cities have greenest commutes in U.S.

East Bay Times, 4-15-2016

Editorial: BART bond measure must not enable bad labor deals

East Bay Times, 4-15-2016

System Overload

New Yorker, 4-14-2016

Grandiose study seeks to derail Caltrain extension to downtown San Francisco

San Francisco Examiner, 4-14-2016

MTA Pulls the Plug on APTA

Transit Center, 4-14-2016

SMART begins talking rail schedule as service set to begin later this year

Marin Independent Journal, 4-14-2016

$4 million grant to expand San Francisco Bay ferry service

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-14-2016

We’re all on same side of affordable housing crisis

Half Moon Bay Review, 4-13-2016

Why Isn’t There More Ferry Service in the Bay Area?

KQED News, 4-12-2016

SF proposes $260M loan to bail out troubled Transbay Transit Center project

San Francisco Examiner, 4-12-2016

Roadshow: 15 cars get flat tires at once? Here's the official word

San Jose Mercury News, 4-11-2016

Editorial: EDITORIAL: Transportation funding in a ditch

The Press Enterprise, 4-11-2016

Ferry agency: Redwood City on radar

Daily Journal, 4-11-2016

Golden Gate Bus service stabilizes, more drivers sought

Marin Independent Journal, 4-11-2016

Roadshow: Peninsula transit cop gave me a $500 right-on-red ticket in San Jose

San Jose Mercury News, 4-11-2016

BART agrees to 4-year deal with workers amid push for funding

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-11-2016

Warriors arena will worsen traffic: That’s a good thing

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-11-2016

BART announces 10.8% pay hike to head off labor conflict

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-11-2016

Decade-long SF street redo ends in too-tight turns for Muni

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-11-2016

$260M bailout in works for Transit Center project

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-10-2016

Silicon Valley ‘Suburbs’ Now Distant San Joaquin Valley

Breitbart, 4-10-2016

Roadshow: More green carpool stickers may be coming

San Jose Mercury News, 4-9-2016

Roadshow: Waze, Caltrans hooking up to help commuters

San Jose Mercury News, 4-9-2016

Editorial: Oakland Voices: Plans for Bus Rapid Transit good for East Oakland, but how will it all work?

East Bay Times, 4-8-2016

Fremont: Warm Springs BART station rumbles toward finish line

San Jose Mercury News, 4-8-2016

SMART OKs rail stop in downtown Novato

Marin Independent Journal, 4-8-2016

SFMTA weighs offering free Clipper Cards in light of proposed cash surcharge

San Francisco Examiner, 4-8-2016

Experts caution self-driving cars aren't ready for roads

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-8-2016

Napa to synchronize traffic lights on major streets

Napa Valley Register, 4-8-2016

Roadshow: Could California's gas tax be a thing of the past?

San Jose Mercury News, 4-7-2016

BART gives first look at new train cars

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-7-2016

Streets "Worst" in Gilroy History

Gilroy Dispatch, 4-7-2016

Want a bike lane in your neighborhood? It's not so simple in California

Los Angeles Times, 4-7-2016

Trifecta of Giants, A’s, Warriors games to crowd highways, BART

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-7-2016

Uber settles lawsuit with SF, LA over driver background checks

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-7-2016

Muni to evaluate public transit access for underserved communities

San Francisco Examiner, 4-6-2016

Roadshow: Sit or stand? BART testing new train cars with fewer seats

San Jose Mercury News, 4-6-2016

Job growth to slow in California, but no recession on horizon: forecast

East Bay Times, 4-6-2016

Oakland proposal to pause rent increases sparks heated debate

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-6-2016

SF Muni plans 25-cent surcharge for riders paying cash

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-6-2016

BART's Embarcadero is Ground Zero for Operators Faced with Crowding, Delays

NBC Bay Area, 4-6-2016

Juno, Karhoo look for room on the ride-hailing road

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-6-2016

SMART gets federal environmental OK to allow it to seek money for bike and ped pathway

Marin Independent Journal, 4-6-2016

Editorial: Don’t punish Muni riders for using cash

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-6-2016

In search of cheaper housing, Silicon Valley workers face long commutes

Peninsula Press, 4-6-2016

Service Disruptions, Weekend Shutdowns 'New Reality' for BART: Official

NBC Bay Area, 4-5-2016

San Jose: More bicycle rental kiosks are coming

San Jose Mercury News, 4-5-2016

Caltrans partnering with Waze app to help drivers get around

89.3 KPCC, 4-5-2016

Editorial: Stuart Cohen: Innovative carpooling helps ease Bay Area congestion

San Jose Mercury News, 4-5-2016

Some Problems Plaguing BART Were Built Into System From Start

NBC Bay Area, 4-5-2016

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Baylands tax is good policy for Marin

Marin Independent Journal, 4-4-2016

BART critics are having a field day

East Bay Times, 4-4-2016

Marin housing forum highlights federal pressure to reverse segregation

Marin Independent Journal, 4-4-2016

Redwood City could mandate affordable housing downtown

San Jose Mercury News, 4-4-2016

Washington Metro, 40 and Creaking, Stares at a Midlife Crisis

New York Times, 4-3-2016

Tiburon’s bike and pedestrian draft plan stirs debate over Bay Trail route

Marin Independent Journal, 4-3-2016

Bay Area building boom may not end housing shortage

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-2-2016

Roadshow: Can someone stop these Sunol Grade short-cutters?

San Jose Mercury News, 4-1-2016

MTA pulls commuter shuttle permit from Bauer’s bus company

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-1-2016

Editorial: Support a bond measure to reinvest in BART

San Francisco Chronicle, 4-1-2016

First Phase of Proposed New Bike Share Locations Unveiled

Bay Crossings, 4-1-2016

MARCH 2016

PUC should approve coalition’s plan for electric vehicle

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-31-2016

Santa Rosa council committee backs rent control

Press Democrat, 3-31-2016

Roadshow: Peninsula mess made worse by construction and Waze

San Jose Mercury News, 3-31-2016

Bills seek to address regional housing crisis

San Francisco Examiner, 3-31-2016

Another car-free residential building signals shift away from parking

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-31-2016

Roadshow: Why road deaths are down in the cellphone era

San Jose Mercury News, 3-30-2016

Changes could add hundreds of millions of dollars to first 29 miles of California's bullet train

San Jose Mercury News, 3-30-2016

Guest commentary: Federal Glover: Businesses should open the door wider and welcome the future

Contra Costa Times, 3-30-2016

BART nearing full restoration of service

Contra Costa Times, 3-30-2016

‘Lyft carpool’ launches in San Francisco today

San Francisco Examiner, 3-30-2016

Battle of the blueprints: Should I-280 stay or should it go?

San Francisco Examiner, 3-30-2016

Proposed I-680/Highway 4 interchange project among those losing funding

Martinez News-Gazette, 3-30-2016

Editorial: Joe Mathews: Rent control isn’t the solution to California’s housing shortage

Sacramento Bee, 3-30-2016

Editorial: Sign up to help test road mileage charge

Sacramento Bee, 3-30-2016

Voters must demand a new BART labor contract

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-30-2016

Marin Transit expands bus service on key routes

Marin Independent Journal, 3-29-2016

Lyft to leverage app for commute carpools starting on 101

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-29-2016

Roadshow: Parking relief coming for VTA's Tamien station

San Jose Mercury News, 3-29-2016

California Lawmakers Scrutinize New Bullet-Train Plans

ABC News, 3-28-2016

Berkeley City Council to hold special meeting to discuss Berkeley Strategic Transportation Plan

The Daily Californian, 3-28-2016

AC Transit awards $108M contract for first BRT line

Metro Magazine, 3-28-2016

Real Estate: Is the bubble going to burst?

Contra Costa Times, 3-28-2016

Ads, ads and more ads, but not on 280

Daily Journal, 3-28-2016

Roadshow: Safe on Highway 17? CHP officer, mother of crash victim have their say

San Jose Mercury News, 3-28-2016

California lawmakers to scrutinize new bullet-train plans

Inside Bay Area, 3-28-2016

San Jose prepares to tackle development of 50 more miles of trails

San Jose Mercury News, 3-28-2016

H. Welton Flynn, longtime SF civic leader who broke barriers, dies

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-27-2016

Editorial: Marin IJ Editorial: Golden Gate needs to tackle absenteeism

Marin Independent Journal, 3-27-2016

Roadshow: Should Highway 17 speed limit be dropped to 45 mph?

San Jose Mercury News, 3-26-2016

No paid parking in downtown Hayward

Contra Costa Times, 3-26-2016

Berkeley invites residents to fill out online transportation survey

Contra Costa Times, 3-26-2016

Deaths in S.F. traffic not falling despite Vision Zero efforts

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-26-2016

The traffic change that's contributing to SF commute gridlock

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-26-2016

Bay Area's population grows by more than 90,000 in a year

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-25-2016

BART: Is agency overstating its age, infrastructure problems?

San Jose Mercury News, 3-25-2016

California’s problem: too many small governments

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-24-2016

Borenstein: BART ratchets up diversionary propaganda with tax vote looming

Inside Bay Area, 3-24-2016

Roadshow: When Google cars behave badly

San Jose Mercury News, 3-24-2016

Bike Share expansion will add hundreds of bikes to Bay Area

KRON 4, 3-23-2016

Roadshow: Palo Alto also besieged by neighborhood parking problems

San Jose Mercury News, 3-23-2016

SF State transit discount pass clears BART hurdle; students set to vote

San Francisco Examiner, 3-23-2016

MTC Hackathon Eyes New Ideas For Meeting Regional Mobility Challenges

PR Newswire, 3-23-2016

New sidewalk approved at Logvy

The Weekly Calistogan, 3-23-2016

Editorial: Guest commentary: Oakland housing crisis is a deep hole, but it must stop digging

Inside Bay Area, 3-23-2016

Why Race Matters in Planning Public Parks

City Lab, 3-23-2016

Editorial: Put the spark in EV charging

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-23-2016

Model for Open Payments Architecture in Transit Outlined in Smart Card Alliance White Paper

EIN Newsdesk, 3-22-2016

San Francisco Steps Up as Pelli Designed Transit Hub Costs Surge

Bloomberg Business, 3-22-2016

Three East Bay highway overcrossings deemed 'structurally deficient' by federal officials

Inside Bay Area, 3-22-2016

Oakland the epicenter of Bay Area affordability crisis

Inside Bay Area, 3-22-2016

Bike-share system expanding in Bay Area, starting in SF

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-22-2016

BART on track to give more bonuses as system falters

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-22-2016

SolTrans Orders First 2 Electric Buses

Business Wire, 3-22-2016

BART woes continue as East Bay station stays closed

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-21-2016

Antioch turns attention to plans for up to 4K homes in southeast

Contra Costa Times, 3-21-2016

BART restores partial service to Pittsburg, but mystery remains

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-21-2016

Truth about our crumbling infrastructure is in the tweets

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-21-2016

Marin commuter rail gets state grant for more cars

Marin Independent Journal, 3-21-2016

Roadshow: San Jose neighborhoods' parking woes mount

San Jose Mercury News, 3-20-2016

Transit agency’s problems drag into another workweek

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-20-2016

BART on the brink, can’t afford to lose any more cars

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-20-2016

No new Napa affordable housing in 2015

Napa Valley Register, 3-20-2016

BART chased glamorous projects as its core system decayed

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-19-2016

Google gives federal plan for self-driving car

San Jose Mercury News, 3-19-2016

Roadshow: Highway 140 to Yosemite needs 4 more years of work

San Jose Mercury News, 3-18-2016

California high-speed rail's business plan criticized by legislative analyst

San Jose Mercury News, 3-18-2016

BART riders enter third day of disruption as agency hunts mystery problem

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-18-2016

Dealing with our East Bay Commutes

Diablo Magazine, 3-18-2016

Palo Alto: Poll to gauge whether residents would support local transportation tax

San Jose Mercury News, 3-18-2016

Baidu scientist: We should adapt to self-driving cars

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-18-2016

BART Outage Sends Heavier-Than-Usual Traffic Over East Bay Bridges, Freeways

CBS SF Bay Area, 3-17-2016

CPUC delays vote on ride-hail regulations until next month

San Francisco Examiner, 3-17-2016

Roadshow: Highway 101 commute at East Palo Alto will get worse

San Jose Mercury News, 3-17-2016

San Francisco startup makes sense of transit data

Contra Costa Times, 3-17-2016

Clean Bay Area air: $90 million in grants, incentives available

Contra Costa Times, 3-17-2016

BART commuter chaos continues in East Bay

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-17-2016

Uber, others offer on-demand pay for on-demand work

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-17-2016

Google looks to big data to cut traffic and create new product

San Jose Mercury News, 3-17-2016

BART shutdown underscores aging system’s problems

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-17-2016

Cities to Untangle Traffic Snarls, With Help From Alphabet Unit

New York Times, 3-17-2016

Will the Berkeley Flea Market Survive a Changing Neighborhood?

KQED News, 3-17-2016

Napa favors building fee hikes to support affordable housing

Napa Valley Register, 3-16-2016

Mystery glitch’s return knocks out BART cars, snarls commute

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-16-2016

Golden Gate Transit unreliability irking Marin bus riders

Marin Independent Journal, 3-15-2016

New report reveals extent of Bay Area's intractable traffic

ABC News, 3-15-2016

Roadshow: Caltrans reimburses 1 in 10 pothole claims

San Jose Mercury News, 3-15-2016

SF aligns planning for sea level rise with waterfront development

San Francisco Examiner, 3-15-2016

Roadshow: Risky left turn on Highway 17 will be eliminated

San Jose Mercury News, 3-14-2016

SF in running for $50M grant to technologically improve transportation network

San Francisco Examiner, 3-14-2016

Sir Francis Drake Boulevard rehab project stokes anxiety over traffic, safety

Marin Independent Journal, 3-14-2016

Bad roads or housing? Numerous needs for Healdsburg's sales tax money

Press Democrat, 3-14-2016

Big haul: First car in BART’s future fleet being trucked cross-country

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-14-2016

Muni wants training space, but price tag raises questions

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-14-2016

Roadshow: Should high-speed rail billions go to highway repairs instead?

San Jose Mercury News, 3-13-2016

City to recommend higher fees to support affordable housing

Napa Valley Register, 3-13-2016

Volunteers wanted: California will study pay-by-mile road fee

Sacramento Bee, 3-13-2016

Roadshow: Those delays on Stevens Creek? More Apple-related roadwork

San Jose Mercury News, 3-11-2016

Roadshow: SoCal-style truck lanes coming to the Bay Area

San Jose Mercury News, 3-11-2016

Editorial: Guest commentary: Freight railroads moving forward on significant safety improvements

Inside Bay Area, 3-11-2016

Greenbelt Alliance report outlines challenges to farming

Inside Bay Area, 3-11-2016

San Rafael Transit Center to undergo major changes with SMART’s arrival

Marin Independent Journal, 3-11-2016

'Dream Weird or Go Home': MTC on Bay Bridge Bike Path Designs

NBC Bay Area, 3-10-2016

BART is not a homeless shelter

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-10-2016

Key transportation projects likely to lose funding

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-10-2016

SF Planning Department gets ready to get ready for sea-level rise

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-10-2016

Bay Area housing crisis fueled by greed, study finds

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-10-2016

Roadshow: California lane-splitting may be debated again in Legislature

San Jose Mercury News, 3-9-2016

Sonoma County supervisors making housing key priority

Press Democrat, 3-9-2016

Roadshow: 'Dive bombers' create havoc at Bay Bridge toll plaza

San Jose Mercury News, 3-9-2016

ACE trains resume service after East Bay derailment

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-9-2016

Here’s what a Bay Bridge bike path to SF might look like

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-9-2016

Editorial: Drummond: Oakland housing crunch seizes center stage

Inside Bay Area, 3-9-2016

BART’s multimillion-dollar ‘big problem’ is fighting grime

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-9-2016

U.S. Drivers Are Distracted More Than Half the Time They're Behind the Wheel

City Lab, 3-8-2016

As roads become safer for drivers and passengers, pedestrian deaths still rise

Washington Post, 3-8-2016

Roadshow: California's 'special blend' gas costs us more, but it saves lives

San Jose Mercury News, 3-8-2016

Hogging 2 seats on BART? You may face a fine in the future

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-8-2016

Mudslide eyed in East Bay train derailment

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-8-2016

Marin ferries could be key in next big earthquake

Marin Independent Journal, 3-8-2016

Bike Path on New Bay Bridge Span Temporarily Closes

NBC Bay Area, 3-7-2016

Transit director defends new bus performance

San Francisco Examiner, 3-7-2016

Roadshow: Drivers race to Google car's defense

San Jose Mercury News, 3-7-2016

Penrose design unveiled for new Transbay Transit Center

San Francisco Examiner, 3-7-2016

Transportation worker named Solano’s Woman of the Year

The Reporter, 3-7-2016

New bullet train plan delays opening of the first leg by three years

Los Angeles Times, 3-4-2016

BART pulls plug on suspect substation, and train-car woes improve

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-4-2016

225 California transportation projects in trouble

San Jose Mercury News, 3-4-2016

Why the California gas tax is going down

San Jose Mercury News, 3-4-2016

Caltrain electrification hits funding snag: Sale of high-speed rail bonds delayed, could affect local improvements

Daily Journal, 3-4-2016

Blue & Gold to scuttle Tiburon commute

San Francisco Examiner, 3-4-2016

Roadshow: Will commute be improved by 'optimum speed' signs and more metering lights?

San Jose Mercury News, 3-4-2016

Facebook pours $1 million into study of ways to relieve Dumbarton traffic

San Jose Mercury News, 3-3-2016

Roadshow: Montague Expressway upgrade coming for BART

San Jose Mercury News, 3-3-2016

SF looks to overhaul rules around residential parking permits

San Francisco Examiner, 3-3-2016

Dan Walters: Can Jerry Brown guide highway tax through Legislature

San Jose Mercury News, 3-3-2016

How parking requirements hurt the poor

Washington Post, 3-3-2016

BART riders get perks? There’s a catch

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-3-2016

Consumer Reports demands public oversight on self-driving cars after Google crash

San Jose Mercury News, 3-3-2016

1 affordable housing amendment on ballot after Lee pulls measure

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-3-2016

Oakland plan would add 17,000 housing units

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-3-2016

Alameda: Council OKs bike safety plan, 3-2-2016

Mr. Roadshow, how can you sleep at night?

San Jose Mercury News, 3-2-2016

6 Solano projects on Bay Area restoration eligibility list

Daily Republic, 3-2-2016

An Oakland Diaspora: What Drives Longtime Residents to Leave?

KQED News, 3-2-2016

Economists: Is a deflating ‘bubble' better than one that bursts?

KTVU-2, 3-2-2016

Uber expands carpool option to East Bay

San Jose Mercury News, 3-2-2016

Google self-driving car hits public bus near Mountain View headquarters

San Jose Mercury News, 3-1-2016

Editorial: Guest commentary: Federal Glover: Economic well-being of Contra Costa looks good but affordable housing market will get tighter

Contra Costa Times, 3-1-2016

Roadshow: Mystery voice frightens driver on Highway 85

San Jose Mercury News, 3-1-2016

SF supervisors put affordable-housing measure on June ballot

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-1-2016

BART set ridership record in February amid Super Bowl

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-1-2016

The U.S. Supreme Court won’t make California’s housing crisis

San Francisco Chronicle, 3-1-2016