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One Bay Area Grant Program

Program Overview (pdf)

Policy Resolution (pdf)

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More information at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Web site

The One Bay Area Grant Program is a new funding approach that better integrates the region’s federal transportation program with the provisions of California Senate Bill 375. It is an incentive-based program designed to stimulate the production of housing in areas well-served by transportation, particularly public transit. It uses federal transportation dollars to reward jurisdictions that accept housing allocations through the state’s Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA) process and that actually produce housing.

One Bay Area Grants are awarded by considering the potential to achieve local land-use and housing goals. Special consideration is given to:

The One Bay Area Grant Program establishes commitments and policies for investing roughly $800 million over the four-year Cycle 2 period (FY 2012-13 through FY 2015-16), funded through continuations of the surface transportation legislation currently known as SAFETEA (“The Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act”) or the new surface transportation authorization currently under congressional consideration.

Questions regarding One Bay Area Grants may be directed to Craig Goldblatt of MTC staff at or 510-817-5837.