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California should proceed cautiously on 2024 Olympics

The demise of Boston’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Games has inevitably raised the question: Can the U.S. Olympic Committee come up with a backup plan before the mid-September deadline? The path of speculation just as surely leads to Los Angeles, host of the 1932 and 1984 Games and home of an array of Olympic-ready venues.

San Francisco Chronicle

Cupertino: City hosting a forum on alternative transportation

As the tech sector booms in the Bay Area and more employees slog their way through the region's network of highways and freeways, transporting them to work in an efficient manner continues to be a challenge for both local officials and business leaders.

San Jose Mercury News

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Be prepared! @SFBART's #TransbayShutdown this weekend (Aug. 1-2)

30 Jul at 7:33 am

Want to view street-level pavement conditions? #BayAreaVitalSigns has that covered:

29 Jul at 11:17 am

Be prepared! @SFBART's #TransbayShutdown this weekend (Aug. 1-2)

29 Jul at 10:10 am

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What We Heard: Your Comments From the Spring Open Houses

June 29, 2015

"What concerns you about the future of your community?" this board asks. (Photo by Karl Nielsen)

Photo: Karl Nielsen/MTC

Some 600 individuals participated in one of the nine Plan Bay Area 2040 open houses held throughout the region, or in the virtual open house on this website's Open Forum. Additional comments were received via email and mail. Read all of it on the "Your Comments" page!